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Where is the Credit for President Bush?

Why is President Obama reluctant to give credit where credit is due?  It was President Bush who rallied America with the promise to seek and destroy Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida.  It was President Bush who initiated the war in Afghanistan.  The talking heads act astounded at the intrepidity of President Obama for simply giving the go ahead for the mission to kill Bin Laden.  They say it could have been his ‘Bay of Pigs’ or his ‘Iran Hostage Situation’ should things have gone badly.  With all the months of research, quality surveillance & intel, wasn’t it a no-brainer to give the green light?  If anyone wants to compare cojones on decision making, President Bush would win, hands down.  Talk about a risk:  to invade another country and start a war (Libya doesn’t count because apparently, we are not at war there) takes guts.  President Bush knew that there was a great probability that he would not catch Osama Bin Laden quickly, but he knew that the training camps in Afghanistan were a major threat to U.S. security.  He knew that he would probably not have a ‘trophy’ at the end of it.  Yet he acted on his beliefs and he did what he thought was best for the U.S.   Peace loving liberals tore him apart.  Further, attacking Iraq took even more guts.  Whatever anyone wants to say, he didn’t go into Iraq for oil.  To this day, we have not had one drop of cheap oil from Iraq.  President Bush wanted to install a democratic, capitalistic Muslim Arab nation in the Middle East in the style recommended by Thomas Friedman in his book, “Longitudes and Attitudes”.  He knew his WMD excuse was thin- and he knew he was taking significant risks to his political career by going in if WMDs were not actually found.  He was hoping for a quick victory, a good response from the Iraqis and the discovery of WMD to cover his political backside in the aftermath.  He did not get those things, and he was irreversibly damaged by it.  But he knew that the only way to fight one idea (i.e., that democratic, capitalistic and free societies were essentially evil and from Satan) with another idea (i.e., that even good faith Arab Muslims could successfully enjoy the fruits of democracy and capitalism without sacrificing their beliefs.)  In essence, he could help us win the battle of ideas with Al-Qaida and remove their number one recruitment tool.  That, my friends, took real intrepidity and personal courage.

Big deal that Obama gave the green light!  Who wouldn’t?  To nab the master mind of 9/11 can only be seen as a huge political win- especially before election season.

Were it not for President Bush, Guantanamo Bay and enhanced interrogation, Obama would not have had this opportunity for glory at all.  The all important identity of Bin Laden’s courier was gathered years ago under President Bush and with his policies at Guantanamo Bay.  It was by tracking this very courier that we were able to find Bin Laden.  To play this fact down as Jay Carney, John Brennan and Dan Gerstein is downright disingenuous.  To tell us to ‘not look backward’ is laughable.  Of course there was other intel gathered- but how can anyone say that this piece of evidence gathered at Guantanamo (the courier’s identity) was not pivotal in finding Bin Laden?

Dan Gerstein and others are calling us all to not look backward, but only forward- because liberals hate giving credit to President Bush.   They will glady reach for the past to use President Bush the boogy man for all the Obama-created failures, but when it comes to a success, they urge, “Don’t look backward!”.  Very convenient.    President Bush, Guantanamo Bay, and enhanced interrogation methods should be given major credit in the capture of Osama Bin Laden.  To fail to do so is just hypocritical politics by President Obama and his administration yet once again.  Just like the liberals, I take glee in looking backward to President Bush.


  1. Hey Short.
    I know your pain. My dad and brother suffered from migraines. There is a cure. Have your husband put pressure at the base of your skull in the little indentations at the bottom most points of the rear of your skull and put moderate pressure there for about 30 seconds and it will trigger the nerve endings to short circuit the pain circuit.

    Blessings on you and yours

    • Thanks, John. I’ll have him try it. I feel a little better now. What I have learned about my migraines is that it doesn’t help all that much to lay down. Sometimes it makes me feel it more. I think I will go ahead and write today..

      • It literally works for me every time and I have given a lot of people relief from killer headaches and it has never taken more than 30 seconds. I did it for a deceased friend who had a headache for two days and nothing would cure it until I applied accupressure.

