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Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 3: The Slippery Slope

Civilization Was Built On God

It took a pretty long time to build the modern world.  What?  About eight thousand years or so?  Every major modern civilization today is a result of a series of governments that slowly arose from the deep religious beliefs of its peoples- including Buddhism & China today (note: though Buddhists claim that there is no God, they still have Buddha, whom they worship, and have the Noble Eightfold Path.)  No civilization today was created on atheism.  None.

Egyptian God Anubis

Indian Goddess Shiva

Kings were ‘anointed’ by God to rule.  Kings ruled not just the peoples’ everyday lives, but also their spiritual lives.  Eventually, the ‘Rule of Law’ further refined the notion of ‘higher morality’ indicating that no one was immune to the rule of ‘law’, not even the king.

Magna Carta: The Rule of Law

‘Law’ is not merely what everyone wants it to be, nor is it what a dictator or king wishes it to be- it must be ‘right’, defined by higher principle or moral right.  Just because a king has the power to inflict his will on an individual does not make his desire a ‘rightful’ law.  This ‘Right’ has never been defined by Man himself.  It has always been ‘bigger’ than Man.  On a higher order.  In essence, this greater ‘good’ has been defined by spirits and beings better than ourselves, purer than ourselves.  It is on this concept of ‘universal morality’, which was simply accepted and understood to all past civilizations, that all civilized law has been founded.  Only barbaric nations are ruled by force or the despotic will of one man.  Only in very recent history are people attempting to create an atheist version of ‘morality’.

Why do I bring this up- especially in conjunction with a discussion on Evolution?  I bring it up today because Evolution is being usedwithin a larger frame-work.  It is but one tool in a box of tools that, when taken together, are dismantling the fabric of society as we know it.  People of conscience will be on the other side of that society.

Christian Enemy Combatant

Atheists are working in conjunction with the greedy to slip by new laws and regulations that will eventually be used to not only enrich themselves, but to make those who disagree with them criminals.  This article is an intellectual exercise that will present a very near future where the Church can be called a terrorist organization and uncooperative Christians, ‘enemy combatants’.  And all under valid laws.  Put your seat belts on.

All  things “God” are being stripped from our government & schools through the purposeful misinterpretation of the ‘separation of Church & State’ clause.  Evolution teaches that people are not special- we are merely the highest order of animals.  We are not imbued with a soul that is ruled by a Universal Consciousness or Morality.  In fact, there IS no universal morality.  Government does not answer to a God, nor does the notion of right vs. wrong stem from a God.  What then, does ‘law’ mean anymore?  Who, if not some kind of higher power, will define “principle” or “rightful” or “wrongful”?  The government?  The judges?  The wealthy?  The masses?  Is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ now a thing to vote on?  Majority wins?

People.  We are facing the downfall of civilization as we know it the day we allow people to do two things:  1) tell us there is no God and we are morally equal to animals and 2)  that people will now define what is ‘moral’.

So.  God is out of the government’s and the individual’s life, right?  Ok.  Now.  Let’s talk about Pachamama, the Mother Goddess, or Mother Nature.  I have already shown how the UN is actually giving human rights to a Mother Nature.  To atheists, God doesn’t exist, but Mother Nature, as a new ‘person’, does.  Law is no longer based on God, nor is it based on a universal right or wrong.  So what is law based on?  Since there is no universal right or wrong, then what will we base it on?  Because we MUST base it on something or ‘law’ has no meaning.  hmmmm…..

Look! There's Already a Badge!

Oh!  I know!  Let us base the law on how good of a ‘world citizen’ we are.  How well we treat our brothers & sisters, the wolf and the lion.  How well we treat the flowing river and the majestic whales.  Let that be the new measure of a man.  Of Man, himself!

Isn’t that QUAINT?

World Citizen Award

Sounds harmless, doesn’t it?  Kind of Native American!  Yeah, they had a GREAT sense of ‘spirituality’.  Let’s do that.

Pachamama will get human rights in the UN this year.  Oh, we can scoff- it’s ridiculous!  The UN has no power over the USA, right?  We don’t have to listen to those losers, right?

Well… no, we don’t.  But what if we did?  What if we had such a foolish president that said, “Gee, well, ok!  Let’s adopt those same ‘environmental’ laws in our EPA!  Pachamama will have legal rights in the Good ol’ United States!  The great America will bend its head to the UN, when it comes to ‘environmental’ law!  Why, I don’t even need Congress to do this, either!  Why, I have the Environmental Protection Agency that can do it for me!  And not just them, but I can have the Department of Interior add these new ‘regulations’ as well!  Even better, let’s create a new giant, powerful governmental organization with the power to govern almost every human activity on earth, the National Ocean Council– Because, you know, these aren’t really laws, they are just regulations!”

