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Congratulations! It’s a Girl! And Her Name is Mother Nature!

If the federal government had been around when the Creator was putting His hand
to this state, Indiana wouldn’t be here. It’d still be waiting for an
environmental impact statement.”
Ronald Reagan

Every time I read that man’s quotes, I have to admire.  He was incredibly prescient about the tyranny that lies at the heart of the modern environmental movement.  He knew that this movement had nothing to do with actually loving the environment, but had everything to do with power- specifically, the lust for power.  The champions of the environmental movement have an agenda-  a very far reaching agenda.  The result of their campaign is nothing short of destroying the economy of the United States in favor of …. a much bigger fish.  I will tell you about that later.  I can hear the detractors now, “Why would environmentalists seek to destroy the U.S. economy?  How could that help them? That doesn’t make sense.  Let me show you but a few, recent activities that should give you pause:

San Diego has just banned the city’s historic fireworks display for this year’s Fourth of July because a local judge has upheld a petition by the environmental rights organization, Coastal Environment Rights Foundation (CERF) because fireworks are at odds with the Environmental Quality Act of California.   Initially, only the July 4th petition was denied on these grounds.  CERF has now included marathons, block parties and any other group gathering that requires a city permit to require environmental studies before they can proceed.  The studies cost about $50,000, much more than the $30,000 required to put on the July 4th fireworks.

20% of USA oil production, along with all the direct & indirect employment it creates & sustains in Texas & New Mexico, is in danger of being shut down to protect one lizard.  Tens of thousands of direct & indirect employment will be lost.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be lost.  The security of the USA will be damaged severely due to a lack of domestic oil, which will increase our foreign oil dependence.  The Middle East & Venezuela are both violent & hostile to the USA.  Combine that with the moratorium on off shore drilling for oil and you have a failed USA economy & a damaged USA national security.

The environment is to be given ‘human’ status and thus, ‘human rights’ at the UN level which will supercede USA regulations’.    The environment is now officially given a name, “Mother Nature” by the United Nations because ‘the environment’ does not sound ‘human’ enough.    The Global Alliance for the Rights of Mother Nature  has already presented the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Nature to the UN, which has accepted the Declaration.  Mother Nature’s (yes, get used to call ‘the’ environment by a proper noun) new human rights are to be announced internationally, hopefully with legal jurisdiction over USA laws & regulations.  It will become a punishable crime against Environment, soon, to cut down a tree or to drill for oil.  Guess who the USA’s main proponent of this Declaration is?   A radical group called Pachamama.  Guess who is now a director at Pachamama?  Van Jones, Obama’s fired Green Job Czar.  The same Van Jones who is also a senior fellow at The Center for American Progress, which is controlled and funded by George Soros.  The same George Soros who owns Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company, the only company who has been granted a permit to drill for oil in the USA’s Gulf.  The only one.  Brazil, the country Obama made an official state visit to before he made one to England, Germany, Japan or Israel.  Brazil the country Obama is sending billions of dollars to so that they can drill for more oil.  Brazil, the country of whom Obama says the United States wants to be the major oil customer.  The same Obama who said oil exploration was dangerous for the environment.

And how are these environment crazies justifying their legal case in the UN?  By using legal precedence from right here in the USA!  Example:  The city of Pittsburg banned the practice of ‘fracking’ which is used to drill for domestic gas.  In addition, the ordinance recognizes the legally enforceable Rights of Nature to exist and flourish.  It also says that if corporations violate the ‘rights of Nature’, the corporation will be denied ‘personhood’ by the city.  Therefore, in Pittsburg, the rights of Mother Nature supercede the rights of corporations.

When you follow this trail of bread crumbs, you will go from derision to incredulity to outrage to fear.  ‘What is going on?’, you probably say.

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”  Sherlock Holmes

Words are cheap, ladies & gentlemen.

One must observe the actions.  If they don’t seem to make sense, and yet they keep happening, then be suspicious.  If they continue to deliver harm, even, apparently, to themselves, be suspicious.  Something totally different might be happening.  Something, in our innocence, we do not even think of.  Something outside our normal understanding.  This is called evil.  It is never comprehensible.  It never makes sense while it is happening.  That is the defining characteristic of evil.  If we saw it coming, it couldn’t hurt us.  We would protect ourselves.  Ever wonder why Satan is often portrayed as a sneaky, quiet snake?

The environment, and our natural love of it, is being used by nefarious elements to pass laws & regulations that will destroy one of the greatest nations that has ever existed on Earth.  Unbelievable?  Quite.  But it is still happening.  Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi and Van Jones are a few of the people spearheading this movement.  Each of these people stand to be enriched and empowered beyond belief by the destruction of the USA economy as we know it.

It is no coincidence that the greatest nation on earth is in weird cahoots with the poorer nations of South America.  Canada is at the forefront of announcing the legal rights of Mother Nature.  The goal, my friends, is the dissolution of the United States in favor of a new, American Union and a new world order.  China gets Asia.  The EU gets all of Europe.  The Middle East gets itself as one consolidated union and  Israel is to be thrown to the wolves to get them off our backs.  And the Western Hemisphere will become one.  There will be new leaders- Obama hopes and prays to be the dictator, king, or ‘President’ of the new American Union with, perhaps, Hugo Chavez as the Vice President?  How about Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as Secretary of State?  Let’s not forget some important cabinet positions for Bolivia’s President Juan Evo Morales Ayma!    Perhaps Ahmadinejad for the King of the New Middle East?

And the rest of us will slave for them and their cute little kids.   The plan is as follows:  use environmental law to kill the USA as a defined country.  After the American Union is formed, open all the oil drilling and use it up.  Then, be in control of the all the new energy sources, which all these new leaders already own.  And they didn’t even pay for it with their own money!  Clever people that they are, they used the American tax payer’s money!

If we, as USA Americans (yes, I make that distinction), do not wake up soon, all this will come to pass.  The only way to save ourselves to get rid of Obama now.  And we need to vote every progressive out of power.  Or we are doomed.  And very soon.  Our children will learn in their history books about a corrupt, evil empire that used to be called the United States of America and will feel happy that they were saved from it.


  1. Once again, we might quibble about the details, but since this is speculation, I don’t feel inclined do do so. If you are not 100% right, you’re plenty close enough. Good post.

  2. Here is my take, written on the day the treaty was debated at the UN:

    Ambassadors from round the globe
    Will don a diplomatic robe,
    And to the great Assembly Hall
    Today will make a service call
    To raise their voices in debate
    On Mother Earth’s eternal fate.

    The plan calls for the world to sign
    A treaty that will make divine
    Our Pachamama (Mother Earth –
    For those who suffer from a dearth
    Of education on the gods
    Of Andes and enviro-squads).

    The plan, as point of trivia,
    Was hatched down in Bolivia,
    Which hopes the world will soon be chained
    To living standards they’ve attained
    By granting equal rights in law
    To She who orbits sun god Ra.

    When once these rights are well enshrined
    All Western countries will be fined
    At twice their yearly GDP
    If they should harvest from the sea,
    Or drill for oil, build a dam
    Or have been known as Uncle Sam.

    And when the world economy
    Is left in tatters and debris,
    Our friends who hearken from La Paz
    Will cheer the triumph of their cause;
    And having made the whole world poor,
    They’ll star in films by Michael Moore.

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