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King Obama Speaks: Assad Must Go

King Obama Declares Which World Leaders 'Must Go"

“Let it be spoken, let it be done!”  thunders our new King!  Long live King Obama!

King Obama announced that Hosni Mubarak ‘must go’, but refused to support the pro-democracy forces in Egypt, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to fill the power vacuüm. Hosni Mubarak was a traditional ally of the USA.

King Obama recently announced that Qaddafi ‘must go’. He has thrown Libya under the bus, alarming traditional ally Saudi Arabia. Qaddafi was an ally of the USA. Obama has never stated that he would support the Saudi royal family should uprisings take place there. This has chilled relations between our two nations.

King Obama recently announced, unilaterally & without congressional support, that Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh ‘must go’ thereby emboldening Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia’s backyard.

And now, King Obama is taking aim at Syria’s President Assad.  Every day, he rattles the sword a little harder at Assad.  Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood is getting impatient with him.  Perhaps they want their Arab Union to be, well, more unified a little quicker than King Obama is managing to accomplish it.  Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Israel are the latest ‘gifts’ from our King to the Muslim Brotherhood.  I doubt not that these gifts, bought with USA military blood and billions of  USA taxpayer money, will include the rest of the Middle East as well.  Finally, with the Middle East united and finally, with the end of USA support, Israel will fall.  And finally, those Arabs will get off our back.  And King Obama can claim a victory against the war on terror!  Because the Muslims will now be our ally and friend.

Won’t that be cosy and nice?  What a great King!


  1. I am reminded of that iconic line from Titanic:” I am king of the world.”
    What he really is a narcissist with a messianic complex, common to only children
    raised by women alone.

  2. A king whose troops are denied ammunition and ordered not to shoot back in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and whose billions are borrowed and owed by taxpayers watching their wealth vanish, a Foolish King and a King of Fools!

  3. What can I say! This is the one the people voted for. Israel complained that they wanted a king just like everybody else and so the LORD gave them several after that. Most of them were currupt and they had to pay taxes. And so now we have a king and that king cares nothing for the people or our allies. Again, what can I say! A land without hope unless the people themselves change.

    • We need to get rid of this guy- NOW. After what he has accomplished in terms of sheer destruction in three measly years, I shudder to think what he can do with four more.

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