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One Capricious President

And here I thought President Obama didn’t want to spike the football!  If his trip to Ground Zero and his publicized trip to Fort Campbell, speech and all, are not spiking the football, I honestly don’t know what spiking a football looks like.  President Obama’s celebrating, no doubt, is irritating Al Qaeda and pro-Bin Laden Muslims to no end.    Why does President Obama not show the pictures of a dead Bin Laden (calling it a mere trophy), and then proceed to run victory laps around the country?  It’s puzzling unless you think about what kind of ball he is spiking.  It is true that any president, especially a president running for re-election, would take credit for the killing.  But President Obama is downright capricious.   Showing the pictures would have enraged an already enraged terrorist community, but the added benefit of showing the photos is to instill fear and hopeless in their hearts as well!  How does it benefit the United States for Obama to have such public revelry?  It, too, enrages the enemy.  If anything, I am amazed that he released the fact that it was Seal team 6 that carried out the mission.  Isn’t that horribly dangerous to our troops?  Doesn’t that put a big target over their barriers and training grounds?  After all, in this age of Goggle Map, their location is public knowledge.  The ball he is spiking is his re-election campaign.  For that, he will put a target on Seal Team 6.

He says one thing and then turns around and does the opposite.

This has been the case on so many things:  he promised the most transparent administration in history and then, literally changes the locks on the meeting rooms (I still reel over this one) that locked Republicans from the Healthcare debate.  He promised the end to lobbyists in Washington and then invites the head of powerful unions to secret meetings that result in not only excluding the Unions from the cost of Obama-care, but also hidden legislation deep in the bill that actually transfers hundreds of millions of dollars straight into the bank accounts of the same Unions.  He promised a new era of cooperation, but has led the Democratic party in the most divisive rhetoric I have ever heard.  He promised over and over again that by the second half of his presidency, he would cut the deficit in half (“at a minimum”), and yet has spent more and raised the deficit more than all prior presidents combined!  He promised to dismantle Guantanamo Bay and stood against water boarding.  Guantanamo Bay remains, strong as ever, and the KEY piece of evidence:  the identity of Bin Laden’s courier, obtained via water boarding, was used to destroy UBL.

Has this president no shame at all?  And have Americans become so terrified of being labeled a ‘racist’ that they simply forget all the promises, so capriciously broken?  When we watched Joe the Plumber be vilified, be investigated by the IRS, and suffer from a relentless media campaign against him, perhaps we became afraid of speaking up.  I know that this has been the case with me.  For so many years, I was downright afraid of speaking my mind to my friends (mostly liberal here in Washington State).  I actually worried that they would stop being my friends.  And guess what?  They did stop.  It was painful, but led me to start this blog.  We are experiencing a tyranny of the few.  They have the bigger mouths and are rabid.  But we need to call this President to the mat on these blatant, hypocritical actions or he will win a second term.


  1. If you want a real eye opener, google the lies of Obama and the broken promises of obama. They take up pages and there are over 80,000 references. It might shed some light on this narcissist in chief and his equally narcissitic wife and by the way, I have nothing against him because he is black but because I believe in MLK’s challenge to judge a man based upon the content of his character. I have had many conversations with blacks and they agree that I am not racist for voicing these complaints, so speak up and shout down the jerk before he ruins our country totally.

    Standard and Poor has already warned the president that we are at risk for losing our AAA credit rating and still Obama wants to increase the deficit spending. We just need our elected guys to stand up to the bullies and stop them.

    Blessings on you and yours

    • You know, John, I worry alot about the Republicans capability or willingness to do that very thing. When I watched how McCain simply gave pass after pass to Obama during the debates (the few there were), I was so frustrated. Same with all the so-called ‘front runners’. Romney?? please. Palin?? no way. Gingrich? not gonna happen. The door is now wide open to someone young and dynamic. I vote for Paul Ryan. Bachman is a good idea, but she is a woman. We need to get rid of Obama right now. We can not afford an experiment in feminism right now. Why won’t Ryan run, do you think?

      • Because he does not have enough experience yet. A thought that did not bother Obama. He has never run a business, or even had a secular job other than a community organizer. In his senate seat the majority of his votes consisted of PRESENT.

        I also think that Ryan is dedicated to reducing our budget and no one wants to take up the task and he is committed, which I respect.

        Don’t be so quick to pass off Palin and Bachman. If you read Palin’s book, it gives lie to the slander job done on her by the media. She is one tough smart cookie, much like yourself with real fire in her belly and she has INTEGRITY! as does Bachman.

        The only real hope I see is Cain.

        Blessings on you and yours
        John Wilder

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