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And Scientists are Wrong Again! No Calcium Pills!

Big, Giant Calcium Pills

Take calcium pills, take calcium pills, take calcium pills! That is all I hear from my husband, my doctor and all the scientists. I am a small, Asian woman- so take calcium pill, take calcium pills, take calcium pills. Have you ever seen those things? They’re HUGE! I gag every time, tears squeezing from my bulging eyes as the pill inevitably gets stuck in my throat. I wash it down with a huge glass of milk- cause, you know, it has CALCIUM! Last year, I put my foot down. I told my husband, “If evolution makes us just as we should be, then WHY should I have to swallow a big pill to be healthy? I’ll just stick to milk, thank you!

Look, I respect the science field. But lately, especially concerning the ‘science’ of evolution, I have become skeptical of many scientist’s motives. Remember, every pill they tell you take benefits a pharmaceutical company. It is good to be skeptical of all science studies before we blithely jump on the band wagon. Look to see who funded the study and which company will make money.

Today, my ire has turned to a smug sense of, “I told ja so!”. ‘Cause now the ‘scientists’ say too much calcium is BAD for you! Yeaaaa! So no more pills, ladies. Be natural. Exercise, eat right (organically if possible), be happy (love God), and you will be just as healthy as can be. (that is, until all that mercury from the CFL bulbs seep into the groundwater and starts to mutate our cells- but that is another topic).


  1. I made it to 68 and only take 2 meds daily. And if the one works for cholesterol, I may not have to be on it after I lose some weight. Yay!

    I fell on a dog toy (a nylon bone) last year. Telling myself “Don’t put your hand out” on the lightning fast fall to the floor, I did, after all. My arm has hurt me for about a year, but it’s getting better. The doctor looked at the x-rays and said, “If you didn’t break it, you don’t have to worry about osteoporosis.” And I don’t.

    I fully agree that vaccines and meds are pushed by physicians and the media to make big pharma richer…ka ching, ka ching.

  2. Let’s see; are wine and chocolate good for you or bad for you this week? We can’t claim we’re not warned of the fickelness of “scientific” pronouncements; particularly, if we come by them from journalists.
    It seems reasonable to wonder how many medications are ultimately prescriptions of businessment or lawyers.
    Somebody said: “All science with a significant market is political science:” that’s yet another set of players to doubt.
    Sombody else wrote recently that calcium ingestion is often a waste since so many of the causes of low calcium prevent the body from taking it up from pills. Damfino; I just drink wine, eat chocolate and say: “The hell with it!”

    • I see I am dealing with a very wise man.. ha! I am of the Asian mindset: all in moderation, the Middle Way and all that. Things that lead to enjoyment are ALWAYS good for your health. Like laughing. smiling. forgiveness, giving, chocolate, fried foods, spicy chili, a great steak, friends, children, spouses. Western science is so interested in breaking things down into its tiniest parts and hope to derive a solution for the entire system. Sometimes it is good to look at the whole system when thinking about health. What brings happiness automatically relieves stress. Stress is a killer. Hence, pleasure saves lives! But we all know, by common sense (which liberals like to disown because they can’t ‘see’ it), that too much of a pleasure is not good for us. In any way- be it physical, psychological or spiritual. So, eat your chocolate, young man and drink your wine! By the way, did you know that by doing so, you become more evolutionarily more viable? Because you will be a helluva lot more fun on a date than someone watching every morsel that goes in their mealy little mouths. Hence, more chances of reproducing! 😉

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