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Pre-1967 Borders for Israel? Why Our President is Dangerous

Israeli Prime Minister Rejects Obama

I am dumbfounded. Pre 1967  border for Israel?  Obama, in announcing a Middle peace plan which pushes Israel back to pre-1967 borders, clearly has no interest in calming the Middle East situation.  He is like a mad king out of control- and we, the sorry subjects must watch helplessly as this man takes our country- and the world- into chaos, bloodshed and calamity.  Never have I regretted our four year presidential terms before.  But no president has ever shown such little regard for his own country before.  Never has any one president acted so quickly and rashly to ensure the utter destruction of our nation’s health and power in the world.  Up until this president, I and the rest of America, believed one basic tenet about every presidential candidate:  that each and every one of them loved their country.  And at the very least, we believed that any president would be constrained by self interest to acting in our behalf.  After all, doesn’t every president want to be re-elected?  We so arrogantly believed that to be the president of our great nation, to be the most powerful man on earth, would surely be the epitome of any man’s ambition.    In our innocent naiveté, we simply never entertained the idea that there could be a man who would wish to be president for the sole purpose of destroying our nation.  But that, my friends, has surely come to pass.  For Obama has other plans for our nation, for the world and for himself.

President Obama’s speech today is proof that

This President Has No Intention  of Securing USA Interests in the Middle East.

He states that in order to have USA support, Israel must withdraw to pre 1967 borders!  Knowing that the pre-1967 borders allowed them to be attacked, unprovoked, by  at least 11 Arab countries in the 6 Day Israeli-Arab War.  Knowing that every attempted peace accord was sabotaged by terrorist Arab factions who then and now refuse to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  Imagine that.  The Arab world cannot even say that Israel has a right to exist- when it has been in existence for 65 years!  This shows a recalcitrance, a stubbornness, and a complete lack of reality on the part of the Arab  world.   That is comparable to some Mexicans who believe they have a right to own Texas. Or Native Americans who still believe they are the rightful owners of the United States.  They can believe it all they want, but it sure will never be.  They got whooped, plain & simple.  Now they need to live with it and move on.   The Arabs lost their bid for that land.  Israel literally kicked their 11 national butts in six, measly, embarrassing days .  Not only are the Israelis dominant in military force, but they are dominant economically.  Further, they have won the right, morally, to own that land.  For they, at the minimum, have earned squatters rights.  Was it the Palestinians who built this modern nation out of blistering sand?  Was it the Palestinians who came together and built one of the greatest, freest and richest democratic capitalistic societies the world has ever seen?  And in only 65 years?  The Palestinian nomads had hundreds of years to make something of this desert land.  They did nothing but fight among themselves, insist on ignorance and refused- either from religious beliefs or sheer laziness, to do anything to enrich their land whatsoever.  They were plain, out and out, backward.  And none of these Arab countries cared one cent about the land.  No one had ever laid political claim over the area- they simply left it as an occupied territory of the British.  Did they fight the British for this patch of worthless sand?  NO.  But now that it has borne fruit from the labors of the hard working Israeli people do they want to steal it back.  People, this is called ‘coveting’.  Also, out and out jealousy and low self esteem.  Who wouldn’t hate seeing their enemy thrive?  Especially when your own kind did so miserably given the exact same conditions.  It would make anyone doubt their own abilities.  The very site of luscious cities remind the Arabs of what they no longer have:  Ability.  Raw Talent.  Pride.  Poor babies.

So like angry, hurt little children, they want to take over the successful child’s sand castle- and if they can’t have it, then they at least want to knock it down into the sand it once was.