  2. Glenn Beck does tend to make illinformed remarks, but he does tell you to not take his word for it, rather you should you should research it yourself. How do you know they dont show the whole video and only the burning buildings?? the definently showed us movies of jews being put into gas chambers when we learned about the holocaust. What makes you think they dont mention nationality? yes religion is not mentioned but for every horrible action in history i hear the nationality of the people. Nazi Germany, Stalin Russia, Mao China, Kim North Korea, United States and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I could go on forever. Believe me they know the people who caused it were middle eastern. Him being a bad heart and not caring means nothing, just as Bush caring and having a good heart means nothing. Those are both just opinions for one and I could really care less if our president was nice and cared so long as our economy was healthy and our borders were protected. I can tell you many children were crying that day and many scared and hurt, and I know the full ramifications of the event just as anyone who did not have a family member in the towers or plane, only those who lost a loved one can feel more pain than I. Bush was a good person to help in the time of 9/11 but I’m telling you its what anyone would do. His approval rating was high because its times like that we have a rally around the flag effect as a nation. Check that term out. If he really was a great comforter in hard times where was he during hurricane Katrina?? he was inconsistent during his presidency. its history to reflect on for you as well unfortunantly. We both lived the time and now all we can do is look back. I can know what it was like to live through it cause I remember seeing the news on tv like every middle schooler did at the time. I vividly remember the bush in action at the time. I also remember bush’s inaction during hurricane Katrina.( yes I know he acted but it was really slow and many died needlessly.
    I was never saying thats exactly what the war in Iraq was over, im just saying if it was we did a crappy job of it. The funny thing is as bad an idea for us to go to war over oil as it was, instilling a democracy was an even worse idea, and a failure at that. The problem is trying to convince the people in the middle east that democracy is good does not need to happen, they already know this, its the leaders that make all the decisions. Its not the countries people, its the small groups and leaders causing the problems. The fact that you only have a theory for why we went to war is scary to me. Every good president should have a clear reason for going to war with a country. President bush went against what the UN said and started the war anyway. Bush also went against both the house and the senate and went to war with Iraq. It was a poor decision made off assumptions that Iraq had WMD’s and they did not. How Embarrasing of the United States. Bush led us to this embarrasment and thats why the Iraq war was a terrible decision. He should have listened to the UN and Congress and held of until he knew for a fact they had WMD’s even if they did why is that a reason to go to war? We have WMD’s and we are the only ones who has used them. How hypocritical?? Should other countries that feel threatened by our WMD’s just start a war with us?? First off most of our oil at home is unconventional meaning we have plenty of oil…if you wanna pay 6 or 7 dollars a gallon for it at the pump. I could give u proof, but i will let you research it, I take many classes on oil here at A&M and I really have no time right now to cite everything. We also use about 18.5 million barrels of oil a day. We have about 40 billion barrels of known conventional reserves, so if you do the math, supporting ourselves with oil is immpossible. Now we do have the largest amounts of natual gas and coal in our country so we could support ourselves in that way but the oil companies here have to much a hold on the market for there to be any real change until gas prices get really outrageous. Hmmm…Bush senior and the Gulf wars ended nicely and quickly. So no i dont think its stupid to expect our presence to have a swift victory and we leave. Bush jr. expected this but it did not happen. Im pretty sure bush jr. expected the second gulf war to go as well as the first. And it did at first. Thing is Bush senior was supported by both congress and the UN when he went to war. He also did not go to war over assumptions. I can pooh pooh them because they are only working when we spend ludacris amounts of money supporting our presence there and not to mention our soldierrs lives. If they really wanted democracy they could have a revolution and get it like we did with britain and like egypt has poven so obviously they did not crave democracy enough. Whats funny is people are discussed when he stands on the sidelines with eqypt and discussed when he enters a war with libya. I guess its a lose lose situation for him. Look if we support one revolution why are we not supporting others? we are not consistent as a nation in our foriegn affairs. We should stay out of it all because we dont have the resources for it.
    “We really only need one successful democracy in the middle east to destabilize terrorist propaganda in the region. Iraq will suffice- which is why I can’t understand our presence in Libya or why we are threatening Syria.”
    you just said we should have supported egypt??? so this directly conflicts your arguement. We should stay out of it all and if we only need one working democracy in the middle east then we already had Isreal!!!(they are in the middle east and a working democracy) now this i am mad at obama for. We need to support Isreal first and foremost and instead we are blowing them off for decisions like iraq and pakistan. We also need to show some love to saudi arabia. Isreal and Suadi Arabia is all we really got in the middle east. My response is how do you know they wouldn’t have generally acted the same?? the arguement can go both ways. I know any president would have done their best helping our country in a time of need like that cause its what the job of president means. If im cynical than so be it, but so many times we see presidents doing things to woo the media. Im only going with history. You could never know how obama would have reacted to the twin towers, because it didnt happen, but i agree i dont think he would have been as heart felt as bush. Thats only a thought though, because the event never happened to obama. Being a nice president does not mean he was a good president. Our economy was crumbling, our gas prices were through the roof, and he brought us into a never ending war in the middle east when he left office. Obama inherited all of this from bush. Obama has also failed miserably to fixing any of it. In fact he has horrified our economy even further. so in short both bush and obama fail, but hey being the president of the united states sucks. Look how both of them got gray hair after being in office for only two years. The job is almost set up to fail. sorry for all the grammar and spelling errors, but this is not graded so you get the rough draft haha

