Bullies (oops, I meant ‘Chicks’) on the Right Trash Short Little Rebel

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Politics
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Ok, here’s the scoop.   For those of you who don’t know who Chicks on the Right are, they are two women who think conservatism needs a ‘serious makeover’.   They are attempting to show that not all conservatives are ‘stodgy white guys  in suits’.  Here is an excerpt from their site:

” When you hear the word “conservative” or “Republican” or the phrase
“right-wing,” what image pops into your mind? If your answer looks
anything like an older white dude with gray hair and a scowl, wearing a
business suit or holding a bible and wielding a firearm, you’re not
alone. Stodgy old white guys have long been associated with the GOP and
conservatives. And it was, in part, this very stereotype that led us to
start Chicks On The Right. We think conservatism needs a big-time

“We like snark, we like to have fun, and our site reflects that. We don’t claim to be journalists or political experts or economists or anything other than two cool chicks who like to tell people what we think about stuff. In other words, what you’ll read is our opinions on today’s political news, culture, and the media. Except that instead of being served up all newsy and serious, it’ll sound more like you’ve just sat down for cocktails with us, after shopping for shoes. We welcome liberals and conservatives alike to join in the discussion, and encourage lively but civil discourse.”

First, I take offense at that!  I DO ‘wield a firearm’ and I DO wear a business suit.  The seriousness of what is happening in our nation DOES make me scowl.  Sorry, can’t just go shoe shopping and SNARK at people with ‘gleeful’ photos being taken of my crotch!  AND, I happen to LIKE stodgy old white guys!  My Dad is one of those guys!  The CHICKS are SELL OUTS.  They hate the white male just like the LIBERALS and ATHEISTS do.  Apparently, we need to ‘remake’ our image to NOT include you, fellas!

Hey, I LOVE this stodgy old white conservative male. He’s my DAD! What wrong with THAT? Huh, Chicks?

Sexists!  Racists!  (Aww, just kiddin’ , ‘ladies’..)

I saw this image of the Bullies (oops, Chicks) on the Right and thought, “That’s how they want to portray conservative women?” I also thought, “Aren’t they kinda OLD to be acting like that?”  I thought it was kinda stupid.   Kinda…insecure  kinda like they think women need to act like teenagers to be noticed.   But I have posted their stuff from time to time. They are, after all, conservative women bloggers like me and I like to support conservatives. But then they came out with this new photo today:

“We weren’t selling sex, we’re just playful best friends!”

When I saw it, it turned me off. It just looks… desperate. As a professional woman, I have had to ask myself MANY times: “Just how sexy can I/ should I go?” Every woman has asked herself that question.  It is an age old question.  ESPECIALLY for older women- the one on the right has WRINKLES, for goodness sake!   Now, as a REAL chick on the right, I think these two look too old to wear short shorts and blow bubbles while making stupid faces.  I, personally, don’t feel it is..  well… necesary.   Our ideas are GOOD ideas and our ideas can stand on their own.  We just need to GET THEM OUT because the leftist media refuses to.   And yet, they want people to take their conservatism seriously.  AND they hope to present a ‘new’ face for conservative women?   AND for conservatism in general? no thanks ‘Ladies’.

Here is the comment I posted on that photo when they shared it today.  After they read this comment, they wrote an article laughingly called, “How Chicks Tear Each Other Down”.  huh? huh?  does anyone smell the hypocrisy in the air?

“Come’on Chicks. I really enjoy your commentary- but is this what conservative women need to do to get young readers? Look, either we have a real message or we don’t. But prostituting ourselves for their attention is just sad. Please choose another strategy.”

Well, these two lost their MINDS over that comment.   They actually dedicated an entire post to me and invited their ‘snarky’ readers to call me every name in the book.  And they did.  Nice. Very lady-like. Here’s an excerpt:

“But Susan claimed to enjoy our commentary, so she clearly doesn’t think we are hideous people on the inside (BUT I DO NOW!). She just wanted to tear us down about our physical appearance (LIE). There are women’s fashion magazine covers at the grocery checkout which show more skin than our picture above.

I don’t get it.  (AWWW, isn’t that cute- they are so innocent, they don’t ‘get it’). You’d think we were photographed with my tongue in Daisy’s ear and my hand on her boob or something based on some of the comments (can anyone say:  yet another attempt at over-aged ‘coolness’?).

