Has anyone else experienced the Bliss of God? I try to tell people about this and get some pretty odd looks. As I grow older and learn more, the more I delight in God. Some people believe that God made us so that we can worship him. I don’t believe that at all. God is not insecure. He knows who he is. No. God made us because he wants children. He wants a father-child relationship with us, whom he made to be ‘like’ him. He delights in us as a father delights in a beloved daughter or son. And we, in return, delight in him. 


Eagle nebula pillars

All knowledge points to God. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if a ‘scientist’ doesn’t find God very quickly in their quest for knowledge, they are extremely dumb and dishonest scientists. One only needs to scratch the surface of creation before the blinding perfection of it blows the human mind away. And this blowing away of our minds should delight us to no end. I know it does for me. periodicEven as a young student, I would gaze at the periodic chart and then picture all of creation- from earth to the furthest galaxies of the universe and I would think, “That’s incredible. ALL of creation is made up of only those few elements!? God just threw in a few ‘laws of nature’ and BAM! we get all this???” I mean, just think about a human creation: a car. How many parts does it have? I can tell you this: more than the number of elements on that periodic chart! And can all those car parts be used to make a flower? A furry little animal? A black hole? A colorful nebula? A song? A thought? Beauty? And can those car parts render into millions of different compositions to make an infinite number of new creations? Can those car parts result in worship? Can they result in passion? Love?Car-Parts

No. And why? Because man is not God. We are nothing to him. Our creations look like a two year old’s drawing next to his. And yet, man thinks he is smarter than God- or even more humorously, believes THEY can be God. ha!

What about the way math is echoed throughout nature? I just created a jewelry store named Fibonacci Style. That is because I have long been blown away at the oneness of all knowledge and being. The Fibonacci equation is called God’s Fingerprint because we find the mathematical equivalent of the Fibonacci equation throughout all creation- from the ovaries of an animal, to the way a fern frond unfurls to the spiraled arms of galaxies. Amazing!


Fibonacci equation

We humans need to break down Creation into ‘subjects’ because we simply can’t take in the whole at one time. We call things, ‘science’, ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘math’, ‘history’, ‘archeology’, ‘astronomy’, ‘thermodynamics’… you get the point. But if you stand back, you will see that ALL of it is actually the same. Math is music. Physics is art. Chemistry is worship. The perfection of God’s design is evident throughout all nature. fib4

Just think of listening to one man playing a guitar. Think of the split second biofeedback loop that is going on as he adjusts and readjusts his fingers on the strings. He has to think about what he is doing at the moment and planning for the next moment. His fingers move, firing his neurons faster than we can even measure. His soul is also at work, mediating and coordinating all his chemical reactions, biological reactions, etc. to convey his private emotions through the music as well. It changes his tone and frequency ever so slightly so that the listener can intuit his message. And all this, in less than the tiniest millisecond. And let us not forget the instantaneous reactions happening to the physical reality around the man and us. The strings resonate at a particular frequency which then shoves air molecules at a particular frequency. fib1Those air molecules then shove the neighboring ones until the energy of the original ‘shove’ reaches the ear drum (caught cleverly by the nice cone shape of our ears!) and makes it vibrate at a certain frequency. Then, it pushes little bones behind the eardrum which are attached to nerves which fire off chemicals which trigger the next nerve until it reaches a part of the listener’s brain which then uses a million little chemical and biochemical reactions in such a way as to trigger the use of stored data which then triggers a ‘feeling’ in the listeners which then triggers other chemical reactions that ‘interpret’ the feeling into higher reasoning. Worship, passion, disdain, contentment, discontentment, love or hate- all can be the result of all these reactions. Now, let’s not EVEN get into what happens when that listener wants to DANCE!! haha.

