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GM Wants $1/Gallon Tax to Save the Flailing Volt


GM CEO Akerson Wants $1/gallon Tax to Save Volt

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson only wants a $1 per gallon tax hike to save his sad, little Volt.  1$/ gallon-   and all for GM!  When I heard this, I thought:

“What the hell is going on here??”

Is this really America?  You know, the United States of America?  The place that champions Free Market and Capitalism?  Since when does any CEO of any company have the cojones to publicly call for federal taxes on every American citizen to pay for his company’s loser product?  The question is not, “Is Dan Akerson crazy?”   The question really is:  “How did we come to a place in US history where a nut job like this guy feels no fear or shame to make this kind of request in the first place?  THAT, my friends is the real head shaker. 

The fault lies with every one of us.  Every one of us.  Every citizen who continues to want free hand outs from the government.  Every citizen too lazy to work for their food.  Every American who thinks there is magic money somewhere to pay for their old age.  Every American who thinks the color of your skin makes you a good president.  Every single stinking citizen who is too lazy to vote.  Every citizen who is too greedy or selfish with their busy lives to WAKE UP and pay attention to the news.  Every citizen too complacent in the strength of the Constitution that they refuse to believe their rights could ever be jeopardized.

WE the PEOPLE have had the power to make what we want of this country.  And we still do.  But not for long, people.  Wake up!  GM is only a symptom, an oozing wart, indicative of a much larger illness.  We need to cure that illness.  It is called Liberal Ideology or Progressivism.

This guy should be laughed off the stage, not interviewed further.  Eggs & rotten vegetables need to be tossed.  Get on it!


  1. Right on Tokyo Tengu. Why should we support lazy people or failing corporations. Evidently we came from the same generation. There were no welfare stakes. Everybody in our family had to work. At Christmas time I sold decorated pine cones to help out with the Christmas gift fund. I caddied the rest of the time. I started at the age of 10 and worked until the age of 68.5 years. I have no sympathy for freeloaders.

    Furthermore I consider the Volt is a loosing product. It shouldn’t be supported for any reason. Besides, the way things are happening in the United States, it is doubtful that an infrastructure will ever be built to support electric cars.

    Electric cars get their energy from electric power stations. In the process there are several energy losses involved; Power plant fuel efficiency, generator efficiency, step up transformer efficiency, transmission efficiency, transformer step down efficiency, battery charger efficiency, electric motor drive efficiency and electric motor efficiency. Of course added to this is the problem with storage battery disposal.

    Hybrids make more sense in that they burn the fuel directly and efficiently. Braking energy is transferred back to a storage battery where it is used to accelerate the car from a stopped position. I would consider buying a hybrid if they were reasonable in price.

    If GM can’t compete they don’t belong in business! I’ll buy my cars where I get the most for my buck!

  2. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Once a person (or a corporation) gets used to thinking of the government as a personal piggy-bank or ATM, all sorts of rationalizations become possible.

    I am old enough to remember when being on welfare was such a stigma (where I came from, anyhow) that all the kids in school knew exactly which family was getting the dole, and treated them like trash.

    These days, people brag about how much they are getting from the government and are always looking for new ways to boost their take. They just do not care.

    Why should it be any different for a corporation?

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