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Michelle Bachman Needs to Back Off Abortion For 2012

Bachmann Strategy Doesn't Add Up

By targeting Mitt Romney’s weak stance on abortion, Michelle Bachmann is setting up a short term victory, but a long term loss for Republicans in 2012.  Specifically, her call for him to sign the Susan B. Anthony Pledge:

  • Only nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court and federal bench judges who are committed to restraint and applying the original meaning of the Constitution, not legislating from the bench;
  • Select pro-life appointees for relevant Cabinet and Executive Branch positions, in particular the head of National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health & Human Services, and the Department of Justice;
  • Advance pro-life legislation to permanently end all taxpayer funding of abortion in all domestic and international spending programs, and defund Planned Parenthood and all other contractors and recipients of federal funds with affiliates that perform or fund abortions;
  • Advance and sign into law a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect unborn children who are capable of feeling pain from abortion.

Personally, I am pro-choice but support legislation banning mid & late term abortion as well as partial birth abortions.  If I had my way, a woman would make up her mind in the first two weeks of conception.  And only once.  But that has nothing to do with my objection.  I will vote for whatever Republican candidate that goes against Obama in 2012- regardless of their abortion stance.  For me, it is more important right now to get this guy out of the White House than protecting my daughters’ right to an abortion.  If she doesn’t have a country to live in, then abortion is a non-issue.

I oppose Michelle Bachman’s use of abortion against Romney for one reason only:  it will make it harder to win in 2012.  Independent voters, like myself, want smaller government- period.  Less power, less legislation, less intrusion.  The government debt, joblessness, economic policies, and job killing regulations are literally killing our dollar and economy.  We need to ban together to reverse this destructive force RIGHT NOW.  If we lose in 2012, all will be lost.  We will not recover.  The percentage of Americans who prioritize these things as the three top concerns for 2012  is overwhelming, according to the most recent Gallup Poll.    Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in home equity, watching retirements dwindle to nothing, seeing your savings for your kids’ college disappear is something that crosses racial, financial, religious, and class boundaries.  It is the one thing we can agree on.  It is the ONLY way to win in 2012.  Bringing abortion into the mix ruins both the overall messaging for the Republican candidate-to-be, but destroys a powerful cohesion in likely voters.

Gallup 2

gallup 2

I ask:  is it worth it?  By not bringing abortion into the debate, you lose nothing.  Most social conservatives are also financial conservatives.  They will vote for you on those grounds alone.  You don’t need them to agree on abortion.  Independent voters are likely to be financially conservative right now, but you couldn’t count on them to be anti-abortion.  You actually risk losing single issue voters & perhaps many women voters.  The über-liberals will never be with you.  Abortion simply won’t matter to them either.

The Republican candidates need to put the GOP ahead of their private ambitions.  If they care about this country.


  1. #1. You have misspelled Ms. Bachmann’s name. One “L” in Michele, two “Ns” in Bachmann.

    #2. I agree wholeheartedly with John.

    #3. I know next to nothing about you as this is the only one of your articles I’ve ever read. You say you are an independent, you espouse fiscally conservative views, and yet you are pro-choice. You sound like many so-called conservatives I know who see this country falling apart and want to blame it 100% on poor fiscal management. Morality doesn’t matter. “Leave God out of our laws,” they say, and “Get your rosary out of my ovaries.” What they fail to grasp is that our laws come from God (for evidence, study the Founders’ reliance on Biblical law as they drafted our Constitution) and are as inviolable as the law of gravity. Ignore these laws — which include “thou shalt not kill” interpreted as “the right to life” in our Constitution — and there are consequences. We’ve ignored morality in this country to the point where anything goes; there’s no black and white. It shows up in our fiscal decisions. It’s no coincidence that legislators who are pro-choice are almost always in the Big Government tax-and-spend crowd. Conversely, pro-life legislators are almost always staunch fiscal conservatives. Just check some voting records to prove that one to yourself.

    #4. You have a wonderful, God-given gift to write and influence people on very important issues. Please use that gift to protect solid principles instead of chipping away at them. This country needs to get back to a clear delineation between right and wrong. There is no grey. There is no “independent.” Take a stand. Educate people. The antidote to Obama is not a watered down conservatism that appeals to people who don’t know right from wrong.

    • Hi P. Grothaus,

      Thanks for joining my post. Here is my official position on abortion: I would like to see smart legislation that forced women to make up their minds within 2 weeks of conception- specifically, protections for a woman’s life, incest & rape.. I know that doesn’t square with your beliefs. But as it WILL happen for desperate women- always has, always will- no need for more dead bodies. That woman will talk to God about it. I am absolutely opposed to mid-late-partial birth abortions and will fight them to my last breath. Please see my ‘Suffer With Me” article. I feel passionately about this.

      However, IF we are forced, due to pragmatic reasons, to make it all or nothing, I would repeal Roe vs. Wade in its entirety. That is a recent reversal for me. I used to say, before I knew what was involved in the aforementioned procedures, that IF people make it an ‘all or nothing’ issue, then I would uphold ‘Roe vs. Wade’.

      I am a pragmatist on this issue. We will go much further if we simply ban the procedures that almost all Americans want banned: mid, late & partial birth abortions. I want action. Not a continual argument over what a ‘true’ conservative looks like. Like it or not, conservatives MUST put aside differences to WIN on this issue.

  2. I understand what you are saying but cultural conservatives need to hear clearly and unequivocally where she stands on Abortion. Romney (the RINO) has also flip flopped and now proudly proclaims his pro life bona fides.


    • John, I am not pro-Romney- I can’t stand the guy. But if she makes a HUGE deal of it and demands that every candidate sign the S.B.A list pledge, she will cost the election needlessly for WHOEVER the Republican nominee is. I am simply not willing to endure Obama for another 4 years simply because a Republican candidate doesn’t sign the damn thing. To me, it is not worth it. If we have no country at all, abortion will be a non-issue. We need to focus here and win this election. With a true conservative. We need to be smart. Not emotional.

  3. Shortie
    I have to disagree with you here. We had a RINO candidate last time McCain and he lost. Palin is also a pro life candidate who proves her convictions by having a child that they knew in advance was afflicted with Downe’s Syndrome.

    It is like give a little of your integrity up which is the heart of situation ethics. Our founding fathers stated in the Bill of rights that the very first right is the right to life, not women deciding to kill their unborn babies.

    We still have vehicular manslaughter laws on the books that are enforced today for killing an unborn baby in the womb. If I hit a pregnant woman and cause her to lose her baby, then I can and will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. We have given women the place of God in deciding to kill or not kill the most defenseless life out there. We have laws with a $10,000 fine and five year jail term for destroying a bald eagle egg ( a potential eagle)
    If we did to puppies what we do to babies in the womb, people would want to throw you under the jail, visiously dismembering them with no anasethetic while alive.

    I would rather see Obama in office again than for Michelle Balkman to compromise her morals. If you wont’ stand for something, then you will fall for anything.

    blessings on you and yours

    • John, I think people’s emotionalism on this topic clouds their thinking sometimes. I never said for her to back down. I said that she should not make an issue of it right now. If questioned, she must stand up for her beliefs. But in this case, she is the one bringing the subject up. She will win on the economy alone.

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