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Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today

I began writing this article and quickly realized that this topic cannot be addressed in one, fell swoop.  It must be broken down into subject areas.  The following are the topics I plan to cover individually and then, finally in one overall summary article. 

  • Why Evolution & Life Creation Are So Often Linked (on both sides!)
  • The Questionable Science, Logic & Motives of Evolution Theorists & Atheists       
  • Variations, Yes.  Speciation, No!   How ‘Natural Selection‘ is Used to Trick People to Believe Both
  • If Evolution is a Law of Nature, Why is it Not Observed on All Planets, All the Time?
  • How does Art , Poetry, Self Sacrifice and the Beauty of Nature help us survive, reproduce, & thus, evolve?   
  • Summary

Stay tuned for more..


  1. Hi, White Male, I agree. And I will be addressing the various aspects of this discussion in further posts. I began and my paper was so long that I knew it needed to be broken down. If you like this post, feel free to give it a 5 star rating!

  2. Evolution is fact based.
    I find it amazing that the religious community demands undeniable proof (evolution being observed in a lab) before it accepts anything that contradicts a fairy tale which itself doesn’t have the slightest bit of evidence.
    To say evolution is false or makes no sense is to deny the inconvenient truth, that evolution is fact.

    • First and foremost, Evolution does not deal with the existence of God, Futile. The video posted by Lyn, which he suggests for all evolution doubters says this as well. There is no proof that DNA or any form of life was randomly created out of the primordial ooze. That, my dear, is pure speculation. There is no evidence whatsoever for the Big Bang theory either. There is no proof that speciation happens. No fossil proof, no theoritical proof, no logical proof, no proof whatsoever! Find me the proof, Futile, and I will concede your argument that Evolution is fact based! Give me the research papers with fossil records that can even come close to proving speciation. Evolution only points to one thing (and it only points weakly at it): the variations we see among a species. Why a bird can develop a sharper beak rather than a blunt beak. But as to how SPECIATION would ever emerge, even given millions of years of subtle DNA mutations, is not evidenced anywhere. There are no fossil records to prove that all species morphed over time from a common beginning. That is why it is called a THEORY. That is why the Big Band theory is still a THEORY. These are only stories that might provide some explanation on how we got here. But it is only a story. Just like you believe that Creationism is a story. If there were any scientific proof Futile, believe me, it would be published instantaneously with all the pride, arrogance and self satisfaction that only mankind can drum up. I await with baited breath…

      Until then, I will be posting the articles to support my assertion in the days to come. Feel free to comment- especially with sound logic and/or scientific proof and not empty assertions!

    • What I find amazing is that you would rate my article with one star! I didn’t even write anything of substance- all I wrote was my proposed thesis and an outline of what I would be covering. What do you object to, my outline? Atheists just HATE God so much that they can’t even stand someone proposing to talk about Him! That is what is so pitiful.

  3. Atheism and evolution have never made sense to this person. The Universe from it’s largest element to the smallest sub-atomic particle of that Universe have solid mathematical relationships. I view this mathematical relationship as a sign of order and engineering (God being The Engineer). Evolution is a simple outgrowth of the Big Bang atheistic belief.

    I find it extraordinary that a geologist finds a simple artifact made thousands of years ago and says: this was the work of man; but looks lightly at the lilies of the field and says to himself – these were born of an accident. How much more complex is the man himself.

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