    oh and no democracy is sure to fail. please look up quotes from our founding fathers and look up how greece failed under democracy. We were founded as a republic but we are slowly changing to a democracy which is another cause of our failure. Outside Independence Hall when
    the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended,
    Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin,
    “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
    With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,
    “A republic, if you can keep it.” obviously we cant keep it cause everyone believes democracy is God and it has failed in every instance. Mob rule will never be successfull. We have mostly old people in our country and they all vote. Look where the majority of our budget goes and continuers to go in larger quantities. medicare and social security. My mother takes care of these sick people who live off the government getting treatments that cost the tax payer millions of dollars per old person. These people dont even make it out of the hospital 3/4 of the time and yet the tax payer still funds it because of beautiful democracy. The mob will pull the country down as history has proven with plenty of other “democracies” int he past. we need to revert back to being a republic…shoot i will even take a democratic republic, but it seems we just keep moving to a pure democracy.

    • You don’t need to lecture me about Beck- I already admitted it. I haven’t yet given up hope on his statement either- perhaps it is only during certain hours of the day or weekdays, ‘family time’, or whatever. I’m sure you have quoted incorrectly or used bad info in the past, Cy. To move on, Bush 2 WAS supported by Congress for IraqII. Further, you are right, normally presidents who go to war get phenomenal approval ratings. So why did Obama only get a 10% (to 55%)bump after he went into Libya? Where was that oh, so, predictable “flag waving’ effect you quoted? (if that was what Bush’s approval ratings only meant?) Obama’s LOW numbers would say you are wrong. Americans are not stupid. We don’t just start waving flags and support any president for any reason. To say otherwise is rather insulting to Americans, Cy. Most LIBERALS think this way- Americans are too stupid to know what is best for them. Hope you are not of that mind set. As for what I know about schools, well, I have three kids in school. I showed them 9/11 the videos. They were completely shocked. I asked them if they had ever seen the buildings, if they had ever seen the men who did it. If they knew they were arabs, if they knew they were muslim. They shook their heads in complete bewilderment.

      Again, I’m not trying to be patronizing. I called your mother on 9/11. Right after it happened. She said, “So?” when I told her what happened. I asked if she was upset. She said, “no. not really.” The fact that your reaction to Bush’s leadership at the moment combined with my doubt that your family took pains to emphasize the enormity of what happened, combined with your youth, all make me think that you are not really qualified to speak about his leadership that day. You were a kid. You would feel differently today than you did then. I think you have been conditioned to hate Bush like so many other people. You have no facts whatsoever and yet you hold such stubborn opinions. Ever wonder how you came to believe all that?

