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Conservative Bloggers Unite for 2012!

Conservative Bloggers Unite or America will Die

I am officially calling on all conservative bloggers to help with the 2012 election.  There are a few things I can foresee about this election:

  • 1) the media will NOT air Republican speeches and responses- as they did not in 2008 when McCain got 60% less coverage than Obama.
  • 2) Obama will not do direct debates.  He will carp with well scripted remarks from the sidelines without getting hit in the face.
  • 3) Obama will out purchase media time by 2-1 with his billion dollar war chest.
  • 4) Obama plans a class warfare strategy

We can help by providing an organized, free media outlet for the GOP.  Here is my proposal:

  • 1) let’s create a consolidated email list for the GOP. I am willing to keep the list unless someone else volunteers.
  • 2) let’s organize our blogs in a similar fashion to allow users to access the GOP speeches & commercials in the following way:
  • speeches by candidate- create a page for this- use categories to separate between candidates
  • commercials by candidate- create a page for this-use categories to separate between candidates
  • commercials by special interest groups that support the candidate-use categories to separate between candidates-
  • Page dedicated to calls for Obama to Debate
  • Page dedicated to combate the ‘class warfare’ argument

I would be willing to provide a Word Press template for anyone who wants it.  If we keep our scope to this limited mission, I think we can be a great help to the GOP this time around.  We can literally flood the internet with this free publicity and beat the lamestream media at their own game.  But we need to keep the idea somewhat under wraps or the libs might steal the idea.  Organization is critical.

We also need to notify the GOP of this idea.  If they don’t organize on their side (they need a staff member to organize emails in the same fashion we are organizing our pages ( i.e., commercials by candidate, speeches by candidate, commercials by special interest groups), then we can’t really get the message out as quickly.  We will need someone with ties to the GOP and we need to send emails to our local GOP offices in the hopes that it will reach the right ears.  I fear that the GOP will miss the opportunity to use social media like they did in 2008.

Our country is at a dire cross road, people.  If we do not get off our laurels and fight for it this time, it will be lost.  Based on what the progressive machine has accomplished this past 3 years, another 4 years will end our country as we know it.  We need to try like hell.  It will take time and effort- but I think it is worth it.

What do you all think about this idea?  Do you think we can inspire the whole lot of us conservative bloggers to help in this mission?  We don’t have much time to do this.  Please leave feedback…


  1. Another thing to add: We need to remind the Republican nominees not to use “mudslinging” against other Republican nominees. When the primaries are over we’ll need to unite behind the chosen candidate, who ever that may be.

    • I totally agree. The mud-slinging will bite them in their own behinds come 2012. The trouble with ousting the incumbent is that they go unchallenged from their own party. The opposing party never gets to hear all the dirt- and no free weapons are put into their hands. The Republican candidate will enter the final ring bruised and cut.

  2. I like your idea, and I think it would benefit the GOP. I hope they will recognize the obvious merits of your idea.

    • can I count you as one of those blogger? Would you be willing to repost the article and attempt to recommend others to do so? Without some level of provable interest by the conservative blogger community, I don’t think the RNC will take it under consideration. They seem a little, ummmm, ‘uneducated’ on the power of blogging & social media in general.

      • I’ll do what I can to help. I can repost your article, no problem there, as well as a link back to your blog (which by the way I very much enjoy). I am afraid I am not very well versed in html, so I don’t know what I can do as far as having various pages for the different candidates. But I have no problem posting articles by and about the candidates, as well as you tube videos. Just let me know what I can do to help. I agree that the RNC is a bit “uneducated” (nice choice of words there!) when it comes to the power of blogging and social media. You would have thought that they learned their lesson after the last election. So if there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know. I assume you have my email address, and I do check it at least once a day, so if you have an article you would like me to repost, or a video, just let me know.

        I am no longer an active correctional officer. I retired after 23 years. I had, had enough of baby sitting.

      • Oh, I don’t know html either. I had no such thing in mind. But I am thinking that I would simply collect an email list and petition the RNC to use it. I want to ask them to assign a person to organize their emails into the defined categories. I simply want bloggers to organize their pages in the same order. That way, everyone can easily paste the info into their blogs in an organized manner.

        Ha! on your last sentence. It’s funny, though. My husband has not tired of it. But then again, he has a temperment where he can really leave work at work. It amazes me. I think I would lose my mind!

  3. I have a feeling that you are smarter than I, and I have a genius IQ of 136 (ok low end of the genius scale).
    Would you mind telling me your IQ? You could send it to me on my private email if for some reason that you don’t want to make it public.

    Blessings on you adn yours
    John Wilder

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