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Why We Need to Discuss Race

Yes, race is so critical that it gets its own subject area on my blog.  Racial tensions have reached the forefront of the American consciousness and needs to be discussed openly- without the stone of ‘political correctness’ around our necks.  America has always been a melting pot- and for the most part, it still is.  But there are groups which haven’t ‘melted’ into American society and it bothers me.  I ask myself, “Why? do you not want to be part of American society?  do you actually wish to be separate?  if so, why?”  Being part Korean, having a native Korean for a mother, having a native Dominican Republic step mother, I definitely have experience with the immigrant experience.  We, none of us, want to be separate from other citizens.  In fact, we have always yearned and strived to be an integral member of American society- a member with our own unique perspectives and mini-cultures and with a voice.  Why do some people feel they are separate? 

My posts in this section will focus on these questions.  Join me and let’s gain critical insight into this issue. 



  1. SLR,
    You say that, “America has always been a melting pot- and for the most part, it still is.” I agree, but in the past immigrants who came to America did just that, melted into the society by getting a job, learning the language and blending in with other Americans. It seems the heat has left the pot and nothing is melting. All we are left with are different groups in a cold pot.
    In my opinion, today we are seeing a different immigrant. The ones today are not desperate to get to America in order to begin a better life for themselves and their families. Today it seems that many are desperate to find a country where they can import their beliefs and culture, without assimmilating into ours. America is one of the few countries that is allowing that to happen. What we are seeing is not a close knit culture (American) that has the same wants, desires and fears, but a fractured population made up of different cultures with very different values and morals. I fear that there is very little American culture left anymore.
    Don’t get me wrong. Immigrants have always made this country great and will continue to do so. My own ancestors came from Scotland. I just want those who come to our country to want to be Americans, not just foreigners who live in America and take advantage of all that we have to offer!

    • Donn,

      Please don’t lose hope. You see, I think that this is the whole reason that a small elite has purchased and divided every American news outlet. Please see my, “Who is Rupert Murdoch and who owns the news” article to see who owns them. They want to make all of us feel hopeless. I think they are spinning tales for us. I look around my city and all I see are everyday Americans going about the business of taking care of their families. We do have problems, but I do not believe we are as isolated in our beliefs as the media would have us believe. The media-owning elite wants us to lose heart so that we will just accept the unacceptable. Example: gay marriage. They make it look like everyone loves it. I think people are just convinced that everyone ELSE wants it and so they keep their mouths shut- they don’t even bother to vote on it because they have this feeling of inevitability. That they will lose. Also, they are terrified that they will encounter the ugly anger of the mobs the media shows. Those people are hired to protest and they have a well written script- their protest ‘play book’.

      We can not lose hope. I think there are still many, many immigrants who want to integrate. Muslims & Mexicans are the real issue here. But they are not the only immigrants. The American heart is still there. So is the dream.

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