It is all tied together to result in the higher things of life- a worship of the Creator, love for one another, beauty for beauty’s sake, variety for the sake of delight. If you don’t see God’s hand in all creation, you are not very bright. There is no such thing as an atheist. Just rather illogical babies who are having a temper tantrum at God.

fib3To learn anything in life, if you are an honest human being, must result in finding God and then worshiping him. Not a slave-like worship, either. It is just involuntary. I must worship God because all he does utterly delights me. I am made for him and he is made for me. We are connected by our mutual delights. How can I NOT love God is really the question. Human beings naturally love what God loves. We naturally abhor what God abhors. Every aspect of God pleases mankind. Worship is the natural reaction. I am tickled pink by God. So much so that there are times when I enter into a wonderful state that I call ‘the Bliss of God’. My heart begins to sing his praises, tears spring into my eyes, I love him so much that my mind goes blinding white in joy.fib7 I begin to think of all the things he can do and has done. My heart squeezes in my chest and I truly feel that I will burst from the inside, out. It gets unbearable. I can only remain in this BLISS for a short while. And I have to tell God I must leave or stand back a little or I will lose my mind or physically burst. I know he understands what I am saying. I know that when the old prophets saw God or saw Jesus in their visions, they didn’t fall to their faces as an act of subservience. They fell because their minds and bodies couldn’t contain this BLISS of God. I know we must receive new bodies for a good reason: these human bodies and our human mind literally can’t bear the beauty and awesomeness of God. Our happiness will literally kill us.

I so look forward to the day when I receive a stronger mind and body so that I can actually exist in this Bliss forever. I remember often the days I used to hate my life. I wanted to die- not to be with God but because my life was so miserable. There is no way I could have gotten from that place to this bliss on my own. We are indeed chosen by God. He chose us first. The only thing I did was depend on him. Trust in him. And try to walk in obedience to him. And what did he do? He flowered my mind- he caused it to slowly burst into this new state of knowledge and living. Because God chose me first, I stand in this perfect bliss today. That, my friends, is true love. God doesn’t seek our worship. We worship because we can’t help it. God is just.. cool. In every way. He seeks our love, not worship. He wants to be our father. He wants us to be his kids. He craves a relationship with us. Our adoration is natural. After all, he made us like him. We think like him. We can’t but admire all the things he is. I thank God for giving me this life. This opportunity to find bliss in him. I’ve seen the blinding whiteness of joy that is God. And it’s wonderful.galaxy2

purposeI can’t say this passionately enough: every moment of every day for the rest of our lives (I’m speaking to Christians here) has but one purpose: to tell others the Good News of Christ! Every breath, every movement, every effort should be geared toward His last command. Our mission field is not in a far away place full of poor people. Poverty is not the problem! A poor man, starving on a street that has found Jesus is far richer than the richest American who has cast Jesus aside! Missions are great- but don’t be fooled about what our purpose is! Feeding the poor and clothing the poor- that is the assumption for a Christian! If you aren’t doing that, you are less than hopeless! Your mission field is the unsaved people that are all around you everyday. Near or far, doesn’t matter. Rich or poor, doesn’t matter.

In fact, the rich are far more wretched than the poor because they can’t even see their wretchedness! At least the poor man is half way to God because he knows he needs saving! We need to be careful that we don’t mistake Christ’s Great Commission as the need to ‘help the poor. ‘ If we think that way, we are missing the point. Helping the poor is simply a given for a Christian. But it is not the mission.

This life on earth is the teeniest of pinpoints on our timeline that stretches far past the horizon of human imagination- whether you live a few hours or whether you live to be over one hundred- it is but a blip. How can that compare in any way to trillions and trillions and trillions of years of life? If you are poor but know God, will you even remember your poverty after trillions of years of laughter, joy and fulfillment? I doubt it. Don’t feel sorry for the man in rags that knows Christ as his savior. Feel sorry for the rich man who thought all meaning could be found on this earth, but after he got all he could, his soul is even more dead than when he started! Feel sorry for him as he overdoses on drugs before he could get right with God!

I struggle sometimes when I hear of people who have gone on short term mission trips. Many times it seems as if their conclusion is that we must do more for the poor. Or even worse, that they believe they did something good for someone! And worst of all is if they feel a sense of self righteousness. Short term mission trips are for us, not those in need. They feed us. They teach us. Five days in a far away land can not help anyone. Not really. It really only helps you with your perspective on life.   If you wish to be a real missionary, then sell your house and go to where people have never heard of Christ and dedicate your life to them. And if you can’t be the missionary, then obviously, you find missionaries who have gone and you devote a nice chunk of change to send faithfully to them. This is so that they can bring the kindness of Jesus’ hand to them in the form of food and shelter. Because without the very basics, how can they then have concern for their immortal souls? We try to help the missionaries with their daily living costs as well so that they can spend their entire time with this remote and unreached people. Otherwise, why did they go?

