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Reaction to Obama’s Afghanistan Speech

I want to pull out of Afghanistan.  But not the way Obama does it.  The guy makes a speech about Afghanistan when he should be making a speech about Libya.   To Congress.  Because he is making war when the Congress has not agreed with him.  Everything  Obama says makes me pause with suspicion.  Especially if he agrees with me.  So, he wants to pull out of Afghanistan.  Why?  See, I think we have lost our way in Afghanistan.  We no longer know what our mission is.  When Bush attacked, the mission was #1) Punish those who perpetrated 9/11 and 2) to destroy, forever Al Qaeda.  Especially their training camps.  # 1 is done.  #2 is a work in progress and will be so for some time to come.  Sooo…. why are we there?  It needs to be re-defined.  I was waiting for Obama to outline our new focus.  He did not do so.  He simply told Al Qaeda when they could re-commence building political alliances and training camps.

Now, I am no dummy.  I know we need to prevent further Al Qaeda training camps from growing in Afghanistan and from anywhere around the world.  But do we need boots on the ground for that?  Seems to me that those drones do a great job of blowing stuff up.  Let’s use those.  It would be a nice little cottage industry in the United States to make, improve and supply these drones.  Why waste American lives?  If these Middle Eastern wars have taught us anything, it is that Arab Muslims don’t really have the correct mindset for Democracy.  They crave freedom, but their tribal barbarian mindset won’t allow ‘freedom’ to thrive.  Their need for central control can not be abolished.  Fine.  Let’s move on.  We tried.  We really tried.  But if the Arab Muslim population will not have faith in their own ability to fight tyranny, we can’t give them the spine to do so.  So let’s drop that motive and just do what is best for us.

Why can’t we just bomb Al Qaeda training camps everywhere?  Look, we are already sending billions to the Middle East and getting zero return.  Our bombings will piss them off, but frankly, so what?  They get their money- let them be satisfied with that.  It’s not free, ok?  They are not trustworthy partners and take our money while sharing our military secrets with China.  Treachery.

Not one more drop of valiant American blood need be spent to ‘free’ these people.  Only to ensure our security interests.

But Obama did not address this.  There was no new strategy.  Just a beautiful signal to the enemy as to when we would be leaving.  Not one bold message to Al Qaeda.  Not one good zinger about how we tracked down and killed their leader like the dog he was as punishment for what he did to our country.  Not one promise that if ANYONE tries such a thing again, then they will meet the same embarrassing end.  Not one message to say that though we are leaving- mission accomplished- we will remain and watch them.  If they build a camp, they will be bombed.  If they dare to attack again, we will kill them.  No message to the Afghanistan government that if they harbor terrorists again, we will make war with them instead of sending them billions in aid.    And ungraciously, no tip of the hat to President Bush, who lifted the heavy load of this war.  Worse, he actually lied and said that Al Qaeda was under the most stress from U.S. troops under HIM than at any other time.  Gosh.  I thought they (& Al Qaeda) were experiencing a pretty  bad time when they were CRUSHED by our troops in the first few months of fighting.  Under Bush.

Where is this president’s spine?  Where is this president’s leadership?  Where is this president’s class?  Obama lets us down with every speech he gives.  He projects weakness in every way.  And it casts a long shadow of suspicion on his motives.

Obama, in a war speech, made  a bizarre plug for ‘green’ energy.  He also highlighted the need for the United States of America to grovel at the feet of NATO (interpreted as United Nations) to plan our next steps as a nation.  Further, he made vague reference to ‘nation building’ here in the United States. He also obliquely referred to Libya and the popular uprising in surrounding countries.  His words were ominous:    something about the United States gaining security by ‘sharing our values with other countries’.  Something about ‘extending the promise of America’?  What does THAT mean?

Here is what he means:  He wants to take down the leaders in the Middle East and hand them to the muslim brotherhood.  See, Afghanistan doesn’t mean anything to Obama.  He is interested in the oil nations.  He needs to take those old guys, who used to sell the USA oil, down.  He needs to disrupt the foreign oil supply as much as possible so that he and his cronies can make a killing on green energy.  “Nation building” in the USA means more spending to bankrupt the USA.  More ‘investments’ into green energy, more ‘investments’ into entitlements, more ‘investments’ into free college for everyone.

“Investments”?  “Nation Building At Home”  “Extending the promise of America abroad”?

What happened to creating jobs and stimulating the economy?  The LAST thing we need is long term domestic investments.  The LAST thing we need is more overseas wars with no clear benefit to us.  The LAST thing we need is the interference of OTHER NATIONS in our decision making process.  It is hard enough to get our two American parties to agree on anything.  Now we must care what Germany, or France, or Italy, or China wants?

This guy is on the exact track I suspect him to be on:  that is:  the complete destruction of the United States of America and our dollar.  This guy has other plans for our country…and they are not good.


  1. I agree totally with this article. Every cell within me tells me that things are much worse that I had originally surmised. This man appears to be the direct product of extemely wealthy liberal progressives. I would surmise that they pay the bills and offer immunity as long as he does what they ask of him (He appears to be untouchable).

    When I look at Obama I see a want to be dictator/king/ruler that will do anything to enrich his own life at the expense of the American people.

  2. “Here is what he means: He wants to take down the leaders in the Middle East and hand them to the muslim brotherhood. See, Afghanistan doesn’t mean anything to Obama. He is interested in the oil nations. He needs to take those old guys, who used to sell the USA oil, down. He needs to disrupt the foreign oil supply as much as possible so that he and his cronies can make a killing on green energy. “Nation building” in the USA means more spending to bankrupt the USA. More ‘investments’ into green energy, more ‘investments’ into entitlements, more ‘investments’ into free college for everyone.”

    Interesting connection here, though I didn’t see or read the speech. But I did hear that other conservatives were drawing similar conclusions as to the ominous intentions of Obama, gathered particularly from the second half of his speech.

    One interesting reference for you. I was looking for a book about national security and foreign policy in a bookstore, and I picked up Harvard prof Thomas Barnett’s “Pentagon’s New Map.” In it may be some key insights into what our elites are up to. After reading most of his book, I came to the conclusion, that Barnett was advising the military to break down “periphery” regimes for integration into some modern world order, and integrate “hinterlands” into that order. The advice struck me as remarkably similar to communist Immanuel Wallerstein’s “World Systems” theory,

    My suspicions were confirmed when I ran into the blog of a classmate, who made a similar connection himself. A neo-marxist in disposition, he was fascinated by Barnett’s theories. Barnett has his own blog online, by the way.

    The point is that Obama may be causing disruption in the Middle East to breakdown Muslim societies, and make them vulnerable to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was influenced by the “Social Justice in Islam” author Sayyid Qutb. In my view, the Muslim Brotherhood is a syncretist blend of Islam and socialism.

    Enjoy your blog and will stop back another time. Cheers, rogue

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