      Bush WAS there for Katrina- as fast any president could be for any huge disaster. Liberals always try to claim that Republicans are RACIST. That was the whole point of their accusations then. Bush didn’t land there for THREE days. So what? How can you say that many people DIED because he didn’t act fast enough? What is fast enough? What is your measure? What president and which disaster before his time & Katrina? Isn’t this just another unsupported OPINION? People LOVE to bash Bush when they have absolutely no proof of what they say. They simply parrot, “we went to war for oil. bush wasn’t there for Katrina”- where is your supporting EVIDENCE? There is NONE. At least I say, “I have a THEORY”. It is arrogant to say otherwise. Neither you nor I have all the facts. Those are classified. We can ONLY speculate. (oh, by the way, you DO say that we only went for oil- several times- in several comments). That unprovable assertion really rankles me. as does the Katrina assertions. You further say that we did a botched job- aren’t you being an arm chair quarterback? The very fact that a democracy exists there today is a down right miracle. How many years has it been? about 10, right? It took 40-50 years to do the same in Japan and Germany. So on what basis do you say we are doing a terrible job there? Have you asked ONE Iraqi? I dare you to go ask any Iraqi today and see if they would rather have Saddam Hussain back? Go to Afganistan and ask anyone there if they would rather have the Taliban back. If they want to close all the schools and hospitals our soldiers have opened for them.

      We’ll never know if Obama would act the same in a disaster like 9/11. That is not my point. Bush WAS there and he DID act. he gets credit for it. When/if Obama does the same thing, he will get credit too. Bush was correct to go into Afganistan to demolish the training camps and yet you say, “at least that was an ‘ok’ idea’ in your comment. Bush also created the Homeland Security Dept which Obama leaned on heavily to catch UBL. Bush also created the Patriot Act which resulted in much of the data used to catch UBL. Bush also allowed ‘enhanced interrogation’ which led directly to the name of the courrier used to catch UBL. Obama simply carried out Bush’s mission there. He got bin Laden, but Bush took the real action, lifted the heaviest load, and deserves credit. Plain & simple.

      We’ll have to disagree about Iraq, Cy. It wasn’t for oil- proof: Why aren’t we getting cheap oil from them? Why aren’t they loyal to only us? Because we DIDN’T ASK for it, Cy. Why can’t you accept that? When did we ask for it? When were we turned down? Bush could have made the move while he was celebrating his initial victory- did he? NO! Why isn’t Obama asking for it? What prevents the USA from demanding war payments for our services? Where do YOU get YOUR proof that it was over oil? Isn’t that just YOUR theory, Cy? Should I be afraid because YOU have a theory? The only official stated reason was WMD. So it can’t be oil! Unless you could think of another viable reason. Perhaps, a THEORY? At least mine makes some sense and has also had the desired results of rebellions across the middle east- the fact that Obama isn’t filling the power vacuum is the most dangerous thing happening right now. Bush would never have left the vacuum. You can bet he would have had our officials there in a heartbeat. Why do you protect Obama on this issue?

      We do have huge reserves of untapped oil here- off shore & in the far arctic waters. While I respect your education, Cy, you are still only a student. I have to give some credit to all the experts I have heard on the subject. We need to tap into it. Sure, it will take a while to change & we don’t have the full infra-structure, but its better than ‘going green’ & its associated costs. Talk about no infrastructure! Either way, it is an INVESTMENT. Why are YOU going into oil if you don’t believe domestic oil has a future? AND, that is largely irrelavent to my argument that Bush deserves credit for the capture of Bin Laden. I bring up oil only in response to the utter nonsense that we went for oil. You talk of the investment cost of developing domestic oil. Do you really think Bush, or ANYONE, could believe that the billions of dollars of war cost is a worthy investment to only get CHEAP (not FREE) oil or flimsy promises of being LOYAL to us and only us? It’s just silly to believe that.