However, don’t believe for a minute that you are off the hook!  After handing over real cash, dough, dollars to those missionaries to do their job, it is time to hitch up your pants and look around. The harvest is rich and full and waiting for eager hands to pick. The harvest is about to rot in the field for lack of workers! Our mission field is right here- all around us at work, on social media, at play and in our neighbor’s lives.  They ‘cost’ almost nothing to help. Just your time, love, courage and spoken words from the Living Word. This is your mission field. And it is just as important as those we sent to the remote areas of the world!

A poor person who knows Christ is RICH. A rich man without Christ is the most wretched sight on earth.   Make sure you keep in mind what your true mission is on earth- telling the good news.  Wealth or lack thereof is irrelevant to the mission.

You all have FB. Talk about a mission field! The very minimum all of you can do as missionaries in your home turf is to regularly post either my church’s live Sunday service or another one you know.

Listen, once you have the right perspective (ie, your ONLY purpose, past finding your own salvation, is to tell the Good News to others), nothing else really matters. You don’t care if your job, spouse, children or entire life isn’t ‘fulfilling’ anymore. Know why? Because you finally get it that nothing, and I mean, nothing,  can fulfill you but Christ! Because you were specifically designed and intended to help your fellow man find true LIFE through Christ, you are automatically fulfilled by doing this job! Ha! Who knew?

Ah. The irony of God. Wisdom begins the day a man recognizes his utter wretchedness. Then, he seeks help. Then, he finds Jesus. Then he obeys out of duty. The obedience leads to an abundance of the Holy Spirit and wisdom buds. Faithfulness and perseverance in this walk ultimately lead to complete joy and wisdom. To retain this earthly life is to lose it. To lose this earthly life for the sake of Christ is to gain LIFE.  Oh, and purpose too.  Just like Jesus told us so clearly. Too bad we are all so hard headed that we need to start with wretchedness. We could have just listened to Jesus and spared ourselves of all that! Ha! We need to tell this lesson to all who will listen. That, my friend, is what LIFE is all about.


God’s WORD is all we need.  It is.  If someone says, ‘the bible doesn’t address today’s problems,’ I would say that they have never read it.  How can you even begin to describe the bible?  The bible is LIFE itself.  The bible contains too much information- too much for us to even embrace.  Is there any end to it?  Can anyone even complete the process of understanding it in one lifetime?  NO!  It is a wonder that must leave you breathless!

There is no time you can read the bible and not feel LIFE breathed into your soul.  Every story, every word, every pen-stroke- it all oozes life directly into your soul.  How does it do that?  Because it is made for the human being.  It is made just for us.  So we can’t help but be enthralled by it.

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Tonight, I understand why people bury their heads in the sand.  I almost wished I hadn’t spent my life begging God for wisdom and knowledge.  To see evil, really see it, is to assault every belief in happiness.  It is one thing to see things on the news.  It is another to think about what it really means.  I think people become liberals out of fear.  They NEED to believe that there is an earthly solution.  Even for Christians.  Because enduring the horrible evil of this life is just too hard sometimes.  Holding up your own responsibilities is just too heavy sometimes.  Times like this, I just want someone, anyone, to take it all away from me.  I want to run away and hide in a little hole where nothing can touch me anymore.

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God has made it easy.  Just walk through, Dummy.

God has made it easy. Just walk through, Dummy!

Jesus is so beautiful.  Do you understand that God sent Jesus BECAUSE he knows we are hopeless?  He knows that we can’t do good- no matter how hard we try.  We drink too much, take too many drugs, have too much illicit sex, fail to glorify God when we should, have too much pride, kill people, hurt people, steal, lie, cheat, have affairs, don’t take care of our kids, are terrible parents, are selfish as can be- he KNOWS all this.  He knows we are hopeless!  And guess what?  HE DOESN’T CARE!  His love is bigger than his disapproval.  “For God so LOVED the world, he sent his only begotten Son..”  Do you not understand this?  You have heard those words too many times but fail to understand the grace of God inside of them.