Anyway, it just makes me sad that based on a gleeful photo  (Gleeful. They don’t ‘get it’ that this is a sexy kitten picture- and they want us to believe they’re smart?), a conservative woman would accuse us of prostituting ourselves. That’s pure meanness right there, you guys. Nothing more, nothing less.” Awww, they are VICTIMS of my MEANNESS….

dumb chicks

Take us SERIOUSLY! You’re so mean to say we’re trying to use sex to make money…..

Now, who buys that innocence? And just because more skin is shown ANYWHERE doesn’t mean that two women hoping to change the ‘face’ of  us ‘stodgy’ conservative women need have a photographer photograph them at crotch level, does it? Since when did, “hey, everyone’s doin’ it, so I should do it” become the benchmark of conservativism? Since when did, “hey, Johnny did it, so I can do it and you can’t say I’m wrong, so there!” become a reasonable statement?  They claim that I had a problem with their physical appearance.  That is a big, fat lie.  I accused them of USING their looks AND their bodies to attract a younger readership.  And they ARE!  Isn’t that what EVERYONE does?  It’s called the EASY way out, Chicks.  I just don’t think it’s either necessary or useful for conservative women.   It think it cheapens our ideas significantly.

So, the two ‘snarky’ women used their BULLY PULPIT (bought by their sexuality and desperate need to be ‘cool’), wrote a personal attack piece on me and then challenged me to respond. I did. And I sent an olive branch to them. To be firmly rejected.  Apparently, I called them prostitutes.  And they don’t ‘get’ my comment.   There’s a lot these ‘ladies’ don’t get, don’t you think?   You have officially become BIMBOS, my little bullies.  Intelligent women ‘get’ things.

I mean, they would actually have to own up to the very thing they accused me of: Chicks tearing each other down!  And that would be a loss of too much face, eh, Bullies, I mean, Chicks?

Let’s evaluate the situation, shall we?  I am a stay at home mom working my ass off from early morning to late in the evening, doing research and getting on the news before most bloggers are on it.  And I work with other bloggers who do the same- NONE of us are famous and NONE of us wish for fame or money.  We just love our country and our God.   We are ON the news- certainly before the Bullies on the Right are on it.  They post hours, if not DAYS , after we risk-taking investigative bloggers do the real work.  They sit there, determining if the piece will please their audience and elicit a response.  THEN they post it, along with their ‘snarky’, uber-cool teenage comments.   They should be called ‘Chickens on the Right’.  I have NEVER asked for a penny in my life nor will I EVER for my blogging hours.  I have stood for my ideas and have been persecuted for them.  With zero compensation!  THEY have a nice little DONATE button and are opening a little store to make money.  Ah, so now we get to it.  Short Little Rebel is in it for the LOVE OF COUNTRY and LOVE OF GOD.  Bullies on the Right are on it for the MONEY.  They know damn well that sex sells.  So does the political cheap shot.  So does HATE (oh, I’m sorry, I meant ‘SNARK’).

Rather than accept my olive branch, they chose instead to skew my words and my meaning. And they made fun of MY blog- ie, how SMALL it is! The nerve.   These two self proclaimed ‘intelligent’ women suggest that I, too, should grease my legs and buy some pink bubble gum too.  Perhaps, then, my Short Little Rebel site will match theirs!  Nice.  But no thanks.  I bank on IDEAS and LOGIC.  Sure, it’s the harder, slower way.  But everything worth ANYTHING always is.  So, Chicks, you can keep your SNARK, your leg grease and your bubble gum.  Good luck to ya.  I will stay on the ‘road less taken’.  Not glammorous, but I believe in it.

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  1. t-roe says:

    Well it seems some things never change. Back in early Sept.2012 before the election everyone was worked up and posting and re-posting alot of political links, cartoons, and comments regarding their feelings. Infortunately it is easy to be drawn in to mix and depending who started the stream you may be in for this type of abuse they give out so freely. The minion that follow the girls have no idea or just don’t care that most of their brilliant ideas have been taken from the latest Rush, or Fox story of the day. Nor do they appear to realize that people with opposing opinions are not your enemy. I for one was raked over the coals by their group along with my 11 year old grandchild, who just happened to be in a FB photo. This was all due to my response to their sometimes hateful comments. I don’t disaggree with everything they stand for, just the way they state their case. As one of the old gray headed conservative they profess to want to replace I find it rather shocking and sad to see how far to the right some in the Republican party have moved.You are never going to convince people to share your ideas when you are yelling at them and calling them names. This site like many on the extreme, left or right, are filled with just the BS those people want to hear. My advice, just stay away. There is nothing you can say or do to change their minds, so don’t waste your time.

