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Environmental Terrorism: Please Don’t Take My Lightbulb Away!

The Lightbulb Kid

When I hear third party supporters say that Republicans are just as bad as Democrats, I always duck and mumble, “No, not as bad.”  And then I say, “We just need to get Obama out”.  Or, I say, “A third party will only drain the most viable opposition to Obama.  But here is the sad story of a Bush supporter who found out that Republicans really are as bad as Democrats.  At least, sometimes.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am just enraged about the government making LIGHT BULBS illegal.  Light bulbs!  If that is not sticking their big, fat fingers into my pie, I don’t know what is.   If that doesn’t smack of unconstitutional, I don’t what does.  Where does the government get off legislating such an innocuous product?  Should we fear the dastardly deeds of this Enemy of The State?  Has it murdered anyone?  Blown anyone’s fingers off?  Seeped radiation or toxic fumes?  No.  It’s just a silly, little light bulb.  Rather a harmless little guy.  Oh, occasionally, it will bite your fingers with a little burn bite, but otherwise quite friendly.

And yet, it will be contraband very soon- 2012- just a few months away.  And what does BIG BROTHER want you to buy?  Oh, just mercury ridden CFL bulbs that barely give any light (you know, the twisty bulbs?).  And God forbid you drop one- You will need the EPA to come to your home with hazmat gear to clean it up.  I’ll just bet that people will be fined for throwing those bad boys in the garbage too.  The light bulb police are coming!  Quick, hide!

Even better, Big Brother has another light bulb option for you:  it is a nice, warm light emitting, environmentally saving LED light bulbs.  However, these will not be available over 75 watts for indoor use, ok?  And they last a long, long time.  Doesn’t that sound great?  Price?  Oh, just a mere $69.93- per bulb.

I did a little experiment and counted the light bulbs on the main floor of my house.  I have 64 bulbs.  That means that to replace my bulbs on ONE floor will cost approximately, $4,480!  Perhaps about $3,000 downstairs.  $7,480 total!  If I was ALLOWED to have my old, trusty light bulbs, it would only cost $59.84 to replace the 64 light bulbs and under a measly $100 to replace them all.  This is TYRANNY.  I would really like to see which politicians own stock in LED light bulb companies.  I really would.  Someone stands to become a trillionaire in 2012.  And we, normal hardworking citizens will not take any vacations this year and will probably have to cancel our kids’ piano & gymnastic classes- so that we can afford LIGHT in our house.  I guess Environment (no, I didn’t forget the “the” before the word, “environment”) is more important than I or my children are.  Environment has greater needs than we do.  We should all get used to referring to the environment as a Person- especially since Vance Jones is trying to now make it a legal entity, imbued with HUMAN rights.  Environment is helpless in the face of my lightbulb crimes and I must be made to pay.  My children too.

When I began this article.  I was hot and bothered and foaming at the mouth at Obama.  I thought he was using the Environmental Protection Agency or some other agency to, in essence, enact laws.  He’s done it before- like freezing oil drilling by use of the Dept. of Interior.  I was so sure.  But, being a researcher, I decided I had better make sure.  I had to dig quite a while online to find the culprit and how he did it.  And here is the tragic part, fellow conservatives.  I found our Native Son, President George Bush.  HE signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  Bush banned the light bulb.  Good ol’ Nancy Pelosi was there.  So was Obama, Biden & Dodds.  Other major champions of the bill include Nick Rahall (D), who introduced it, and Steve Rothman (D) of N.J.  But no one held a gun to Bush’s head.  He signed the dog gone thing and so the responsibility lies squarely with him.



  1. You do realize you’re screaming “terrorism” over the fact that you’re losing the option of being less environmentally friendly? No one is “banning” the light bulb. No one is forcing you to immediately change out all your bulbs on Jan 1st, 2012. Also, CFL’s are upwards of 70% more efficient and last anywhere from 5-7 years, meaning that if you replaced all 64 of your first floor bulbs tomorrow your energy bill would be around $420 less annually, and 2,300 dollars cheaper assuming a five year lifespan for the new bulbs. You also failed to point out to your readers that your estimates for replacing the bulbs were based on a $70 LED, not a $5 CFL. No one would replace all their bulbs with LEDs because it’s simply not practical. With CFLs, however, your total cost for new bulbs would be $320 for the first floor. I mention this because you would save around $420 in year one by consuming less energy, leaving you with a spare $100 dollars. Maybe you could donate that to a Republican who voted against this bill which saved you that money, or maybe you could just breathe easier the next time you fill your car up. My numbers came from GE’s energy usage calculator available on their website, so maybe they should be taken with a grain of salt; but even if they are half as accurate as claimed, you would still be saving money by year two. Here’s my post on the bulb change if you’re interested:

    • Eric, ummmm. the use of the word ‘terrorism’ was a joke. I will, indeed, be forced to use alternate bulbs the day the stores no longer sell my bulbs. have you seen those CFL’s? they are hideous and will look terrible in most of my lamps. But that is not the reason I can’t use them. The real reason is the mercury in them. Talk about harmful for the environment! There will be hundreds of millions of mercury laden bulbs in the dumps, seeping into the ground, by end of 2013. They may save electricity, but they add toxic waste in enormous proportions into the ground water. The assumption is that people will recycle, and yet, there is no recycling program in place. And you can’t force people to recycle. These bulbs will end up in the dump. I don’t want to add mercury. To me, using the old bulbs until a viable (financially and environmentally) option is proposed makes the most sense. It is ridiculous to force the market. Most people love the environment. If given a viable choice, why not pick the one more friendly toward the environment. But unlike Van Jones, I can’t go as far as to say the Environment is a Person with Human rights. Humans come first. We are NOT a plague to the primary citizen of the world (the environment). The environment serves us. If we love it, we must care for it. But it will never supercede human need. We love the environment in our house. We are the premium recyclers in my house. We re-use everything. With a family of five, we never produce more than one, avg. trash container per week. We are avid organic gardeners with a massive garden, bird sanctuary, several ponds and many trees. We are also avid campers, trekkers & mountain climbers. No one can love the environment as much as we do. But so many laws concerning the environment are made, not for the environment, but to line politicians pockets. In this case, Bush was clueless. Dems put this stupid provision into the bill and Bush signed it.

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