He sent Christ because without him, we can NOT live with God.  Inasmuch as you could not allow a stinking, thieving murderer to live side by side with your children in your home, God can’t allow you, in your current state of sin to live with him.  You must be ‘reformed’, so to speak.  We ARE talking about eternity, right?  No one could stand a stinking, murderous house guest for an eternity!    Neither can God abide that kind of relationship with you forever.  Something has to be done to make you (and me) suitable for an eternity with the Most High God.   That ‘something’ is the grace and gift of Jesus’ forgiveness.  And some day, the removal of all temptation to sin again.  Before Christ came to this earth, your DEEDS were the only way to find righteousness with God.  You had to follow every law that God set forth to constantly cleanse yourself of your last sin.  That, and you had to have tremendous FAITH in him.  People had to run back and forth to the Temple all day long- every day of their life!  Suffice it to say that it was extremely hard to be found righteous in God’s eyes before Christ came.

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I’m a Needy Wife..

Written by one of my favorite young missionaries, Charissa Steyn.  Beautifully written- the very heart of feminism.  I love it.  As a crusty broad myself, I know she speaks to my heart on the inside.  It is GOOD to love your man.  And *gasp*, even need him.  *gulp*

Note from author:  A massive argument broke out on my Facebook page because I proposed a paper that would contest the Trinity Doctrine.  That it would show that it isn’t scriptural to say that ‘Jesus is literally God’, that he is a separate entity from God and is, in fact, the divine Son of God.  That we will see BOTH God and Jesus when we went to heaven (do Trinitarians expect only to see a three headed God and not God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?).  And of course, we will see and/or understand the true nature of the Holy Spirit.   That Jesus would be seated on the right hand of the Father and we, at the right hand of Jesus.  That Jesus was raised up by God to be equal to him- but that this notion that Jesus IS God is wrong as far as scripture is concerned.  GOD is God.  He made Christ equal, but he is before Christ.  He is higher than Christ and commands Christ just as Christ is higher than us and commands us.  I promised a full scriptural account of these truths.  This caused an ugly, hateful uproar where people acted in terrible fear and anger- many instantly unfriended me- and even my own pastor came online to say, in public, that I was basically unsaved if I didn’t agree that Christ WAS literally, God.    This is what I wrote in response to that most surprising  response from people who claim to be ‘loving’ Christians: Read the rest of this entry »

I distinctly remember when the United States would openly berate China on its ‘One Child’ policy because it led to men and women literally throwing their females newborns into the garbage to die. They still do this. Because if they don’t, the Chinese government will put them in jail. In fact, we have had recent reports of the Chinese and North Korean governments arresting women who had the temerity to get pregnant after already having a successful baby and forcing an abortion upon them. But there is now a difference on how we, Americans, deal with such information. Now, we remain silent. And the reason why we remain so silent is because we are even worse.  At least the Chinese government and N. Korean government are not profiting from these deaths. But our citizens are. Here we see a young, white, elitist, well educated woman making mountains of money on the excruciating deaths of thousands of babies. And it’s all perfectly legal. Read the rest of this entry »


This video can NOT be ignored.  (* see Note 1 below). Everyone of us is beholden, individually, to God.   We will all answer for what we did or did not do in the service of God.  That includes how we participate (or fail to participate) in the Body of Christ as represented by our individual churches.   I go to a church that uses modern techniques to grow the church.  We do have a rocking church worship team.  We are casual.  But I believe in the HEART of my pastors.  They use the scripture as the basis of their message.  We are in the middle of a series called ‘Supernatural’ where we are looking at the life of Elijah.  We are looking at his complete and utter faith in God as a model for our lives.  My pastors encourage reading the bible all the time.  I trust in this.

I can’t say, however, that I have never been concerned about what we do and what we preach.  But that would be so for any church.  The question we must all ask ourselves is whether our church promotes God or promotes the individual.  Whether  it promotes faith in God’s power or faith in man’s power to increase the church.  Using good business strategy Read the rest of this entry »