    • I don’t ever visit their site, that is for sure. They couldn’t analyze their way out of a paper bag. And they never write anything thoughtful. Just stuff like, “I want to slap that guy”. I take offense at pretty much everything they offer up. But the thing that offends me most is that they are saying that a ‘true conservative’ should now look like two bimbos with bad makeup and skimpy skirts. Talk about taking women back to the kitchen. I love when women can show they are beautiful, feminine and SMART. But those two are the antithesis of everything truly feminine. Both of them are vicious harpies.

  2. Shawn McCarthy says:

    I am late in the game here, but I have always dismissed COTR as non-factors…then they got a radio show at WIBC where I used to work…and I could not deny that they were now relevant.

    And I was baffled.

    As a serious political commentator I have always viewed the low-brow COTR ‘snark’ as a distraction from the issues and fodder for the average conservative version of the LOFO voter. Their comments generally involve no insight and little thought and are usually a regurgitated summary of a point someone else made.

    Then I thought more about it…this is what conservative political commentary is becoming.
    Look at Dana Loesch. She has gotten plenty of fame by being “The Conservative Alternative.” She tries to be hip, sarcastic and edgy. Combine that with the fact that she is easy on the eyes and voila, famous. She is the latest populist talking point regurgitation machine.

    COTR are following here lead, albeit with much less success at this point.

    These folks generate attention and keep the lemmings marching in the right direction. The LOFOs on the left have John Stewart and Rachael Maddow to package pre-chewed thoughts and spit them lovingly right into their brain so that they mustn’t be troubled with thinking on their own…our LOFOs have Dana Loesch and COTR.

    They are to conservative commentary as Blink 182 is to punk rock or Taylor Swift is to country music. Watered-down, easily digestible mainstream alternatives to the higher octane, purer form of the real thing.

    Their common thread is a complete lack of analysis, general lack of supporting data and the overall theme that their opinion is important because it is their opinion.


    I remember their post attacking you…truth be told I only read the first few lines before I moved on. I use them as an easy source for sources of real content. They invest the time scanning the real political sources so they can link to it with a few snarky comments…which saves me the time of searching them all myself until something worthwhile comes along.

    Their gossipy commentary and poorly formed opinions will eventually lose their luster and they will ultimately be replaced by someone else.

    Who will do the exact same thing.

    We need to start encouraging conservative commentators to ANALYZE and DISCUSS, not GOSSIP and PRATTLE. Conservatism doesn’t need a makeover, but conservative commentary does…and until we find a way to get back to real analysis and away from empty rhetoric and cheap bumper sticker slogans, we are doomed to deal with the COTR and their clones for years to come.

  3. Renegade says:

    Hi SLR: I know this is an older topic, but I just wanted to share some things with you that an entire GROUP of us have experienced with these two. There is a group online that was a “fan club” of the Chicks, and we ALL got to experience their immaturity and mean-girl tactics en masse and first hand. Many of these people have been followers of them since the beginning. There was an issue on the Chicks’ blog that we had been begging for nearly a year for them to fix (a poster there was exceptionally vile and abusive to everyone, especially overweight people and Christians). This whole thing blew up a couple days ago, and Mock (whose nickname is EXCEPTIONALLY appropriate) went off on folks. Then she and Daisy and Daisy’s husband (who was playing spy and running interference for them) all stomped out of the group. There were probably a good 30 to 40 people who had vocally risen up against their mean-girl ways. I remember when they were mocking you this summer, and I found this page (thanks to them). I can now say I see things in a TOTALLY different light.