      Why in the WORLD would we need to support all revolutions because we support one? We only need one Muslim, Arabic democratic, capitalistic country in the Middle East to deliver a very powerful message: You, too, can have this FREEDOM! Rise up and we will help you succeed!” We absolutely SHOULD support these nations with advice on how to form political parties, run campaigns, write a constitution, raise political funds, use media, etc. EVERY country in the world engages in this type of diplomatic self interest, Cy. And we need to be at the forefront if you want your kids to inherit anything like you had. Obama has done none of this. It is naive to think we fight wars to ‘be consistent’ or to be ‘fair’ or to be ‘moral’. It is also naive to believe that we only go to war for the stated ‘official’ reason. we only act in self interest- that is the only way. Yes, we SHOULD have supported pro- democracy forces in Egypt (and libyans, and syrians, and Iraqis and Iranians)- but NOT with a military presence- we should not have soldiers in any country besides Iraq now. Not contradicting myself, Cy- you just mis understood me.

      I think you, and all Bush haters, really need to self evaluate. You can’t stand giving a man his due credit. The only reasons you give are completely unfounded, popular, urban legand. Stuff you can jump on simply because so many others have. The hatred is a knee jerk reaction. I would love to see the proof that you ‘researched’ by yourself, Cy, to support the claims that: 1) Bush was directly responsible for loss of life in Katrina due to inadequately slow action 2) Bush went to war in Iraq for Oil (whatever that means) 3) We conducted the war in Iraq poorly or inadequately 4) Bush lied about why we went into Iraq . Until then, Cy, I recommend you think for yourself in past matters. I know what it is like to be your age. Been there, done that. And what I know is this: there is a certain hot headed stubborness to say things you don’t know or have not researched. Also, a tendency to state as fact something you have no proof of.

    • Further, Cy, nobody thinks a ‘pure’ democracy is possible- basically, that is socialism. You are just mincing words there. “Democracy as we know it”, then. Keep pooh-poohing Democracy, Cy, and you may just get your wish. P.s. please also prove that 5) democracy in Iraq has failed. Of COURSE we should let people be self determining. Iraq is an experiment. Success is still to be seen. All I have seen from you and so many other liberals is criticism. What are YOUR suggestions on how to combat terrorism? Secure our thousands of miles of border, north & south? X-ray every package in every port? please. Put policemen on every corner, deport everyone, close all mosques, brainwash muslims, what? At least the idea of creating a thriving democratic (oh, sorry, a ‘Democracy as we know it’) capitalistic Arab, Muslim country in the Middle East answers a fundamental need: To replace one idea with another. To deflate the very roots of the terrorist recruiting propoganda. That could potentially prevent millions of people from believing the hogwash that democracy & capitalism is EVIL and that it is their religious, God given duty to destroy it. We have to win the war of IDEAS to win over terrorism. To me, that is a hell of a lot better than trying to screen every granny that enters our country. So, what is your SOLUTION? I await with baited breath…

  3. At Susie

    We never expected free or cheap oil from Iraq, just more production and loyalty to only sell to us and the rest of nato. The sad thing is we have only sort of accomplished this. As for the president being with us during the 9/11, every president would have done the same thing. Imagine the negative press if he didnt. Im not saying he didnt have a heart. I believe he really cared deeply for the country and wanted to do the very best for it. I dont believe he was a crook or anything like that, but he made poor decisions. And i agree to become president means you can not possibly be dumb. That goes for Obama as well though. By the way i was in middle school when the towers fell, and I saw all the footage.

    “To this day, video of the towers falling (along with all the poor people leaping to their death) is banned from schools and television.”

    I saw footage on fox news the other day and i could find you 50 different videos of the towers falling and the documentation of the day at youtube. As for it being banned for schools my little brother hears of it all the time. When I was in middle school we were required to write poetry about the incident after watching a video over it.