Obama Loves Change!

What if we had a president like that?  Oh, wait a minute, we do have a president like that!  And these agencies are sitting up like begging doggies to take part in all this new potential of control.  The infestation of humans on poor Mother Earth must be controlled!

The day Mother Nature is equal to a man is a day to fear.  Because we just lost our God given right to use nature as we see fit.  To use its resources to benefit man.  To play in nature for our pleasure.   Once this new ‘thing’ becomes legally recognized is the day Man falls.

Mother Nature becomes our new God.  She will define a ‘good’ man vs. a ‘bad’ man.  She will allow only projects that are ‘environmentally friendly’, thus enriching those green czars who have all their stock in those companies.  Those who wish to ‘destroy’ Mother Nature by drilling for oil or coal will be forbidden.  Or they will be charged such high royalties that oil becomes too expensive to consider.

"Subdue the Earth," Commands God to Adam

And what of Christian belief?  Why, that becomes terrorist mentality.  Our Bible, in Genesis 1:28  expressly states that God gave Man dominion over all the earth.  It states that Man should ‘subdue’ the earth to his purpose.  That will become a criminal mindset in this new legal paradigm.  And Christians who won’t go along, who want to just drive a gas car or to cut trees down to build a house?  Why that person becomes a criminal- to be fined at least or jailed at worse.

And we are not done there.  Guess where much of the dollar’s stability comes from?  The entire earth today must convert their currency into dollars before they can buy oil.  That is a lot of dollars.  It kinda means the dollar needs to be around, right?  Well, not for long.  Many are already calling for the end of the dollar/oil connection (remember Ahmadenijad of Iran who is the president of OPEC this year?).  Further, if oil is no longer relevant, then the dollar gets even less stable, right?  If you have all your investments in dollars, then when the dollar sinks you will lose your retirement, right?  At that point, mightn’t the suggestion of a new Ameri-dollar, which might lift your savings out of the dirt, sound fiscally attractive?

The European Union Was Once Many Countries

Hmmmm….. Remember the old Europe?  How it used to be different sovereign nations?  And then they got the euro?  All in the name of world competition?  And now we have a thing called the European Union, which makes laws its members must obey?  Well. The day you sign onto the Ameri-dollar is the day the United States stops be a sovereign nation.  This new entity (Perhaps the American Union) will not be bound by our Constitution, which is based on the assumption of morality and God.

Kiss that goodbye.

Pachamama is Mad..

And say HELLOOOO to Pachamama!  And she is mad.  She doesn’t like pesky Christians who think she belongs to mere mortals for their use!  In this new, higher, framework, Bibles will become the new Manifesto, the new Mein Kampf.  It will be sedition.  And we Christians, criminals in the making.

And remember those lousy dollars you have in your retirement fund?  Well, what if you have to become a citizen of this new American Union to convert your useless dollars to the new, robust Ameri-dollar?  What if you have to sign a piece of paper and swear a new pledge of allegiance that includes wording you cannot accept due to religious beliefs?

Well, aren’t you between a rock & a hard place?  Ever heard of The Mark of the Beast?

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

Maybe “Mark of the Beast” was as good a name as those old prophets could come up with.  But I can do better.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be called ‘citizenship’.


  1. Short Little Rebel,

    Hktelemacher’s argument utilizes typical atheistic jargon. Atheists feel only repugnance for those of us that believe in a living universal GOD. GOD has established absolutes for mankind and has indeed given us domination over this planet. We don’t need an atheistic group to tell us not to abuse our GOD given natural resources. We are people of conscience, totally responsible for our actions.

    I believe that we represent a threat to the atheistic desire for global governance. Generally they divide we higher level animals up into three categories: The ruling class (themselves), the warrior class and the working class. To an atheist, the desired end justifies the means of execution. Little mama nature just happens to be the desired means of execution.

    The plain truth is that these atheistic people are lusting to bring the long awaited new world order into recognizable existence. They do this not for the good of all peoples of the world , but for themselves. They lust for money, power and worship. In truth they are empty shells without natural love; and that includes little mama nature.

    • ATTEN: Hello to all my commenters! I feel the need to tell you that I have unapproved 9 comments by Hktelemacher. I feel that when people make comments, they need to be part of a conversation with someone else. Hktelemacher was adding too many comments which I felt equaled a non-stop rant. In my opinion, this goes against the ‘respectful’ aspect that is required in my blog. No one should ‘clog’ a blog with endless ranting. I hope this is ok with all of you. I don’t do this with complete certainty, but it was a judgement call.