But our president, OUR president, asks these protectors of their hard won sand castle to simply allow the bullies to sit right next to them on the beach.  He wants them to trust the bullies who jeer at them, call them names, kick them, pull their hair and threaten to knock their castle over time and again.  He wants them to give up their moat of protection knowing that the bullies swear to the sky and hills that they will beat the living snot out of the builders as soon as they can.  In fact, these bullies have made signs, created websites, created gangs all over the playground who all stand together around the castle and chant their evil intentions over and over again.  And our wise president thinks to walk into this situation and say he wishes for peace.  He equates the bullies with the builders who never once called a name, kicked, bit or even scratched the bullies first.  In fact, they only ever fought back the two times the bullies rallied and attacked twice in their short 65 years of existance.  He equates the two sides even though when the builders first won the first fight (and then the second fight instigated by the bullies) and won all the castles of the bullies, they gave back some of them out of good will.  Did the bullies appreciate that act of generousity?  No!  They are madder than ever!  The Bullies and the Builders are EQUAL on moral grounds, our president announces!  Now our wise president tells the builders to simply give back all the castles, all the moats, all the slim protections that the builders created- just to appease the bullies.   Our fine president doesn’t see the bullies laughing & flipping the bird behind him as, nose firmly in the air, he tells everyone to just ‘play nice, now’.

Obama’s Real Plan:  To Wreak Havoc in the Middle East

Gee.  What would YOU say if you were the builder?  Does it take a college degree to figure that out?  Obama knows his plan will be rejected.  And that, my friends, is his real plan:  To cause more chaos in the Middle East.

Why, you ask?

Plain and simple:  to further endanger our oil supplies from the region.  To make the price of oil soar.  To destabilize peace and therefore threaten prosperity.  It is only in chaos that new regimes can emerge.  Why change a system that works?  You must first demonstrate why a system doesn’t work to make people open to your new ideas of how things should work.  Obama wants to force the United States into Green Energy and enrich his pals who invest in them.  He wants to destabilize our dollar, (the currency that is used to purchase all oil in the world) and our country.    By cutting off all oil drilling for USA companies and by giving permits to George Soros owned Brazilian Petrobras Company,  Obama ingratiates himself with the glitterati and positions himself for what he truly covets:  to be president of a new entity,

 The New American Union

The truly rich do not like old fashioned borders, people.  They simply don’t see the world that way- they see it in terms of money interests.  And in their generosity, they are willing the split the world up fairly among themselves.  The Western Hemisphere will do nicely for Mr. Soros and for the Obamas, Pelosis and Reids of the world.  Only by proving that the old USA dollar is no longer a viable world currency compared to the Euro and the Chinese Yuan will Obama convince us that it is better to combine the currencies of North & South America.  And, as seen by the implementation of the Euro, the consolidation of the currencies equals the consolidation of the countries, their riches and their powers.   Good bye pesky borders!

Our borders, our strong dollar, our strong national economy stand in the way of that pipe dream.  If Americans do not wake up, we are doomed.  Our children will lose the very country called the USA we call home.  This is not paranoia, it is the only logical explanation for Obama’s crazy, counter intuitive decisions.

And here is the truly distressing news, my friends,

 I don’t think we can stop it.

Obama will win re-election no matter what we do.  Why?

Obama Will Use Race To Win in 2012

Because Obama is counting on the inherent racism, self pity and victim mentality of Black Americans and many Mexican Americans.   I’m sorry if that statement offends people.  But it is sadly true.  Whites will vote down the middle as usual- debunking the myth of white racism- and Blacks will vote 96% for a Black Man.  Mexican  Americans will vote for all ‘free’ services, charity and hand outs they are promised rather than work for it legitimately.  They will vote for free citizenship after they scurried over our borders like so many rats.  These people have no pride in themselves or their heritage.  They are grasping and lazy.  Too bad for them and too bad for all of us.  For they will become the same as us all when this new American Union comes to be:  just shadows of a wonderful dream we used to all home.