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A friend sent me a link to Anne Barnhardt’s video series concerning the sexual perversions of Islam.  I had doubts and decided to research it myself.  Not only is she correct about everything she said, she was also correct about how easy it is to find on the internet.  To all but Americans, Islamic sex practices are out in the open.  And Muslims are PROUD of it.  Woman hatred is so profound in Islam that even sex with women (filthy, sinful creatures that we are) is to be frowned upon.   Men are completely cut off from us filthy ones and only allowed to be in each other’s company.   Therefore, homosexuality is rampant.   While some Muslim countries ‘officially’ frown on it, culturally it is accepted and promoted- by the very police that should be cracking down on it.  Powerful generals in their military even keep their ‘boys’ around as status symbols.  With homosexuality comes rampant pedophilia (Bacha Bazi) as well- all our soldiers overseas will attest to this fact.  And worst of all, along with the hatred of women comes female genital mutilation.  Again, I had trouble believing Barnhardt until I looked it up myself.  What horror.  THIS is the Religion of Peace?  Yes.  THIS is the religion of Peace.  Yet the American feminists LOVES Islam.

When I went to the World Heath Organization online, they tell us that ‘religious communities’ in Africa, the Middle East and Read the rest of this entry »

Lukewarm-Christian1I’ve always felt that one of the most revealing things about a person is the company they keep. This was confirmed over this latest troll invasion on my Short Little Rebel page on Facebook. Liberal Lukewarmers stood side by side with the most satanic forces on earth and flooded this page with incredible amounts of hate. They, themselves, didn’t blaspheme God and Christ. But all the friends they came with did. What does this say about these Lukewarmers? They weren’t bothered Read the rest of this entry »

bibleIf you don’t read your bible, you have no idea what you are missing. I have been a ‘technical’ Christian since I can really remember having logical thought. By this, I mean that I’ve always known who Jesus was and I always accepted him as my Lord and Savior. This is due to my mother who made us all go to bible school every Sunday. But I never read the bible. I knew the stories from church- but not the actual scripture. I thought I knew all that needed to be known. But one Read the rest of this entry »


A parent escorts his child from Agnes Risley Elementary School after a shooting Monday, October 21, at nearby Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada. A student opened fire at the middle school, police said, killing a teacher and wounding two students.

I think about all the instruction I give my children in the mornings over breakfast. All the kisses on their sleepy heads and the ‘I love you’s’ before they have even opened their eyes fully in the morning. I think about calling out to them as they leave for school- I tell them to ‘listen to your teachers! No pulling cards today (a form of discipline)! Stay together!” I think about the cheerful time when they get home and all come to my desk with kisses and hello’s, fresh wind in their Read the rest of this entry »

blood moonUn. Be. LIEVable! Four ‘blood’ moons, separated by a full eclipse of the sun, will be taking place over the next two years!  (see video link below!) This has happened only 3 times in 500 years- all coinciding with major events in the world: discovery of America (‘infant nation’ in the bible)/Jews kicked out of Spain, Israel declared a state and the Six Day War between Israel & all the Arab nations. Over the next two years, they will occur EXACTLY on the Passover and Feast of the Tabernacles- two years in a row!! This is NO coincidence as it has been predicted as the sign that CHRIST’S RETURN is very near. Considering that the forced implementation of the RFID chip is predicted by secular analysts like NBC News to become mandatory by 2017- five years from now, the timing makes perfect sense. Also, with Obama and his presidential war chest loaded to bursting, I will estimate that this is when the UN votes to create a World Government with Obama as the President of the World.  The REASON that will happen is because Obama’s insistence on war with Syria leaves no choice but to draw Iran, Israel, the EU, China and Russia into a world wide conflict- and the SOLUTION will be posed as a Word Government with a huge army to force nations to ‘behave’.  Israel will be attacked by the UN and Read the rest of this entry »

Please take the time to watch Dr. Carson’s recent full speech to the Values Voters Summit. I see a great man here. But I know the GOP will attempt to squash him completely. I also notice that this speech received little to no media exposure. All the forces of hell are arrayed against this Godly man. America, World, please know that America no longer has two parties. We have only one- the Progressive Party. Both ‘parties’ now act in unison- under a cloak of deceit to reassure the People that we still have a champion for Good and God in the GOP. But this is not so. Everything our Congress and President do is no more than a scripted show for the ‘useful idiots’ of our nation & world. Dr. Carson truly strikes me as a genuinely Godly and sensible man. But he will need the blessing and power of God to win. Please pray for Dr. Carson and for all the politicians who truly care about doing God’s will. Pray that they do not lose heart or courage. The bible is clear that the Beast will subjugate the ‘saints’ completely- but it is also clear that it will be only for a very limited time and that the ‘saints’ (that’s you and me) will WIN in the end by the hand of God. So we still need good, Godly leaders to stick with it. Even when it looks like they have lost, they must not stop. I believe Dr. Carson will be such a leader. Pray for him. Pray for God’s will to be done. And pray for the end of evil in this world.

