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A Thinking Nobody is a Dangerous Nobody

You know, in this world of high-tech media frenzy, a person can get to feeling like a nobody amongst the glitterati.   Those overly adorned, shiny people who seem to soar above the mundane problems of financial stress, family stress, work stress- any stress!  And they come from all walks of life:  political, pop-culture, music, sports, spoiled rich kids and worst of all, Hollywood (especially actors who believe we care about their political opinions!).  

But we are not nobodies.  Nor do the great glitterati soar.  They put their pants on one leg at a time too (just in more expensive jeans than us!)  Our thoughts, prayers, worries, loves and happiness matter every bit as much as theirs- why do you think reality T.V. is such a phenomenal success?  Every life has value and every person is inherently fascinating.  The problem is that the glitterati get all the air time.  They simply dedicate their entire beings into being seen and heard.  In essence, they just have bigger mouths than most of us hard working, hard loving, hard praying and hard thinking normal American citizens.  I think it’s time to use social media to represent the thoughts of us ‘nobodies’ out here.  We are, after all, the very people who buy, sell, work, produce and bleed on the battlefield to make America what it is today.  Not the glitterati.  Our voice needs to be heard.  

There are more of us than them. 

There is tremendous power in that. 

Let us grab onto it. 

We need to stop the attacks on the ‘Joe the Plumbers’ of this world.  Every day, citizens who stand up and ask questions of our political servants are punished severely- both overtly and secretly.  When did our country become a place where a select group of human beings feels it is above the rest of the human beings?  

In my blog, ‘Thoughts by a Nobody”, I hope to address subjects relevant to all Americans- from politics, race, news events, religion and philosophy.  Prepare to hear politically incorrect things which will surely offend many liberal groups.  I can promise you that I simply don’t care what these groups think as I don’t believe that they represent me or any other group in America- they serve their own interests.   I believe myself to be an honest person with integrity.  I love factual information and derive my own opinions based on reading and watching news articles every day- also by bouncing ideas off people I respect.  I reject hate, conspiracy theories and urban legends.  I reject racism or prejudice in all its ugly forms- including the repressive ‘political correctness’ doctrine that is stifling free speech everywhere.  My goal is to find the TRUTH, as far as it can be found in our lifetimes, on this earth and in our current limited status as human beings.  I seek it, but know I will never find it.  But the seeking, the journey, the effort is immensely important to all of us.  As human beings.  It is this pursuit that raises us up from the animals.  There is more to life than putting food into our mouths and satisfying that day’s longings.  We all know it.  But many of us shrink at the thought of this epic endeavor, this almost hopeless duty.    It takes courage to stand up to liars, deceivers and repressors- it seems almost to be bad manners to confront the loud mouths at town meetings, political stages or even on street corners.   Most of us seem to think that by ignoring the spewers of lies on the corner will make it go away- but it doesn’t, it hasn’t.  This obnoxious minority, this infinitesimally small minority is getting serious air time.  And all of us ‘nobodies’ with good manners do not get heard at all.  It makes us feel that nobody else must feel like we do.  Which intimidates us further into silence.  Which ultimately allows changes to our culture, political landscape, and way of life that we absolutely abhor. 

If we ‘nobodies’ do not stand up and start being loud mouths, if we nobodies don’t start putting our manners on the back burner a little, we will be forced to live in an America that almost none of us want.  

So, follow me.  Let’s add up to one big, loud, Somebody.  Let’s talk together about subjects that are taboo- let’s clear the air.  Let us respect one another- any and all content that is hateful or disrespectful will be deleted and those authors will never be allowed to comment again. 

Thank you, all you nobodies out there, for joining my blog.  I think it will be a fun ride!

Susan Shannon

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