    • Well, to me it was instantly clear that these two women are emotional wrecks. They act like little children (mean ones) if anyone so much as looks sideways at them. I made them angry because I disapproved of their use of sex to convey the ‘new’ conservative message. As a conservative woman, I still like to dress sexy from time to time. And I always want to look nice. But I REFUSE, simply refuse, to use sex as a way to get ‘likes’, make money or any other thing. To me, it cheapens my intellectual reputation. Either you care what I say or you don’t care- but I’m not waving my boobs in your face to distract you from my vapid dialog. I saw so many lascivious (creepy) men making disgusting remarks (of a sexual nature) on their page. Believe it or not, I delete all such comments. Even the mildly complimentary ones make me uncomfortable. I once had a marketing guy tell me to wear something incredibly sexy and put that on my blog. He told me this would be sure to blast my page out of the atmosphere. Um. No thanks. To me, work is work and play is play. I don’t mix the two. Also, since they were claiming the mantel of ‘the new, cool conservatives’, it offended me that the definition of ‘new and cool’ is two blonds blowing bubbles, looking ditzy , wearing short skirts and shorts- oh, and don’t forget sitting on a chair backward, spread eagle. Really? I was once a liberal- education on the issues is how I morphed into a staunch conservative. It just cheapens conservative thought to be so blatantly sexual- it turns the clock backward, not forward. Conservative thought doesn’t NEED cheap tricks- leave that to the MSNBC crowd. Conservative thought is RIGHT thought. It is logical and accurate- and it’s fascinating. It is the inevitable conclusion of anyone who bothers to be even slightly curious about the world around them. Liberalism is for the uneducated and young. Conservatism is the home of people who investigate and search for truth. No window dressing needed.

      My comment was, of course, much shorter than this explanation. But they came unglued. They even wrote an entire post about me, personally. They took glee as they encouraged their nasty readers to make the most foul comments to me. When I accused them of this, they claimed impotence to stop people. Gee, I manage to run a decent page full of decent people. I forbid my readers from attacking one another. I guess they just don’t know how to control their page, then! Either that, or they are just liars. I felt true hatred from them and their readers! That is no way to run a professional page. THAT is the new, cool makeover for conservatism?

      Those two have no idea who Christ is. No, actually, they have utterly rejected him. That is why they can’t take a punch. One tiny little slap and they want blood. They want popularity, not serious discussion. If I lost my mind every time someone mildly criticized me, I would be dead of a heart attack by now!

      I don’t remember those two EVER speaking about Christ and the importance of honoring him in politics or our every day lives. That’s how I know they aren’t Christians. Real Christians can’t help but talk about the relevance of Christ in today’s politics. As Jesus said, ’18“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” They know the world would HATE them if they honored Christ. They are cowards. But as they are ashamed of Christ’s name now, Christ will be ashamed of their names when they stand, alone, before him.

      Well, Renegade, I’m sorry you have had these troubles. I’m surprised you stuck around as long as you did- as it sounds as if you are a Christian. Just put it behind you- it really doesn’t need to affect you. I know how unpleasant it is to ‘get into it’ online with people. Even though you don’t know them, really, it still hurts. Though I don’t know you, I can’t help but feel that you weren’t in the wrong. With trigger-happy personalities like theirs, it is very easy to believe them to be in the wrong. I do hope that you find my page a little more in line with how you think and feel. And remember, you can always comment on my FB page. If you would like, you can send me a friend request at https://www.facebook.com/shortlittlerebel. That is, if you are a Christian. I only allow Christians on my personal page.

  4. Gigi says:

    I’m a conservative democrat, but I completely agree with you. I wrote in about something offensive they said and they seemed too dumb to comprehend what I was saying and resorted to name calling. I feel like both parties put a lot of not so bright people in the spotlight. Maybe radio and tv stations think Americans are so dumb that we won’t notice. I almost voted for Romney this past election because of government spending, but people like this are so repellant, I couldn’t bring myself to be anything like them. I too like logic and ideas and am often seen as an outsider. Good for you for keeping you beliefs and not sinking to the vapid and pop-culture version of politics.

