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Is it Ineptitude or is President Obama Crazy Like a Fox?

Obama Changes.. What?

President Obama does so many things that don’t make sense.  Until you put them all together:

Create a More Violent Middle East

Obama refused to help pro-democracy protesters in Egypt.  Muslim Brotherhood (footnote 1) steps into power vacuum left by America.  Christians are being slaughtered the in streets today.  Obama ignores Iraq & Afghanistan & draws down troops. Results:  protests on Iraqi streets & slaughter of Christians.  Taliban resurges as does the influence of Muslim Brotherhood.  Director James Clapper states that Muslim Brotherhood are peaceful and secular despite heavy evidence to the contrary.  (footnote 2)  Obama responds by calling on Congress to pass a bill forgiving over a billion dollars of Egyptian debt- no strings attached.  These billions will go directly to fund the Muslim Brotherhood.   Why?

Weaken USA Borders

President Obama refuses to secure our southern border.   Instead, he invites Pres. Calderon to a lavish State visit at the White house.  He smiled demurely as Mexican President Calderon  lectured our Congress and all of America in a live speech concerning our laws, our states, our business.  He grandly told Pres. Calderon, ” Your visit speaks to a truth of our time, in North America & the world:  In the 21st century, we are defined, not by our borders, but by our bonds.”  (footnote 3)  Americans are being killed and intimidated on American soil.  Why?

Nurture South American Relations & Neglect Traditional Allies

President Obama has wooed Mexico, Chile, Brazil and El Salvador in South America on a State visit March 19-23, 2011 while he consistently disrespects our best and oldest ally, Britain.  His state visit with Mexico came before his scheduled state visits with Britain (this May) and Germany (this June)! It is only a matter of time before Chavez- or his replacement- will become Obama’s buddies.  His neglect toward France, Japan & Israel also stand out.   why?

Weaken U.S. oil supply chains, but encourage production in Brazil

Obama has left an enormous power vacuum in the Middle East, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to fill it, when he could have secured US military & oil interests with a rigorous U.S. diplomatic involvement in the region.  Obama has threatened traditional allies like Jordan & Saudi Arabia by refusing to support Qaddafi and Mubarak.  Obama not only has created a huge threat for our traditional sources of oil, but also refuses oil production at home.   Obama pushes to leverage huge tax increases on American oil companies, but allows other rich companies, like GM, to pay zero federal taxes.  However, Obama encourages Brazil (footnote 4) to increase their production.  Why?

Weaken the United States economy & the American dollar

Passing the enormous burden of Health Care onto large & small businesses, spending more money than all the previous presidents combined, tripling the federal deficit, authorizing unlimited printing of money by the Federal Reserve,  cutting off US oil supplies & creating record gas prices,  & threatening the end to the Bush tax cuts, Obama has created an economy that cannot recover and a dollar that is the weakest it has ever been in US history.  (footnote 5)  Why?

Answer:  Crazy like a fox.

What if being the United States president was NOT Obama’s goal?  What if securing U.S. interests was not his goal?  What if, instead, Obama wants to be the president of a new united north & south America- an American Union, styled after the European Union?  What if Obama wants to line not only his pockets but the pockets of his cronies with ownership of new green energy companies?  If so, then all these actions make perfect sense, indeed.   If these were his goals, then:

It behooves Obama & his cronies to destroy US oil supplies at home and in the Middle East.  Wealth beyond imagination await everyone from Nancy Pelosi, who owns stock in Clean Energy Fuels stock (footnote 6), to Al Gore who has his finger in many green energy pies, to Al Gore’s friends- like the start up electric car maker Fisker Auto (of whom Gore is a major investor & stock holder) (footnote 7).  Some companies, like Fisker, have received direct tax payer money via the Stimulus Package, while others, like Clean Energy Fuels Corp benefit directly by new legislation that ensures more natural gas use in aviation and the federal government. (footnote 8. ).

It behooves Obama & his cronies for the Middle East to be chaotic & for the US to have no reliable oil supply.  Only high oil & gas prices from a dangerously violent region can make the argument for their precious green energy projects.  In addition, this forms the perfect excuse to leave the Middle East entirely.    Israel included.  The Muslims will get off our backs and Obama looks like a hero.

