• Why Keep The Sabbath?

    Another reason to keep the Sabbath: The human soul must feed itself with the beauty of God’s creation. So many people have never had the chance to learn for its own sake. Many people were badly taught in school

  • We Were Not Ever Intended to Be Alone

    I just missed my first Sunday because of work (the farmer’s market I told you about). I have actually missed a couple of Sundays before this because of other reasons- so this last one really hurt. To make it right, I had decided to make a different day my ‘God day, my rest day’. That… Continue Reading

  • Handy Palm Payments System Takes Off in Sweden

    Friends, Jesus is right around the corner. I have been telling you this rather frantically because I know (having been a management consultant in the international telcom business for over 12 years) that the technology is ready. Only a few more steps are necessary to implement the Mark. The next step is get everyone to… Continue Reading

  • Doctrine: The Bible For Dummies

    People who don’t read the bible become victims of church doctrine. They also become brittle, easily broken by anyone who contradicts what they know (which isn’t much). They easily fall apart and panic- not knowing which leader to believe and which to follow. They can end up at a point in their life where they… Continue Reading

  • The BLISS of God

    Has anyone else experienced the Bliss of God? I try to tell people about this and get some pretty odd looks. As I grow older and learn more, the more I delight in God. Some people believe that God made us so that we can worship him. I don’t believe that at all. God is… Continue Reading

  • Got Life?

    God’s WORD is all we need.  It is.  If someone says, ‘the bible doesn’t address today’s problems,’ I would say that they have never read it.  How can you even begin to describe the bible?  The bible is LIFE itself.  The bible contains too much information- too much for us to even embrace.  Is there… Continue Reading

  • I’m a Needy Wife

    I’m a Needy Wife.. Written by one of my favorite young missionaries, Charissa Steyn.  Beautifully written- the very heart of feminism.  I love it.  As a crusty broad myself, I know she speaks to my heart on the inside.  It is GOOD to love your man.  And *gasp*, even need him.  *gulp*

  • Remember When It Was China Killing Newborns?

    I distinctly remember when the United States would openly berate China on its ‘One Child’ policy because it led to men and women literally throwing their females newborns into the garbage to die. They still do this. Because if they don’t, the Chinese government will put them in jail. In fact, we have had recent… Continue Reading

  • Lukewarm Christians: Beware the Company You Keep

    I’ve always felt that one of the most revealing things about a person is the company they keep. This was confirmed over this latest troll invasion on my Short Little Rebel page on Facebook. Liberal Lukewarmers stood side by side with the most satanic forces on earth and flooded this page with incredible amounts of… Continue Reading

  • No One Could Have Thought Up The Bible

    If you don’t read your bible, you have no idea what you are missing. I have been a ‘technical’ Christian since I can really remember having logical thought. By this, I mean that I’ve always known who Jesus was and I always accepted him as my Lord and Savior. This is due to my mother… Continue Reading