    The riots in the muslim world are not really a success. First off their leaders are just killing the rebels easily because most of the militaries are loyal to the government unlike eqypts military. Secondly look who is rising up in eqypt, the muslim brotherhood. The rebels in libya are not successful unless we back them. Democracy is only “working” in Iraq and Afganistan because our military is their forcing it to work. lets completely leave and see what happens.

    • You know, Cy, you’re right about the coverage on t.v. I was surprised to see the whole footage on Fox news. Sorry, I took Glenn Beck at his word. He was the source for that information. I’ll have to look into that & get back to you. Never said it wasn’t on UTube. Schools don’t show the whole video, just burning buildings. They don’t mention that the terrorists were Arabian or Muslim. But that is not my point. I never said Obama was stupid! Quite the opposite. But I don’t like/trust him or his policies or his methods. I don’t think he has a good heart- I think he has a selfish heart. Not trying to be patronizing, but a middle schooler could not possibly understand the full ramifications of the events, nor have the full emotional impact as an adult would have had. There is no way a child could understand how wonderful Bush was in those moment. To you, it is just history to reflect upon. You can not know what it meant to live through it and have Bush be so strong in those moments. That is why his ratings were over 90%. Something Obama has never even come close to, nor ever will.

      I’m not sure what source you are citing when you claim that we went to war over oil or loyalty from Iraq! We would never have gone to war for more production and loyalty to only sell to us and the rest of NATO. That would imply we were having such difficulties obtaining oil that war would be worth it. It would never be cost effective, Cy. That would be the most expensive oil we have ever purchased in history. No president could see this as a good way to get oil. It is a working theory on my part that the secret reason was to counter terrorist propoganda with physical evidence that Muslims could be free, democratic and rich from the oil in their countries. I have no proof, but it makes total sense. Countering terrorism, skirmish by skirmish, doesn’t work. Bush would know that. Only counter-psychology can truly address the fundamental reasons for terrorism. To prove false the propoganda that capitalistic democracy is inherently evil is to deny the enemy a valuable recruiting ideology. It is a brilliant idea. As I said, one supported and discussed for at least a decade before we acted. But to say it was for cheap oil is ridiculous and unsupportable in every way. We are also sitting on massive amounts of oil & natural gas, right here at home. Do you really think any president fears environmentalists more than he fears a costly war (both in money and life?). Do you really believe that any president would be stupid enough to believe that war would not result in prolonged military presence in the aftermath? Almost every previous war resulted in decades of military presence. I still remember the discussions during the Iraq war- everyone knew we would be there for decades to come. Why should you or anyone be surprised that our military is still in Afghanistan and Iraq? Of course we will keep a presence there to ensure stability. It is to our benefit. So what? You simply can’t pooh-pooh the results of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq. It the most desired result! I know, I know, people love to say, “Why are we forcing our way of life on other people?” That is just sanctimonious and naive. First and foremost, the people in those country crave democracy & freedom. That was what they are chanting in the streets. We are not forcing it upon them. It is the human condition that craves a ‘say’ in their life- and it is human nature to crave freedom. Whether they are successful is the question. Obama needs to help those pro-democracy elements. But he has been standing on the side lines. I was sickened to watch him absolutely ignore the protesters in Egypt. In response, the new Egyptian government refused to formally meet with Clinton. Obama opened the door to the Muslim Brotherhood when we could have had our political advisors there instead! That was a major policy failure. Neither in speech or action is Obama doing what is necessary to ensure that America’s interests are representatives. The reasons for this are another blog topic I plan on writing later.

      We really only need one successful democracy in the middle east to destabilize terrorist propaganda in the region. Iraq will suffice- which is why I can’t understand our presence in Libya or why we are threatening Syria.

