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Ahmadinejad of Iran Is President of OPEC?

President Ahmadenijad of Iran

Iran was announced to be the new OPEC leader for 2011 in Oct. of 2010.  At the time, Massoud Mirkazemi was the oil minister of Iran.  He is the individual who would normally be attending the OPEC meeting and designated as its official president.  In May of 2011, however, Ahmadinejad fired Mirkazemi and has assigned himself as the Oil Prime Minister- against the wishes of his own parliament.

Ahmadinejad has encouraged OPEC to use oil as a geopolitical weapon against imperialism (the USA) as does his good friend  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  Both have also called on OPEC to drop the dollar as the international currency for oil.   Saudi Arabia rejects this mindset, wishing to work with the international community to ensure a steady, reliable oil supply.  They believe that if prices go too high, the world will begin to conserve and to find ‘alternate’ forms of energy, thus threatening Saudi Arabia’s long term interests.  Iran & Saudi Arabia have been traditional opponents in everything from ethnicity (Shia vs. Sheite) and politics to economic strategies.

The Iranian oil industry is down to 20% of its historic capacity, with aging wells and technology.  Higher prices are the only way for Iran to derive immediate profit.  Saudi Arabia is thriving from oil and benefits from lower prices.

Obama wants higher oil prices to encourage (or force) green energy alternatives (he has many friends who own those green companies).

Obama allowed Ahmadinejad to go nuclear.  Obama rattled the sword a little, but otherwise maintained the same impotent status quo.   Saudi Arabia opposes a nuclear Iran & led the Arab League to oppose it.   Iran is a long standing enemy to the USA.  Saudi Arabia, a long standing friend.

Iran has openly stated the goal of obliterating Israel, a long standing traditional ally of the USA.  Obama has never stated support for Israel against this nuclear Iranian threat,  thus chilling relations with Israel.

All Old Allies 'Must Go'!

Obama announced that Hosni Mubarak ‘must go’, but refused to support the pro-democracy forces in Egypt, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to fill the power vacuum.  Hosni Mubarak was a traditional ally of the USA.

Obama recently announced that Qaddafi ‘must go’.  He has thrown Libya under the bus, alarming traditional ally Saudi Arabia.  Qaddafi was an ally of the USA.    Obama has never stated that he would support the Saudi royal family should uprisings take place there.  This has chilled relations between our two nations.

(King) Obama recently announced, unilaterally & without congressional support, that Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh ‘must go’ thereby emboldening Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia’s backyard.  This is a direct threat to Saudi Arabia’s national security.  Yemen (with its disputed oil territories)  has long been a battle ground between Iran & Saudi Arabia.   Increased instability in Yemen directly threatens the Saudi Royal Family.

Ahmadenijad & Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Iran is in bed with Brazilian oil.   Obama is in bed with Brazilian oil (sends billions for their oil development and wants the USA to be its biggest customer).

Oil Makes the World Go ‘Round

Ahmadinejad has stated that the creation of the new world order is of the utmost importanceObama has also stressed the importance of a new world orderGeorge Soros has also stated that he wants to usher in the new world order, specifically addressing China as a major player in it.

Obama continues to borrow money from China and refuses to rebuke them for currency fixing, thus indebting us to their nation’s will.  Iran & China are cozy allies.  Obama & China are cozy buddies.

I find it interesting that Obama and Ahmadinejad have so very much in common.  Oh, Ahmadinejad rattles his saber a little as Obama rattles his, but sometimes a little theater is necessary to throw off your enemies.  And now Ahmadinejad will head up OPEC, either through a minister or in person.  While high oil prices benefit both of Iran & Obama.  And the ‘orderly decline of the dollar’ George Soros says we should stop resisting.

Obama is trashing our relationships with all our strategic, traditional allies and appears to have interests aligned with Ahmadenijad, who will lead OPEC starting June 2011.  USA foreign policy has been reversed, blown up or damaged by one guy within a space of three years.  How can this happen, you might wonder.  I wondered the same thing.  But here is the answer, my friends:  our constitution and all of our laws protect us from outside enemies.  There are no protections from a president, with full presidential powers, that actually wishes to do away with our nation.  None.  So we must sit helplessly as he rips our security to shreds and subjugates our law to the law of the UN.  We must vote this guy, and every progressive from office- if we don’t, just imagine what Obama can do with another four years.


  1. Short Little Rebel,

    Excellent perspective. This indeed is part of the plan to bring about the One World Order. However, you need to recognize and target other very powerful players. Georgie Pargie is just one of them. The Wallstreet families, Federal Reserve and Obama are very tightly tied together. Non fiction references:

    (1)The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustice Mullins
    (2)The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
    (3) TRILATERALISM edited by Holly Sklar

  2. As usual a great job of research and argumentation. I knew that Obama was up to no good but I did not make the connect between Iran and Obama. I of course agree that we need to vote this buffoon out of office. He is worse than Carter who also singlehandely destroyed our economy back in the seventies.

    Blessings on you and yours

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