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The United States is Broke: Stop Sending Billions to Pakistan & States Who Hate Us

If I send $500 to my sister and she turns around and robs my household, I don’t think I would send her any more money. Would you?

I have learned that common sense, honor, trust, and all ‘the old verities’ William Faulkner talked about can only be found in the individual, not the group. The only human characteristics that seem to ‘bubble’ up to the larger, group entity are the bad ones. Like greed & self preservation. But also, a kind of stupidity that lacks any common sense- the group has no instinct whatsoever.

The United States sends billions of dollars to states around the world that hate our guts. The individuals hate us and the body of government hates us. They laugh with glee as they pocket our money, use it for nuclear weapons to threaten India & us with, and humiliate us as they send our top secrets (which we spend billions of dollars of tax money to create) to Chinese scientists to steal it for a mere pay off.

Every year, the State Department must publish a report on the % of times a country votes with the United States.  (click for the 2010 report).  It must also produce a budget for international aid.  The combination of these two reports shows that the top 14 recipients of U.S. aid vote the vast majority of times against USA interests.  I am inserting a chart that if you doubt the veracity of my conclusions, please feel free to dissect these two reports for yourself.

Country Name % of Time Voting Against USA Interests Amount of
USA Aid Given Annually (in $1,000 units)
Pakistan 78.7% $1,911,617
Egypt 68.6% $1,551,700
Kenya 68.3% $797,889
Ethiopia 67.2% $909,419
Nigeria 66.7% $616,180
66.2% $579,930
Sudan 66.2% $705,021
Afghanistan 65.7% $2,802,435
Columbia 63.8% $516,192
Mexico 62.5% $582,597
Israel 1.9% $2,775,000

This chart shows us several things:

1)  The amount of money given does not correspond, whatsoever, to whether or not a country acts in USA interests.

2)  The United States foreign policy of giving aid to strategic, but dangerous countries is not currently working

3)  Pakistan is the worst enemy of our State of all the countries receiving USA financial aid and they are the second biggest recipient.

4) Israel is our greatest ally in the world and they are the number one recipient of USA financial aid.

Osama bin Laden is found in Pakistan’s back yard.  Pakistan continues its development of its nuclear weapons program against India, which could also be used against the USA.  Pakistan shows USA top secret stealth technology to Chinese scientists for weeks before returning the helicopter tail to USA.

What more needs to be said?  Either the USA needs to tie our financial support directly to these countries’ support for our policies or we cut them off.


  1. Excellent dissertation Short Little Rebel – I would like to add my two cents worth.

    Why the United States give’s money to its enemies is quite well known in my circles. The reason for bankrupting the United States is also known. Those of you that actually want to know the truth should not be watching TV propaganda for the answers. I am well read on this subject and believe I am in a position to provide the following advice: READ!! I recommend the following non-fiction, non-conspiracy books for starters:

    (1)The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustice Mullins
    (2)The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
    (3) TRILATERALISM edited by Holly Sklar

    The information contained in these books will stun you. You will learn who the power brokers are by name. You’ll learn how wars are started and why; who actually gains by war and why we give money to our enemies.

    If your not willing to read, then you don’t deserve answers.

  2. Indeed so, and understated if anything. If you will forgive a naturally suspicious nature, I’d bet that these dollar amounts substantially understate the total U.S. dollars in at least, some of those cases. There are lots of kinds of “aid” and perhaps some of them are reported elsewhere to keep up appearances.

    There is much undone that would help U.S. citizens and no perceptable return from giving money to foriegners so far as I can see. And we’re borrowing the money we give them!

    • yes, Jack. I forgot to put the little “in $1,000 units” in the right hand title column! Tokyo helped me out with that little detail! ha, ha! those three little zeros change the picture a bit, huh?

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