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Corruption at the White House, Treasury Department & GM!

Obama Checks Out 'His' New GM Volt

The Republican led House is leveling a scathing accusation directly at the White House, President Obama and the Treasury Department led by Tim Geithner  for base corruption in the GM bailout.  Emails have surfaced that demonstrate blatant interference by these government organizations that amount to a huge United Auto Makers (UAW) Union payoff.

Treasury Department Director Timothy Geithner

Apparently, the White House staff & the Treasury Department, up to and including Tim Geithner, have been discovered to have advised GM to drop all the pensions of non-union workers at GM in order to save money.  Not one worker from the United Auto Workers Union was touched in the theft.  Further, these emails show how the White house advised GM on other methods of money management, even helping them write their press releases.

United Auto Workers President Gettelfinger

Remember when Obama said that he wasn’t in the business of running an auto company?  Yet another blatant lie.  Yet another sign of contemptible corruption from this administration.

Remember when another lovely Union Thug, AFL-CIO   leader Richard “Little Dick” Trumka,   bragged about visiting the White House at least twice a week at a time when Obama refused to meet even once with Senate Majority Leader John Boehner?

When will the sleeping giant awake?  We need to wake up and get a hold of this beast before it devours us.


  1. Have you seen the huge news today?

    The Washington Post has busted the White House for corruption:

    David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs were stopping investigations and ethics committee review attempts about this but when they saw it was all going to unravel, they blew out of the White House like nobody’s business. Why else would they leave the highest jobs in politics for no apparent reason? Car Czar Steve Rattner has already been caught and charged. The key people at the Dept. of Energy all bailed out at about the same time.
    Kleiner Perkins put Chu in office, funded the Obama campaign and got kickback funding for their companies and cut-off of funding for their competitors.

    There is more about this at-

    Get the subpeona’s going and let’s put the crooks in prison. Pass this around.

    Write a protest to your elected officials right now!

  2. I have been aware of this curruption and will never buy another GM product because of it.

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