      How do you know any president would have done as good a job as President Bush on 9/11? All men are not the same, Cy. Obama could not have found that much heart if his life depended on it. He is the ultimate automaton. You are very cynical to think that Bush did it to avoid negative press! Besides your objection to the Iraq war, what other major mistakes do you think Bush made? I agree with President Bush that history will tell his true story. As for the uprisings in the Middle East, there is no proof that the Muslim Brotherhood are in charge. They will, of course, be a component of any government that will arise there. But it was Obama’s fault that they have such a hold in Egypt. By refusing to formally visit with Clinton, it left room from the Brotherhood to thrive. It is up to President Obama to ensure that we offer the help needed to guide them to a true democracy. Democracies don’t tend to go to war with democracies, historically. Both Germany and Japan are true examples of how this was done under the Marshal Plan. Our troops are still in both of these countries (though in small numbers). It took 50 years, but the results were tremendous. It is simply naive to believe that the United States can remain on the side lines of history. The United States stood on the side line as Germany and Hitler rose to power in the aftermath of WWI. And look what happened. We had a much bigger, more deadly battle to fight than had we gotten involved earlier. The United States always has been and will always be involved in world politics. It behooves us to ensure that countries establish themselves in a similar governmental format as ours. Further, from a moral standpoint, Democracy is the best, most humane governmental system in the world. There is nothing wrong in supporting pro-democracy elements in the Middle East.

  4. at Glenn

    I know going into Iraq was a terrible decision, but afganistan was at least an ok decision. What would have been the worst decision would have been to go into saudi arabia. Just because people like Osama are originally from saudi arabia does not mean the country likes them or approves of what they do. Secondly its too bad I cant post it cause it does not exist anymore, but I had the pleasure of reading a ton of the american documents on wikileaks during that whole treason and espionage fiasco was underway. You would not believe the findings. Saudi Arabia more our ally than anything (or at least the government is) Out of anyone that you would think was urging us to invade Iran, Saudi Arabia was the most prominent. Yes it was for their own selfish reasons, but if greed is what moves a country along with us then let it be greed. They are our 2nd largest oil supplier (eia). You want to talk about devastating our country? Invading Saudi Arabia is the way to do it. Furthermore we dont just invade countries in the middle east because we believe them to be the sole reason for the terrist problems. Terrorist cells are in every middle eastern country. Iraq happened to be an easy way in(“humanitarian efforts” “WMD’s”), and afganistan was the popular choice in american poles. Afganistan has little or no oil in their country so upsetting them does nothing to us and Iraq we were confident in a quick victory and take countrol of the oil companies ourselves. Saudi Arabi is huge, they have a loyal military and are very wealthy. Starting a war with them would have been a terrible decision. When its all said and done its about the money, and we stand a lot to lose with a war in Saudi Arabia.

  5. it was president bush who started the war in afghanistan,but what he should have done was started the war in saudi arabia because that is where most of the terrorists on the planes were from, not afghanistan, not iraq. bush got it all wrong

    • No one, Obama included, thinks the war in Afganistan was a bad idea. We did not go to war with Afganistan government or the people. We simply destroyed Al Qaeda training camps and then began the long campaign of finding Bin Laden. I believe it was a favor to the Afgan government that our troops also built schools, hospitals and even an Olympic sized swimming pool- the Afgans now have a national swim team! We would never make war with the government of another country simply because they have terrorists w/in their border. If so, we would have to make war on ourselves- there are terrorists right here in America. Also, like it or not, Saudi Arabia is the number one supplier of oil to this nation. Perhaps we should wean ourselves and be done with the region.

  6. I first want to say I’m no liberal, and am probably more on the conservative side of moderate, but Obama taking credit for killing Osama Bin Laden was only something any president would naturally do, especially nearing the election.

