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Typical Conversational Style of Liberals

The following videos display perfectly the general attitude and ‘debating’ style of most progressive liberals. Sniping, carping, aggression, sarcasm, violence, threats of bodily harm, hate filled eyes, name calling and shouting are only the beginning of their evil. Watch and be amazed…


  1. Hey Shortie
    I believe in answering questions. He could have simply said no, or I used to do cocaine but don’t anymore. I have never used a prostitute and unless you have proof, Shut TFU

    • you know, john, I posted the wrong video! I only just realized that! This video shows the full episode. Sorry, the one I had earlier only showed part of the entire, absurd incident. This video appears to be take by the reporter himself and shows how the reporter continued to pepper him with ridiculous accusations before and after the video I had on earlier. This full video shows why Breitbart, and any other sane person, needed to walk away.

  2. I totally agree that liberals are very abusive all the time. I still believe in answering questions to shut the guy up. Say no, and unless you have proof shut TFU.


  3. Well I am a Breitbart fan, but this video turned me off and caaused me to question him. All he had to do was simply disavow the accusation. Conservative reporters shout questions repeatedly at liberals who are trying to dodge the question. He came off like Weiner here. It was a fair question and worth an answer. I suspect that the reporter already knew that he had done cocaine. We all make mistakes, but not answering is a worse mistake than answering honesty and truthfully.


    • well, we’ll just have to disagree on this one, John. I think the blogger (note: he wasn’t a reporter) achieved his goal with you- it caused you, without a shred of evidence, to believe Breitbart has a cocaine habit. Breitbart did answer that charge. When he was asked about whether or not he EVER did cocaine, he didn’t answer. Why should he? He is not in public office. Further, doing cocaine a few times is not relevant. If he had a habit, I guess that would be interesting. But Breitbart also didn’t answer the equally unfounded questions about having sex with female and male prostitutes. Do you think those are true too? If the blogger had yelled more accusatory questions, would you believe those too? Or do you think a person should stand there and answer every disgusting question a rabid crowd throws their way? No! The blogger was screaming every dirty question he could think of. You give him deep gratifaction with your new doubt in Breitbart.

      I have NEVER seen conservative reporters or bloggers beat on someone the way this crowd did. The only time I saw mis-behavior was one Howard Stern employee shouting at Weiner’s press conference. And that was such a big deal that it got air time over and over again. These videos of liberal abuse are so common that they are too common place to make news.

  4. Hey Shortie
    I agree generally with you here but publishing a video of Breitbart refusing to answer the questions does not make
    him look good.

    Blessings on you and yours

    • What questions? They guy kept screaming ridiculous things at him. Over and over again. The guy was a troll, big time. That’s what liberals do- the scream in your face. Also, he was being shoved and screamed at by others. There is no reason to believe that Breitbart has a cocaine habit, sleeps with prostitutes- male or female. Those taunts were simply to aggravate him and to impugn his reputation. I would not dignify them with an answer either.

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