  1. Damn, Short Little Rebel, don’t hold back. Say what you really mean!

    Again, I agree with every word that you have written. I will just try to add a little information and maybe bring up some more ideas to discuss.
    Unlike most Americans, I have been to several Muslim countries. Most people who are telling us to be sensitive to Islam and allow them to settle in our country have never seen the subjugation of the population, the poverty and the disrespect towards women in Muslim countries. They have no desire to assimmilate into our country. They insist on keeping their own culture, religion, customs and they continue to live by their laws and not by those of our country. In fact their aim is to gradually increase their population to the point when they can demand their laws and customs be observed. At some point they will attain this. Look at what is happening in Europe today. We are but a few short years behind. Can anyone name a prosperous Muslim country for anyone except the ruling class? The rest in every country live in squalor that would make residents of Tijuana envious.
    As long as we are being honest, 90% of the wars and uprisings in the world at any given time involve Muslims on one side or both. Our political correctness has already caused the lives of soldiers at Ft. Hood that didn’t deserve to die. I do not believe that any officers that supervised Major Hassan were punished for any derelection of duty. I have read everything that I can find on the massacre and it seems that the Army has just swept everything under the rug. Do you know that in the final official report that was written by the Pentagon, there is no mention of the words Islam, Jihad, al Queta, Sharia, Muslim or Muslim Brotherhood used to describe the shooting, what caused it, or what motivated Major Hassan. One of the suggestions that was mentioned is that supervisors need to be more cognizent of “workplace violence!” Are we serious? We are so politically correct that we cannot mention that Major Hassan was a Muslim extremist who had ranted against the military in Iraq? Why did they not mention a connection with the radical American cleric when they had Hassan’s computer where he communicated with Hassan? The FBI said they couldn’t find any connection, that he was just a lone wolf and not part of a bigger Jihadist conspiracy. Really reaffirms my faith in the FBI and the Justice Department. Togo West, who once was the highest enlisted Army soldier and was picked to be on the group that investigated the shooting should never be recognized by another member of the US military. He is a disgrace to the uniform.
    Muslims know little except unrest and fighting. You are also correct when you say that Israel kicked their butts in the last two battles between them. For all of the years that they have been fighting and all of the experience they have in war, they aren’t very good at it. I don’t know a lot of famous Muslim military leaders since Atilla the Hun.
    I have a very good friend whose was born and raised in America, but whose parents and most of his family is from what used to be Ramalla, Palestine. He shakes his head when we talk about it and says what kind of stupid, backward people throw rocks and bottles at tanks?
    As for Obama, I believe we are seeing his ideas on income redistribution put into effect by decimating our currency to the point that there is no middle class, and instigating at least a North American currency if not a world currency. Anyone that denies that he is a Socialist at best and possibly a Marxist is either stupid or in denial.
    The saddest part is that the US media is so in the tank in support of Obama that they will not report on anything that is detrimental to this administration. Not only Obama, but they gloss over anything that his minions do that would look bad on Obama. I feel that this is why he isn’t worried about the next election. The media is going to march lockstep behind him again, while demonizing anyone who dares to run against him. In my humble opinion, losing the oversight and questioning of the media is one of the biggest threats to our freedom.
    Like you, I believe and fear that if he is reelected, the United States will cease to exist.

    • Hi Don, please read my “Who is Rupert Murdoch & Who Owns the Press” if you really want your hair to stand on end. I have foraged through the stock market and found rock solid evidence of the news cartel I mentioned earlier. To me, that is rock solid evidence of conspiracy on a world scale. And yet, it is never spoken of in the press! Of course not! Cause the conspirators own the press! Funny, huh? Since when is it not news that only six or so families and/or groups have purchased ALL the news and split them evenly between them? (my article contains all the links to the stock market information as well as my hand made charts which document the information in a more readable format). Who cares that Rupert Murdoch owns a tiny, tiny share? And yet, you only hear about him. He is a bone thrown to the conspiracy hounds to make them look foolish.

      It is AMAZING to me that the information is literally public, in plain site, and no one knows about it. Just little guys like me who bothered to look it up. Because people don’t believe it unless they see it in THE NEWS. It is an ugly cycle. A provable ugly cycle. And yet, it remains a secret to the population as a whole.

