Rules about Posting

I am unabashedly conservative- on most things. But what I truly enjoy is sound debate. This is a site for intellectual debate on important issues facing the world. I expect sound references, links & quotes that you can point to in order to back large assumptions or accusation.   If this cannot be provided, then I expect good critical reasoning to be the basis of your argument. This is not a site for simple attacks or mere name lobbing. If you call someone a liar, then you better be able to back it.  Opinions do not need backing as long as they don’t make large, ridiculous assertions.   I hold myself to very high standards when I write articles. I take nothing (except God) on faith. I link to original documents and use actual, traceable quotes. I use reliable news articles from reliable news agencies. I never use blogs to back my blog. I hold everyone on this site to the same high standard. The following rules will ensure that intelligent people with intelligent remarks can continue to do so without annoying heckling from the side lines. Anyone who violates these rules will get one warning. Then they are banned.

  • No disrespect allowed.
  • Contrary opinions do not count as disrespect. Opinions that make other people angry do not count as disrespect. Opinions on race do not count as disrespect. Opinions on gender, sexual orientation do not count as disrespect. I want this to be a taboo free environment where people can finally air their differences- in a respectful way. We are all adults. You know exactly what I mean here. I am a firm believer that any opinion can be delivered respectfully.  If you are disrepectful and ‘can’t see it’, I will not explain it to you.
  • If you use obscene language to voice your opinion on any of these issues, or any words that my 11 year old would find shocking, it will not be allowed.
  • If you are illogical or refuse to answer reasonable questions, you are banned- especially if these are questions concerning outlandish propositions you stated.  If you are deemed to be simply carping from the sidelines, you are banned.
  • No one may threaten anyone else.  Threats will be reported.
  • Discussions concerning the actual sex act are forbidden.

 I appreciate your interest in my conservative political blog and hope to engage in titillating dialog with you in the future!