    • Thanks, Gigi. We have no good choices anymore. Most Americans fail to realize that the People are now on their own. Both parties are now Progressive. There ARE no Democrats or Republicans anymore. Just Progressives. Where are the JFKs & Reagans? GONE. Many, many Americans believe that Progressive is the same as Democrat or Liberal- it isn’t. It is a desire to end national sovereignty of all nations (starting with the USA) in favor of world government. Not only is this their real belief, but they are proud of it. Most keep it under the radar from the public and the media, as it is also 100% owned by Progressives, never reveals it-so most people haven’t a clue. Both parties are now working toward this end. That is why you will see Republicans like McCain advocating for immigration ‘reform’ (which diminishes the line between Mexico & America) and the use of the military on U.S. citizens (NDAA 2012) and Democrats who openly push for America to give up its military control and abdicate it to the authority of the UN (thus blurring the sovereignty of America). When you put the correct lenses on, you will see that both parties are corrupt to their horrible, rotten bones. And suddenly, politics and world events become perfectly predictable and understandable. And WE, the People, are being pit against each other by this fantasy called Dem vs. GOP. Well, guess what? There are more than two sides to the story. One side the media presents is Democrat/liberal (MSNBC, CNN, etc) and the other is GOP (FOX). We have been bombarded so furiously and so frequently with this concept that the People have forgotten the THIRD side- and that is the TRUTH.

  5. Wow! So you were victimized by them too. Another thing we have in common! My friend started a FB page, Chicks on the Left, as a Liberal equivalent to COTR. Well, they completely lost their minds. They even started their own page and kept talking about their brand. They even went so far as to claim that they were being censored by FB which got them on Fox, a book deal, and now a radio show. Keep on doing what you are doing. I appreciate it. :)

  6. You. Are. Amazing.

    Selling anything we have to “say” by using our looks – that’s what people in Hollywood do and I shudder to think about using any of those loons as my moral compass. And then, if people are do distracted…does it really matter what you say at the end of the day?? Perhaps it makes it less offensive when the words come from someone who looks “hot”? I don’t know. I just know that you can’t have it both ways – if they want to act and dress like a tart and put themselves out there at least they should put on big girl panties and take the criticisms like a woman.

    Kudos to you. By the way, I find your blog to be better written, more in depth and more welcoming than theirs. :)

    Keep writing!

    • Thanks, Ashley. I can’t agree more. I don’t like what they refer to as ‘snark’. To me, it’s just mean girl talk. Quick one liners don’t cut the mustard in my book. THAT can be gleaned off the backs of better thinkers than they. I have actually had men recommend that I do the whole sex kitten thing to sell my blog, twitter, etc. NO THANKS. I love looking nice. A little sexy is fine- but NOT for your cover page and not for complete strangers and NOT for a serious message! Well, all that happened quite a while back. They’ve moved on and so have I.

    • David says:

      I just found your blog and couldn’t agree more, I support 100% and I will follow your blog more often, now my thoughts. You can’t just simply remake conservatism no more than you can remake the events of the bible, the constitution, the declaration of independence, or American history its self, it is what it is. Conservatism is an ideology, a belief system and a way of life. It is built on thousands of years of history, sacrifice, and bloodshed. It is belief system that transcends time; it’s unchanging, unwavering and highly resistant to imposters. Changing any part of conservatism especially with a “new look” is to render all the work in vain that was done before us. With conservatism comes continued responsibility and sacrifice.
      This just goes to show, these chicks just cannot accept conservatism in its purest form. I guess the only good thing is they certainly make no attempt to hide who they are. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate the Chicks; I just don’t know their true motive. I think they really don’t understand the history and values behind conservatism. Before you can make acceptable, meaningful change to a value system you fist must know what you are trying changing and if it fits in to the history of what you are changing. Conservatism is very much about history, values and sacrifice. This is only understood by reading. So then, the question then becomes what are you really trying to change, public perception or conservatism its self? We are not in any scene of the meaning what you are trying to create us to be and will be rebuked you with great wrath and resistance and purpose. I know some great people that just cannot accept conservatism the way it is, so they are always trying to move the goal posts and change the definition of conservatism whenever it doesn’t fit their life style. Rather than being more like a conservative they want conservatives to more like them. This is not a true patriot

      • David, I could not agree more. The Chicks make me sick. They play sex kitten to the point of complete embarrassment! As a WOMAN, they offend me. Is THAT what it takes to make it in this world? Since I asked that question, they have only gotten worse. I know their true goal: fame and fortune. They NEVER talk about God or Jesus. They are not Christians. They are trying to ‘remake’ conservatism as a sexy kinda libertarianism. Furthermore, they don’t actually write anything. They are all about riding the coat tails of other, better thinkers. They ride on the foam of republican thought, taking one liner punches at Obama and his minons. But they never propose any solutions or ways to handle anything. They are the whores of politics- they are here for only one reason: themselves.

