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A Speech for Paul Ryan (or Any Republican) for Medicare

Paul Ryan & His Medicare Plan

I am not a republican.  I am an Independent.  Why?  Because the Republicans keep doing things that tick me off.   Mostly, because they are such wusses. But I support them because I can’t support the Democratic Party.  Last presidential election, I sat contorted in my chair, squirming and telepathically sending McCain the right things to say.  But he never said them.  Hell, he never put up a decent fight.  As Obama delivered lie after lie, skewed fact after  fact, McCain seemed to stand above it all.  Like he was too much of a gentleman to fight in the dirt.  Now, I can respect that- but not when we are losing our nation.  It’s time to get down and dirty.  Now, Paul Ryan & his Medicare plan are under rabid, lie filled, sarcastic and ugly attack.  And what do the Republicans do?  They scuttle, like so many rats, under the bed!  Republican politicians, hear this:  You will lose office and this Nation if you do not get a back bone!  The people in this country are on your side- but you are blowing it!  Where is our Republican candidate?  Where is the Republican message?  You need to pay for commercials and you need to get it together as a party.  You cannot, I repeat, cannot make YOUR personal election your priority.  You need to keep the House, get some Senate seats and get the Presidency.  John Boehner,  provide leadership to your party!  Whip them into a cohesive unit!  At the very least, the Republicans need to be GLIB!  You have so much ammunition to kill the Dems on so many issues all Americans will rally behind!  I’m not sure why you brought up Medicare right before election time, but since you have, you may NOT retreat or you will lose.  You need to come out with your fists up.  Take the bull by the horn!  Since none of you seem capable of writing a speech or saying what needs to be said, I have done it for you.

Here is what the republicans (especially Paul Ryan) should be saying concerning Medicare:

“Have you all seen that commercial with me shoving a crying grandmother off the cliff?  Pretty funny, huh?  But here is the thing:  it’s not me, nor the Republicans who are throwing granny off the cliff, but Democrats who, by doing nothing at all, are allowing granny to fall off the cliff all by herself.   Because they are ignoring the fact that there will be NO Medicare whatsoever starting (insert year here).  They care more about their own election than that. very. fact.   Is my plan perfect?  There is very little that is perfect in the world.  But at least the Republicans have the courage to tell you the truth, even it means taking a beating at the polling booths (note the democratic upset in N.Y.)  It is the job of a law maker to propose solutions for big problems.  And Medicare is a big problem.  What I want to know is:  where is the Democratic solution to save Medicare?  Because, my fellow Americans, Medicare is going away all on its own.  Democrats are lying to you by pretending that Medicare is solvent and will be there for you if we don’t make major changes to it.  That is 100% a lie.  Medicare will disappear for all Americans starting (2030??? Insert proper year here) based on our current trajectory.  Either that, or we must borrow ($10000000??? put correct amount here) from China & other foreign nations bringing our national debt to ($100000?? whatever this is), which is impossible for our nation to pay.  This debt would equal ($10000???) per person, including your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.  That is a personal debt which cannot be paid.  Ever.  Our economy will come to a screeching halt, Medicare will disappear and your children will inherit less of a country than you inherited.  Any Democrat who tells you otherwise is LYING to you.  Republicans know that you don’t want that to happen.  We are, at least, trying to prevent it from happening.  I don’t see the same effort on the Democratic side.  Do you?

It is so easy to point fingers, laugh and deride someone else’s idea, isn’t it?  But I have no respect for someone who does this, and yet, proposes nothing of their own.  Do I propose to change Medicare?  Yes!  This absolutely must happen, no matter how much you might fear it.  Do I propose to end Medicare as I am accused of doing?  Absolutely not.  That funny commercial says that my plan will throw granny off the cliff.  But my proposal doesn’t even include grandma!  People from age (put proper age range here) will experience no change to their Medicare benefits whatsoever.  Republicans know that the older generation already receiving Medicare are not in the position to absorb the major changes required to save Medicare for the future.  My plan, and all Republican plans, ensure that all elderly people will continue on their way, just as they are.

