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Another Attack on Patriotism from the Rabid Left

Florida Town Fines Woman for Too Many American Flags

The world is on fire.  War is everywhere.  Whole towns are disappearing into killer wind funnels across one third of our nation.  The country is broke, the population divided.   Terrorists want to tear down more buildings and domestic crime leaves blood on our sidewalks.   We need our politicians to be working their butts off to guide our towns, cities, states and country through the minefields.  Do liberals understand this?  Can they prioritize the greater good over their own, petty agenda?  Well, let’s see.  There is a hard working mother & small restaurant owner in Crystal River, Florida.  She owns a popular Philly cheese steak joint.  She has two sons in the Navy.  She loves this country.  Both as a salute to the military in general, she is also saluting her sons’ life threatening contributions to our nation (they are giving their lives to protect these liberals too.)  Do they appreciate it?  No, they pick on their mom.  They took time out of their busy political day to attack this amazing mother of two amazing sons.  For she had committed a crime, fellow Americans.  She was flying three more flags than she was allowed to by city ordinance.  Without even warning her, they slapped a fine on her.  Because, I assume, this is what they prioritize:  getting a loving mom for saluting her sons.


  1. Interesting post, but when researching the facts, its appropriate to conclude that this was not an attack by the “rabid left” like you claim. Look on the Crystal River’s website and find out for yourself. The current Mayor Jim Farley is not only a republican but has also served in the Navy for over 30 years. Instead of attacking liberals, perhaps research the facts, or attempt to change the ordinance, or the enforcement thereof.

      • Are you talking about the code enforcement official who cited the restaurant (the political affiliation of the code enforcer is unknown) or where the mayor is sitting on his own hands after the local American Legion called on him to do something about this mess. Isn’t that what mayors are supposed to do? Change local laws? Again, I seriously doubt this is the fault of the left wing, rather than the fault of people who don’t want to change laws.

      • Let’s put it this way, I once had a bush in my front yard. It was about 6″ into the sidewalk. I live on an extremely steep hill. We had just moved in and were doing a full renovation on the inside and outside of the house. We had a neighbor who was completely ticked off because we planted trees for privacy. One day, sweating as I was laying bricks for a patio, a code enforcement officer stomped up to me and said, “you need to cut your bushes.” She was not polite. I instantly felt I was on the wrong side of the law. I went to look at the offending bush. I said, “why?” she said, “because it is 4” too big. I said, “can’t you see that I am in the middle of renovating my house- to the betterment of the entire neighborhood? why are you hassling me like a criminal? she ignored me and said, when will it be done? Huh? I said. I don’t know, I will get to it as soon as I can! She said, “when, exactly?” by Sat? The little Nazi would brook no nonsense. I said, “who can my 4″ too long bush be bothering?” she said, someone with a wheelchair would have trouble passing by. I looked up my impossibly steep incline and back down again. “Wheelchair??” I said. no wheelchair would ever dare my hill. brakes or no. But little Hun would not be satisfied until I gave her an actual date so that she could come back and check on me. I called the city and was exasperated. We were spending tens of thousands of dollars on this renovation. We were never late on taxes. We never break the laws, have great credit and don’t even get speeding tickets! right around the block was a slum lord who used tons of chemicals on his grassy hill rather than mow it. Around the other corner was a house with nasty, rusty cars in the front grass. why were we being hassled by the MAN? The poor girl on the phone whispered, “someone called and complained. we have no choice but to enforce the code.” The face of my ticked off neighbor came to mind. His wife was involved quite a bit with the city. Put two and two together and what have you got?? Someone using city code to hassle someone simply because they don’t like what they do. get it?

  2. Well! Too much of a good thing, maybe? Water is a good thing but parts of the Midwest and South aren’t as fond of it as usual right now. Perhaps there’s an ordinance specifying flag display on the property. Perhaps there are several tennis-court sized flags obscuring the entire front of the building or obscuring someone else’s advertising. I can’t really tell from the brief report, who to be mad at, if anyone. I’m prepared to be wildly, Al Capp-ishly indignant when the right target appears and a lefty city bureaucracy is a natural!

    • there was an ordinance. but her flags are on her restaurant and block nobody. she has four moderate size flags around the edge of her roof, along with two Navy flags. three on each side of a rather large, free standing building on its own property.

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