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Why We Worship God

This post is to address my friend, Lyn May’s, question, “Why do we worship God?”

We worship God because we need to.  Evolution simply can’t address this human need.  Every culture that has ever existed has arisen simultaneously, out of contact with one another, with a deep belief in a God or gods.  There is a deep spiritual knowledge that is INHERENT in the condition of man.  You can reject it, resulting in personal agony, or you can embrace it, resulting in ecstasy.  These are the only choices.

Every human feels the hole in their chest.  We know we are not capable of goodness.  Not true goodness.  We can touch it from time to time, but we are not capable of sustaining it at all times.  That is why humans have people called ‘heroes’.  That is why we have words like, “noble”, “selfless”, “valiant”, “courage” .  That is why we ALL aspire to those things.  These are not traits in every human.  They belong only to a select few, whom we honor.  Every culture has these words which points directly to the fact that all humans know the baseness that lies within their very selves.

It is this deep self knowledge of our inability to be truly great that leads us to seek a higher power to help us.  We all aspire to BE more than we are.  But we can’t get there alone.  We call to God to not only help us achieve these things, but also to help us gain the wisdom needed to govern ourselves.  In essence, we need to deal with right & wrong.  And if we are not perfect, how can we do that?

That is why humans look to a higher power.  Now, as to ‘worship’.  One has to look at what that means.  Lyn, though you are an ‘atheist’ today, you surely know that the Bible says that we were created in the image of God.  I have put a lot of thought into that over the years.  I have come to the conclusion that we are created in the EXACT image of God.  What we feel, He feels.  (exception:  evil).  What does EVERY human want most?  To be KNOWN and LOVED for who we truly are.  We seek this in marriage.  Most of us don’t reveal ALL of ourselves to people for fear of being rejected.  So we put on a face.  But this leaves us empty because the love we receive under this basis is false.  So we seek to explain ourselves to our partners- hoping, praying that they will understand us, our pain, our goodness, our child-like selves deep within.  We hope & pray to still be loved- warts and all.

That is what God wants, I have decided.  And He knew that without a choice, our love would mean nothing.  So He created a beautiful angel called Lucifer.  That is our other choice.  And Lucifer IS beautiful and he can give worldly beauty, power, sex, etc. to whomever asks it of him.

God wanted it to be a tough choice.  A choice that would show our commitment to Him.  Are we willing to give up worldly things like a big house, lots of toys, clothes, vacations, physical beauty, furniture, property in the only life we have been given- without a single guarantee of reward after death?  On just a promise of bliss?

Tough, tough choice.  Very tough.  God is EXACTLY like us.  What good is love if it is purchased, Lyn?  If a man has money, he should definitely hide the fact when he seeks a mate.  Because if that woman loves him without money, then he truly knows it is real.  After securing her love, he can shower her with money and fun.  That is how God is.

Every human hears His call, Lyn.  You included.  That is the deep torture of life.  God seeks love and obedience.  Someday, when you have children, you will demand it of them.  And it won’t be about arrogance.  It will be for their own good.


  1. Short Little Rebel,

    You said it correctly! Keep being true to yourself. My own praise of God stems from the magnificent universe in which we live. I praise the Creator of this universe – not mama nature.

    Liberal Progressives can only be expected to spew nonsense from their months. They have listened to a different drummer and believed a great lie.

  2. How did you come to the conclusion that rejecting or embracing god are the only two options? The most logical thing is neither one, its just ignoring the Idea that there should be any god. Not by means of an active rejection out of hatred or anything, rather in a way of not seeing any need for it. Not every human is a bitter, unaware being that makes him imagine that he is missing something or has a hole in his chest that needs to be filled. Articles like this make me ponder wether religion in general is a way of dealing with jealousy by means of declaring that the other´s advantages are evil while your disadvantages (like beeing poor or not having any power) will bring salvation – because as soon as he gets the chance any christian I know embraces power, money, beauty etc.
    e.g. George Bush has been the most powerfull man of the world, yet he is a christian. Same for Obama or every other president as far as I know. Almost every beauty queen is christian…. list goes on forever.

    Another intresting side note:
    The only political “party” who reject power are anarchists.
    The people most dismissive of beauty are punks.
    Does that mean that the best christians are anarchistic punks? If yes, I have to remember that, thats an awesome insult to them 😀

    • Like the rabid blogger that shouted down and attacked Breitbart, you willfully throw words into my mouth and skew what I said to suit your purposes. When liberals do this, I take a deep breath and have to make a decision. Will I stand there, like a lawyer, and dissect every illogical leap and misquote they said? Or will I just ignore them because I know they will continue to do it- regardless of logic & critical reasoning. While I feel you probably would fall under the second category and warrant silence from my side, I will answer you as you have not yet begun to carp.

      Yes, every human does know that mankind is incapable of true good. That is why every human language has heroes- people who rise above the ‘human condition’. Every human on earth ASPIRES to be a hero, and thus, perfectly good (at least for one moment of their lives). To deny this basic fact is simple-headedness and a refusal to acknowledge a universal truth. Bitterness is not what makes us see this ‘hole’. It is the simple acknowledgement of the human condition.

      Of course, perhaps you are perfect and are employed as a full time hero?

      You are turning my argument around backwards when you imply that bliss is brought about through poverty, powerlessness, lack of beauty. Never did I say that and you know it. Also, I never argued that because you have power, beauty, money, etc, that you must be atheist. Like so many liberals and God haters, you need to use sleazy debate tactics in a shabby attempt to shore up your baseless conclusions.

      My point is about choice. Do we ACTIVELY put God on the back burner in the HOPES of riches, beauty & power? THAT is the choice God gives us. He can also gift us with many things if HE wishes. But people can choose to reject God and seek evil to obtain these things for themselves- at the cost of their souls.

      There are only two choices, mister. You have chosen. Plainly. This is evident in your need to ‘insult’ Christians.

      “Does that mean that the best christians are anarchistic punks? If yes, I have to remember that, thats an awesome insult to them :D”

      This very statement belies your “just ignoring the Idea that there should be any god. Not by means of an active rejection out of hatred or anything, rather in a way of not seeing any need for it.”

      Sarcasm, contempt and scorn fairly drip off your words, sir. The trouble with lying is that you can’t remember the lie you just told.

    • Stefan, I find it funny that you went elsewhere to bash me. Sadly, I am a writer on that blog. Lyn May is an atheist and he is a friend of mine. The difference between him and people like you is that he actually uses logic when he speaks. Also, he doesn’t hate people who are religious. He doesn’t save up insults to use against Christians when the opportunity arises.

      You attacked me. Not the other way around. The one thing I cannot abide is sleazy twisting of words and other illogical, emotional charged methods of debating. Can’t respect it. Can’t respect you. Especially since you were too cowardly to address me personally. I must really frighten you.

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