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Herman, Baby!

Herman Cain: A No-Nonsense Teddy Bear

I love this man for his HONESTY.  I love this man for his COURAGE.  I love this man for his FORTHRIGHTNESS.  He is a smart, self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense attitude toward decision-making.  However, unlike Romney, Herman Cain is touchable.  He has a great chuckle and knows how to work a crowd.

 He is a great big teddy bear.  But one that could bite you if provoked.  Unlike Mr. Smooth in the White House, Herman Cain says it like it is.  I like that.   I know he could beat Obama for the presidency.  So far, the Republican field is pale and weak.  Let’s get behind Herman Cain and open up a can of whoop-ass.


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  2. Shortie, I really like you and your approach. You have enough testosterone to make you really interesting and a little firebrand. You should really go into politics. We need someone like you. You could be a pint sized Palin.
    You go girl!


    • Now, that was spoken like a true MAN, John! Why do I require testosterone to make me interesting?? Oh, I caught ‘cha there John! Now you need to apologize to all women.. 😉

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