My plan only affects people ( put proper age range here).   These people will not lose any of the money they have invested in Medicare.  No one will.  And these people will have plenty of time to learn the new system so that they can plan accordingly.  No one is being dumped off a cliff.  At least, not by a Republican!  There will be money for you to remain healthy and happy in your old age.  However, how we get that money to you has to change.  Today, it is too inefficient and wastes too much money.  My proposal simply gives you enough money to purchase excellent health insurance for yourself.  While you are young enough to make good decisions for your future.  The very same health insurance that all of us on Capitol Hill currently enjoy.  It is the best in the world.  You won’t pay for this health insurance.  The new Medicare will.  My plan sends you all the money you need to purchase the plan that you like most.  Moneys will also be available to those who cannot pay their deductibles.  When the government buys health insurance for you, which is what we do now, there is no competition.  It becomes a bloated, , nightmarish, corrupt waste money.  My plan simply cuts out all the middle men between you and your health insurance.  That saves ($10000000???) for Medicare, ensuring more money for each American who needs it.  My plan also ends Medicare for the truly rich-  for the Donald Trumps of the world-  people who can easily afford to pay for their healthcare themselves.  When Medicare was created, it was never meant to pay for 25 years of a person’s health care.  People didn’t live as long as they do now.  While living longer is a wonderful result of good medicine, it makes the current Medicare set-up financially unviable.  People only contribute to Medicare, on average, about 1/3 of their future health care costs.  Where will the rest of the money come from?  There are less young people being born to bear this financial load.  There is no one to pay for it.  By cutting the enormous, costly US government bureaucracy between you and your health care insurance and by cutting the truly wealthy from receiving Medicare benefits, there will be enough for the rest of elderly Americans who truly need it.  It is a good plan and deserves to be seen by each of you.  Democrats fear this more than anything.  They do not want you, the voter, to give my, or and Republican’s, plan a good read through.  So they make unfair commercials that say completely outrageous lies.  It worked in N.Y., but it doesn’t have to keep working.

My plan is a starting point.  Someone has to have the nerve to make the first move.  It is easy to stomp on that guy.  But not so easy to provide a solution of your own.  Democrats like to take the first option, but not the second.  If only one plan to save Medicare is on the docket, how can we have a choice?  It’s like one person running for office.  You can’t blame the person who had the gumption to run, can you?  Likewise, it makes no sense to blame the person who took the time & effort to make a desperately needed proposal.  At least this is a sign of trying.  I make this challenge to Democrats:  “Show me, and all of America, another plan that can save Medicare and our economy at the same time.  I, and all Republicans, would truly like to sit with you to properly evaluate, find common ground and finally, to do the work we were hired for:  save Medicare for today’s Americans as well as future Americans.”  Thank you,…


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  2. Short Little Rebel: I agree with you completely on the Republican party needing to step up and lead the charge on tackling Medicare. The Dems have no plan and it needs to be pointed out that Medicare will go broke if nothing is done.

    I just found your blog site and I like the way you think. I’m adding it to my Google Reader.

    • Thanks! I started this blog because no is allowed anymore to just say what they think. Illogical liberals immediately scream “hater” and “racist” at anyone who disagrees with them. They believe that the louder you scream the more right you are. They also believe that if the majority of people in the room agree with you, then you must be morally right. They use the politeness of normal Americans to shove their beliefs down our throats. They abuse the inherent trust and respect that most Americans have for the public school system and teachers. It makes me feel that Americans have been too polite and too nice. But the liberal screaming is starting to acheive political results that undermine the interests of the majority in the USA. This is a democratic republic that, while respecting the rights of the few, represent the interests of the majority. This is getting turned on its ear. But the hardworking, polite, normal American is too busy to pay attention while laws are being passed. If someone on the right doesn’t start screaming back, everything we care about will be lost- through legitimate & legal means!

  3. Jack, I hate to say this, because it sounds paranoid, but are the Republicans cowards or is more going on behind the scenes? If I, just a news junky in WA state can write a speech, why can’t career politicians? When something is infuriating illogical, I have found that you will usually find the little guy behind the curtain. I’m beginning to worry…

  4. Short Little Rebel,

    You need to run for office because I don’t know anyone who has the courage, honor or fortitude to do what you are suggesting. I agree with you whole heartedly. As far as McCain is concerned, he never once made be believe that he wanted to be president. The opposition that runs against Obama must truely want the job, because all hell will be against him/her.

    • too old to run. also, too many other responsibilities. can’t leave the kids high & dry. wish I could. anyway, the Republican party would reject me hands down. They don’t believe that Americans are strong enough to hear the bald truth. They are wrong, of course, and this is why they will lose in 2012.

  5. The Medicare payroll tax hasn’t paid for all the benefits for several years. The retiring Baby Boomers will use a lot more benefits and the diminished workforce will reduce tax collected. You can’t make that come out.
    Care is rationed to the available money supply by both government and insurance companies. The government’s borrowing hides the gap while it lasts…so we set benefits at what we can afford now or watch the entire economy self-destruct when the borrowing runs out of lenders.
    The Dems are right; Grandma is headed off the cliff. NOBODy can stop that. But the Dems are maximizing the fall and doing nothing to reduce it. A few Republicans would like to reduce the fall beginning now. But not many. And as for most journalists and pundits, writers like Rebel, here are having to do their job for them because they’re too dishonest or cowardly to face what once would have been their responsibility.

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