It behooves Obama & his cronies to destroy the power of the United States economy & the American dollar.  Why?  Because if the United States and the dollar are weak, we can’t complete with the euro or the Chinese yuan alone.  Hence, the creation of the new Ameridollar (or something like it), a currency that is a combination of the Mexican peso, the Canadian dollar, American dollar, the Chilean peso & the Brazilian real.  Throw Venezuela in and with all that cheap crude at our fingertips and that new currency will start looking might strong.   Whoever controls the Ameridollar controls most of north & south America- perhaps a new entity will emerge:  the American Union, with Obama & his cronies at the top.  Just step one to the United Nations as the world government.

It behooves Obama to not increase security on the Mexican border if an American Union is the goal.    That is when building oil companies in Brazil (I would like to know who owns those stocks), rather than here at home, makes sense.  In addition, getting closer to Venezuela will serve the same purpose if they can Chavez to stop hating Obama so much.  This would give the Green Billionaires the ability to reap rich rewards without letting the economy completely sink.  It is a fine line these evil men and women ride.  And this way, they satisfy their lefty base.    Let other, lesser, countries soil themselves with petroleum production while the American elite make the ‘old USA’ their pristine homeland.  Nice arrangement, huh?

Either Obama is the most incompetent president who ever lived, or he is the most dangerous one.  I believe the latter.  I don’t believe he has the USA’s best interests in mind.  Quite the contrary:  I believe he wants our eradication in favor of incredible power & wealth for himself.

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  1. Obama may think he is clever, but he is nothing but a puppet for the powers that are really behind him. Once he has outlived his usefulness they will cut the strings and he will fall..

  2. While I might quibble about the details regarding his ultimate goals, in the immediate short-term, there is no doubt in my formerly-military mind that you are absolutely correct in that his goals are to weaken the US in every way he can.

    We need to talk sometimes soon. If you have Skype, look me up at blue_himitsu_sensei

    • I don’t have Skype. You would think that, as a management & business consultant specializing in telecommunications, that I would be a tech. junky. But, I’m not. I enjoy a quiet life. I need your email address. I don’t have Dave’s email address either. Please ask him to give you mine. Then we can connect in private.

  3. Short Little Rebel,

    Your going to receive a lot of heat from progressives for writing the truth in this article. My own years of research indicate that you are precisely on target. The American Union (Part of the New World System) has been in the planning by progressives for many years. The secretive Ameri-dollar has also been in the working for a long time. For all of this to occur, however, the progressives had to level out the economies of the individual countries first. I believe that President Obama wants to be the KING of this reconstructed region and continue to live lavishly off the backs of the working people.

    None of this is a surprise to me since the PLAN has been in place for such a long time. What does surprise me is that many of the people have fallen for this sadistic scheme hook, line and sinker (perhaps that was the reason for the dumbing-down of America move).


    • I think the reason people are buying it hook line and sinker is because they refuse to believe that something this big might be afoot. A similar reaction gripped the world when rumors of the concentration camps came out of Germany. It was so ugly, so disgusting, so inpalitable that people chose to ignore it. They decided to go to war, finally, over what they could grasp- a direct attack on our soil. The horror afterwards was made deeper when people realized that they could have intervened if they had only believed the rumors. I worry deeply that we will have this same experience when it is too late to prevent it.

  4. You make an excellent case. I tend to think that he is that incompetent. The eivdence for my case is that he stated on the campaing trail that he wanted to visit all 57 states on the campaign stump. He addressed a class of navy corpsmen and instead mispronounced it corpsemen. I think that he was an affirmative action student at harvard. He has never held a private sector job, run a business nor does he even know how businesses work.

    But he could be an industry stooge. I just think he is flat out incomptent. Either way, we have to kick him ourt of office in the next election before he completely destroys our country.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • Oh, I sure hope you are right, John! It is either one, isn’t it? It can’t be anything in between. He is either bent on our destruction and is the cleverest (and worst) individual that we have ever encountered in politics or he is just down right incompetent. I really don’t know. Let’s put it this way: if he is incompetent, then we can get rid of him easily. If he is clever, we have much to fear. I err on the side of caution. You watch, John, he will begin a blistering campaign of class warfare and lies you have ever seen soon. If we don’t take him seriously, he will win re-election despite the seeming incompetence.

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