  2. htelemacher

    Ok, I’m still having trouble understanding your point. But I think you are saying that I don’t believe that a new government based on an atheist version of ‘morality’ would be good. If that is what you are saying, then yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Further, I am saying that it took thousands of years to create the environment you live in today- whether you like it or not. Your constitutional rights are ALL derived from the Christian belief that since all men were created equal BY GOD, then no man has greater rights than another. By stripping the foundations of ALL LAW today, and by doing it so quickly (within mere decades), people like you are conducting an experiment that you can not even begin to fathom the potential consequences of. (forgive the dangling participle). You are asking people to define ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Good luck with getting any consensus with that!

    The day we are animals is the day we will act like animals. I hope you have a LOT of money to protect yourself from the laws that mere ANIMALS will create. If not, then I think you will not get very much of what you want in life.

    As the rest of your additional comment, I can’t understand what your point is, so I have to leave it at this.

    • That’s all fair enough. I would note this though for data points:

      1. Demographically atheists tend to be well educated, and scientists tend to be somewhat more likely to be atheists.
      2. As a percentage, atheists tend to be under-represented in prisons relative to those who self-identify as religious or belonging to a religion or church.

      So while that is no guarantee of what the actions of an individual atheist might be, it does not seem like atheism is overly attractive to the violent or wanton elements of society. I hardly see a desire to be environmentally friendly and for everyone in society to have access to health care as being moral evils.

      I would also point to the aforementioned countries of a heavier atheist demographic whose (sectarian) governmental policies have led by measurable statistics to longer lives with a higher standard of life than the United States. Those cultures have not degenerated into legal animalistic cut-throat hedonism.

      Based on those data points, I tend to see people trying to whip up those kinds of fears as building straw-men and fear-mongering.

  3. No, I won’t. I will cease to be an American. I’m a citizen of God before I’m a citizen of the world. And if they think they’re taking anything worthwhile from me, they have another thing coming….

  4. If you put any amount of reasonable effort into answering your own questions, you would take down this collection of hyperbole, straw men and fear mongering in embarrassment.

    • @hktelemacher- since I obviously don’t have the ability to answer my own questions, why don’t you answer them for me? I await your charge at my ‘straw men’ with baited breath…

      • Sure, start with your first paragraph–no civilization was “created on atheism”. We are living in the first age of humankind where parts of the world, or individuals within the world, are starting to have a meaningful scientific understanding of the universe we live in. While there have been some atheists historically, atheists have always been a minority, and many if not most nations have formed or been formed by cultural groupings where there is a dominant religion, so it’s not surprise that most cultures have had significant ties to the religion of the populace.

        But take that all and roll it into a big ball of “So what??” Just because something was one way in the past doesn’t mean that is either the only way or even the right way to do something. And many actions of governments throughout history can charitably be called reprehensible by modern standards. Acts of genocide at worst, but more commonly embracing “traditions” of the time such as slavery, misogyny, torture, human sacrifice. It is true that individuals within those countries helped develop trade, culture, intellectual and scientific advancements, but you can’t focus only on the good, ignore the bad, and somehow indict a hypothetical state that doesn’t exist because humankind is just emerging from viewing the universe through a lens of mysticism and ignorance.


      • htelemacher,

        WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? I think you are saying what I said: no civilization has ever been built on atheism. That seems to be the jist of your first paragraph. As for your second paragraph, I can’t really understand your point. I never made a judgement call on these past civilization. I never said they were ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to build their laws based on supreme beings and higher morality. I simply state a fact- you have to accept that whether or not you like it. The very end of your second paragraph has no meaning and I can’t speak to it. Perhaps you can clarify?

      • Part of the thrust of your argument relating to government seems to be that there is a universal morality, and that a government “created on atheism” would be inherently deficient for not being based on universal morality. After all, atheists are, apparently according to this blog entry, greedy fascist mother-nature-lovers, in addition to their other sins, I suppose.

        My point is, at least at first, in total agreement with you, that pretty much (if not) every government of any significance throughout history was either created from religion or has a strong state-sponsored religion. In each case thought there was a belief that their government was based on the principles of universal morality–God blesses us, punishes our enemies, etc., etc. So it seems like you’re bashing an atheist state that doesn’t exist for some appeal to universal morality that looks to me to have a decidedly mixed track record as a basis for governments throughout history. If your first paragraph is *that* disconnected from the rest of your post then maybe you should take it out.

        I’ll go one step further, maybe there have been no governments “created on atheism”, but some countries, and here I’m looking at Scandanavian, countries, are extremely secular with higher-than-average percentages of atheists and *horror of horrors* universal health care, and individuals in those countries have, according to sociological measurements, longer lifespans, better education, and a higher overall standard of living than, say, the U.S.

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