    Secondly, I dont really think Bush is any saint when it comes to his foriegn affairs leadership. Like you said he went to war with Iraq under the guises of WMD’s which he was not sure where there. I really doubt it was to instill democracy in another country. To justify the death of our soldiers and literally trillions of dollars on a democracy in an arabic country that is shaky at best is wrong. No one has ever went to war with another country over that small of a reason. Is it really our business to invade a country because it has different beliefs than ours? In that case lets invade saudi arabia, venezuela, Iran, China, North Korea, and the list could just be endless. We cant force our beliefs on everyone. We have spent enough money and lives on this needless effort. We are in horrible debt (mostly to ourselves, so for all you people freaking out about china, they dont hold as much of our debt as you may think, in fact the only hold 7.5 percent(Current) of our national debt.). So we have killed Osama through all of this. Someone will only take his place. Many people say the war was over oil and I really dont have a clear thought on whether it was or not, but Iraq does happen to be our 7th largest importer of oil so we certainly have gotten a few drops of oil from them(EIA). I still to this day think the war with Iraq was a miserable failure and we should not be in a “war” with Libya. We need to help ourselves economically (this is why I will always vote conservative even though I hate a lot of things Conservatives stand for our economy will always come first. Liberals happen to know nothing about the economy. I wish they would take a few economics classes haha.

    Well I’m probably going to get some heat for not loving Bush, but in all honesty he was a crappy president, but really have not had a good president since Reagan, and possibly Bush senior.

    • I guess I should have said, “a FREE drop of oil from Iraq” or, “an incredibly cheap drop of oil from Iraq”. (smile)

      We’ll just have to agree to disagree about Bush, Jr., Cy. You were just a little guy when the towers fell. You didn’t get to see him with his bull horn. To this day, video of the towers falling (along with all the poor people leaping to their death) is banned from schools and television. Your generation has never really experienced the horror and so cannot appreciate the incredible leadership of Bush. Read ‘Longitudes and Latitudes’ by Thomas Friedman (I might actually have it lying around and can send it if you want.) People have been throwing around the idea for implanting a democratic, capitalistic Muslim country as a response to radical Islamist propaganda for decades.

      Furthermore, it worked- as proven by the masses of Muslims rising up, demanding democracy. They saw their brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq voting not only for their leaders, but for the very shape of their government structure. That had to have caused a deep bitterness in repressed Muslim countries that perpetrated the uprisings today. Directly after our attack on Iraq, Mohamar Gaddafi stated that Libya was giving up their nuclear weapons programs. Not only that, but he has been allowing the international community see and dismantle his enormous supply of mustard gas. (BTW, I agree wholeheartedly that we should not be in Libya. The guy was cooperating.) While I can’t prove it, it seems the only logical reason Bush went to war with Iraq. Regardless of what so many people like to think of Bush, he was not stupid. No one who can rise to the most powerful position on earth is stupid. I may be wrong. But if that wasn’t the reason, that what could it be? It is just a working theory on my part. I never said whether he was a great president or not. But he was there for our country after that attack. He was proud, decisive and helped us all to calm down after that horrible, horrible day. That really changed my mind about him.

      Btw, I don’t give heat to people who feel differently! I want that in my forum. What I am looking for is an open, but respectful airing of ideas. People are smart- we can learn from one another!

    • Cy the dems sided with Bush because they all had the same security briefing. Hussein DID HAVE WMD’S he used the on his own people. We did not find them because Clinton let him get away with kicking out the weapons inspectors for 3 years and did nothing about it. That gave Hussein plenty of time to bury his weapons. Remember the first Gulf war he sent his warplanes over to his bitter enemy, Iran. The idea was better to let your enemy have the weapons rather than let us destroy them. Rmember the philosophy in the Middle East is the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      And short, you are doing an ADMIRABLE job in defending conservatism.

      Blessings on you and yours
      John Wilder

    • And I have taken the liberty of posting on your site! Futiledemocracy exibits the exact, I mean exact, type of liberal behavior I wrote about in my article. nice to be in contact, John.

      • It is always a pleasure to make the acquaintance of an intelligent conservative that was formerly a liberal. It just goes to show you that there is always hope.
        Liberals are always the same, insulting, demeaning and when confronted with overwhelming facts they stomp off. Rarely will they look at actual facts and have some meaningful and critical introspection.

        blessings on you and yours
        John Wilder

  7. What a politically astute post you have written. I would invite you to join us on the Rants and Rage blog where there are multiple writers. You can post your blog on your blog as well as the Rants and Rage blog as well.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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