    • Rod says:

      I recently accidentally caught these “LADIES” when I accidentally landed my car radio on a TALK STATION. where they basically referred to WELFARE as SOCIALISM. Seems anything that republicans decide they don’t like automatically gets labeled as socialism. Check out their CHICKTIONARY on their web site. A list of ad homonyms assigning crude, insultive titles to top democrats. Such as celebridiot n. A celebrity who is an idiot aka liberal. or Debbie McFrizz n. Nickname for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D). Like most Republicans, they can’t deal with facts and issues. Rather they fall to personal attacks and slander to “PROVE” their position. Who writes their copy? RUSH LIMBAUGH ?

  7. Betty Reyna says:

    I found out about your blog just today. I must say I am not a religious person but I enjoy your writings enormously. That said, sorry if I bring this back but this entry made want to leave a comment because I have a FB account and I could visit their page to see what these 2 are about.

    And what I have to say is: you’re just right about who they are, the spoiled mean girls from high school who to my point of view never grew up. Seriously, who takes pictures of themselves with poses like this one?: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152252635320494&set=pb.195530355493.-2207520000.1356020906&type=3&theater and wants to be taken seriously? Heck, not even I did ever take a picture when I was 16 in a pose like that. It is just ridiculous how they act for their age. I read in their cover picture one comment saying “Beauty and brains”. If is that so, I don’t want to know what “ugly and hair head” is. I see that only air heads are those following them because it looks like all of their followers just adore their dumb picture posses and never write anything negative to them.

    Again, sorry for bring this back again but I had to vent my mind and I thought if I did in in their page I was going to kinda get banned and reported as I imagine they did with you.

    • Betty Reyna says:

      *Ugly and air head. Sorry for my writing. English is not my main language,

    • Wow. Just checked out the photo on your link. Just plain stupid. They truly attempt to attract middle aged men to their page. Those kinds of ‘like’ have nothing to do with politics or truth. They are in it for money. I spit on them. Geeze.

    • p.s. just added that photo to this article. lol! Betty, I saw that they IMMEDIATELY called you a bitch for pointing out how unprofessional that photo was. Just shrug it off. Not worth your concern. Find me on FB and get involved in the real conversation. btw: I am not ‘religious’ at all! Christ isn’t religion. He simply IS. Hope you get to know him via my page. In any case, welcome to both my blog here and my FB page.

  8. Generic White Male says:

    Your wasting your time and talent on foolish and silly reader comments. Don’t bother getting involved in such nonsense.

    • Not to worry, White! Already moved on. Just had to say what I had to say. It’s over for me but I believe the discussion & hatred of me, personally, rages on at their site. I don’t open the slew of hate mail I am receiving, but… it’s a pretty hefty load. It truly amazes me…

  9. Kim says:

    Hi SLR, not to keep this going… I disagree with both the chicks *and* your writings. You should have sent them a private message and not made this public, or they should have taken the high road when seeing your public comments and sent you a private message. I wasn’t going to comment because it’s gotten old, but one of the things bothering me in your writing, not related to the chicks debacle, is that one minute you’re quoting scripture and talking about Jesus, and the next you’re writing “what the hell”. Why do you do that? Your written word could be out there forever, we as Christians certainly do need to stick together, and also hold each other accountable to make us better. Not sure it’s going to matter to you but the cursing really bothers me. Thanks,

    • Hi Kim,

      I apologize for the cursing. I wasn’t really myself- nor would you be if someone dedicated that much vitriol at you. If you read through the comments on that page, it’s pretty astounding. I am surprised that with all that hate directed at me, you still wish to come to my page to give me yet more tongue lashing. I don’t remember writing, ‘what the hell’, but take your word for it. For that, I apologize. But not for the sentiment behind it. I am not made of stone and those two are just crazy. Sorry, but there it is. I’ve moved past this- just as you should.

    • btw, Kim, they don’t have a MESSAGE button. Unlike me. Like I said, Chickens on the Right.

  10. Left a comment last nite about the “whippin” I took from the chicks,just it make the cut. Still like what you have to say. Go girl.

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