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Pelosi & Reid Love That Weiner!

Apolgies to all.  I couln’t stand seeing this crotch shot every time I accessed my blog.  I had to remove it.


Oh, what a day! I’ve got to tell you, Mr. Weiner has just made my week! Ever since I saw his baby-rant & downright rudeness to Megan Kelly on Fox News, I have despised this man.

Add him to Rahm Emanuel and what you have is a true representation of the Democratic Party today. Dirty, shallow, deceiving, arrogant, petulant, self serving, blatant & disgusting. And yet, they win elections in New York and Chicago. Those two cities should be ashamed of themselves. And yet, and yet, Weiner declares that he will run for re-election this year. And here is the worst part: he would get re-elected despite his perverted behavior! There is NO SHAME in the Democratic Party. As long as they achieve their agenda, no behavior of their representatives is too low. Results are all they care about. Look at Pelosi & Reid. Where is their public outrage? Where are the calls from the Democratic Party for Weiner to resign? Oh, can you imagine what they would be doing right now if it was President Bush’s, ummm.., ‘manhood’, in those Twitter photos? I can just imagine their ecstasy! However, with one of their own, the little Dems are scurrying about in their closets and dark hallways trying to figure out how to distract Americans from Weiner’s wiener.

Guess what? That ain’t gonna happen, Pelosi & Reide! The longer you hang on to Weiner’s wiener, the more closely you will be associated with him. One way or the other, he will have to go. Better to just get rid of him now before he gets re-elected and humiliates you, the Dems and New York any further. Save yourselves!

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