      These people are using the Muslim fanatics- they are also using what was once the Democratic philosophy (gov. should help the poor & be more active in ENSURING that people got their ‘rights’)- to push their true agenda. What is interesting is that the modern, progressive agenda (socialism, as you say) AND the modern forms of Muslim government (dictatorship) have proven over and over again to be completely repressive of the ‘little’ guy. And yet, the news has spun their tale in such a way to make people believe, despite hard evidence to the contrary, that America will do socialism ‘correctly’. That Muslims are just wonderful, spiritual people and that Christians are horrible, bad people.

      THAT is the power of the press.

      We need to use the Internet to get the message out. But Lieberman is trying to get control of THAT now, too.

  2. I strongly agree with Short Little Rebel that Obama is the most dangerous president in the history of our nation. Once re-elected, I believe he will turn against those that foolishly re-elect him. Indeed he wants to be more than a president.

  3. As an orthodox Muslim,I know that Muslims are struggling in Holy Land to end Jewish occupation for the same reasons they struggled against Crusaders, that is, Muslims have a religious duty to end the occupation of holy Islamic lands.That’s why, they successfully resisted and finally ended Soviet occupation.So, it is a basically a religious war.There is a possibility in Islamic jurisprudence which I know can end the war is that all the occupiers become Muslims.On Muslim side there isn’t any materialistic reason for war, but it is a purely religious war, so no amount of massacres and more occupation will even slightly weaken the Islamic faith in the end of occupation.An Israeli facebook friend from Tel Aviv was honest enough to say this,”You are right that this land ( I mean all of the land ) was occupied by the jews in the last 100 years”

    • @ Muhammad, If what you say is true, then I am right. There is absolutely no reason to come to the peace table with you Muslims. For people with your mindset, only war, death of your people and crushing defeat can ever make you accept the inevidable: The Israelis are there to stay. As in the first two wars you attempted against Israel (1967 & 1973), you will only face more humiliation as your culture takes another beating. You need to grow up and realize that the entire world will never be Muslim- not even close. Your mission is as pointless as it is futile. If you believe that God (or Allah) wishes all Muslims around the world to kill & hurt everyone who is not Muslim, then your religion is Satanic and evil. Why would He order you to do that, and yet not do so Himself? God allows people to live, no matter how evil they are. God & not a hypocrite- He would never order that a mere man do what He, himself, would not do. But Muslims must kill all evil doers, huh? God says that He will be the ultimate judge- but Muslims have the wisdom to not only judge, but to deliver the punishment, death, to all non-believers. Do you believe yourselves to be God (or Allah)? Did Mohamed the Prophet order killings of all non-Muslims in the world? No. Did he say that no other religious faiths could live in the Holy Land? No. Islam and the Arab world used to be great- before it became an abomination. God does not approve of such arrogance, which is why your people are so poor and ignorant today. He has turned His back on the evil that you do. Great Muslim & Arabic leaders of history have had better wisdom than your people have now. They allowed the ‘infidels’ to live in peace among the Muslim population- even in the Holy Land. In fact, at that time, it was the Crusaders who looked barbaric in comparison.

      Now, you are the Crusaders. You are willing to shed blood in the name of Allah. You have no tolerance or humanity toward anyone different. I do not believe for one minute that religious duty onlymotivates your Imams, nor their rabid followers. Nor do I believe that Muslims would gladly blow themselves up if they had a warm wife in their beds, a nice home & business with many children around their feet. I do not believe that the Imams could muster such lathered hate in their so-called ‘religious’ , ‘faithful’ flocks if those flocks weren’t so hungry, depressed and sex starved. When people have nothing to lose and everything to gain by death (ie, all the sex they want from lots of beautiful virgins, generous payments to their mothers & fathers & siblings, and eternal recognition for their bravery), then sure, why wouldn’t they give their life? I know lots of American men who might give their lives for the chance of group sex with 11 beautiful girls for the rest of their eternal lives! Pah-lease save your little lectures for someone stupid, Muhammad.

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