catholic bibleSince the Pope’s words have catapulted Catholicism into the limelight, we have heard many comments from its followers that somehow Luther ‘lured’ people wrongly from the one, true church and that ‘everyone’ had held the Maccabees (the books that speak of Purgatory) to be the Word of God until Luther came and ‘rewrote’ the bible. They claim (though the Pope never made this claim) that when the Pope said someone who didn’t believe in God could still get to heaven with a ‘contrite heart’, he was speaking about their time in Purgatory. I decided to brush up on my history to ensure I remembered it correctly.

Interestingly enough, it was around the time when the Catholic Church decided to sell ‘indulgences’ (that let someone out of Purgatory!) that Luther began writing vehemently against the Catholic Church. Church corruption was at an all time high and the Church had suffered many scandals. The church was quarreling with monarchs over political and economic issues (taxes- how droll). And the industrial revolution was changing everything- from land based economy to cash based. The church began to be impoverished and decided that they would sell ‘indulgences’ which would allow someone to avoid Purgatory. This became big business- but outraged those among the common people- who couldn’t afford this spiritual luxury. Read the rest of this entry »


I have a reason for addressing this question right now.  It specifically deals with the defense many die-hard Pope defenders are giving for his recent words that seem to be saying that atheists can still go to heaven.  They claim, though the Pope never made such a claim, that the Pope was referencing ‘purgatory’ when he said those explosive words.  Therefore, to understand the issue when talking to Catholics, you must understand the differences between their bible and our bible and WHY they are different.

‘Purgatory’, for those who don’t know, Read the rest of this entry »


Most of my Christian friends have called Catholicism a cult.  I have never agreed.  But having observed these Catholics attacking me in such a vile manner has opened my eyes to an inherent danger in Catholicism- namely, their disobedience to Christ’s command that we never call a human, ‘Father’ or ‘Rabbi’ or even, ‘Teacher’.  Because the Catholic Church chose to disobey this clear command outlined in fine detail in the entire chapter of Matthew 23, they now suffer from a significant percentage of people who idolize the pope.  The people who are attacking me actually say that I am ‘blaspheming’ against the Pope!  Imagine that.  Blaspheming a mere man.  How can that be?  One can only blaspheme against God!  To some, the Pope has become God.  This is what comes of disobeying Christ.

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catholic church

Do you worship THIS, or the Pope or CHRIST?

My latest articles about Pope Francis are upsetting to some of my Catholic friends.  I would like to take this opportunity to answer them and their arguments.  First, I understand how devastating this is to Catholics.  I have always stood up for Catholics and consider them Christians.  What is a Christian?  A Christian is someone who believes that Jesus and Jesus alone is the way to God and heaven.  That Jesus has been fully empowered, by God, to be our salvation.  Those who believe that Christ lived, died, and rose again in order to atone for our sins and to save us from our sinful nature are Christians.  But not only that.  Even Satan knows that much- and he is not going to heaven!  It is that you call Jesus LORD.  That you know HE is your lord- with full sovereignty over you.  That is the difference between Satan’s and our belief.  He will never call Jesus,  ‘LORD’. Jesus told us plainly and simply:

6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  -John 14

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Check this dude out!  He is so radically, awesomely Progressive!  He told us all that God will forgive atheists and homosexuals as long as they feel good about what they are doing.  As long as they have good intentions!  Aaaand, hold your seats.. (drum roll please!)  he also tells us that the Catholic Church, under his leadership, will stop ‘obsessing’ on those trivial matters as Jesus’ redeeming blood (*geeze*, how old is THAT embarrassing tradition?), homosexuality, abortion and contraception!  The entire liberal world is embracing these new thoughts and are booking seats at the next mass.

Hollywood stars are hitting the Twittersphere with gushing rave reviews!  Chris Rock, funny man turned atheist politician called him ‘the greatest man alive.’  And from a guy who said that Obama IS the Messiah, you know this is high praise indeed!  Jane Fonda even Read the rest of this entry »