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Sometimes Krauthammer Is Too Arrogant for Our Good

Charles Krauthammer

“I like him, but his candidacy is for entertainment..”- Charles Krauthammer on Herman Cain

Who does this guy think he is?  The sheer arrogance is unbearable.  I used to respect Charles Krauthammer, but lately, he is really rubbing me the wrong way..  see the following video.
Krauthammer also seems to believe that we need to amend the Constitution in favor of the executive office.  He feels that “every president should have the constitutional decency to get some congressional approval when he takes the country to war.”

What?  Rely on any president to have the ‘decency’ to TELL the congress he has taken us to war?  Krauthammer needs to get up, go outside, and get a breath of fresh air.

I am starting to wonder if fame & fortune has gone to this guy’s head.  He is not God, though perhaps he thinks he is.


  1. This citation thing is obviously a little difficult for you all so let me help you here. You see, I don’t base opinions on someone for innane little statements or a column or two that has things I disagree with. Decent people can disagree. My point was that Krauthammer is a giant among conservative thinkers in America today. You guys think he “lost his manners” and has fallen from grace (Susan) and that he “is a lousy prognosticator” (John). Observe:

    In Krauthammers June 16 piece, he rightly concludes that economic stagnation and inaction on trade is because Obama and the Dems are beholded to unions.

    “But Democratic fealty to unions does not stop there. Boeing has just completed a production facility in South Carolina for its new 787 Dreamliner. The National Labor Relations Board, stacked with Democrats — including one former union lawyer considered so partisan that he required a recess appointment after the Senate refused to confirm him — is trying to get the plant declared illegal. Why? Because by choosing right-to-work South Carolina, Boeing is accused of retaliating against its unionized Washington state workers for previous strikes.”

    In a May 10 piece entitled Demagoguery 101, Krauthammer takes Obama to task for demanding “civil discourse while blaming Republicans in the same breath. In it he states “this impugning of motives is an Obama constant. “They” play politics with deficit reduction, with government shutdowns, with health care. And now immigration. It is ironic that such a charge should be made in a speech that is nothing but politics. There is zero chance of any immigration legislation passing Congress in the next two years. El Paso was simply an attempt to gin up the Hispanic vote as part of an openly political two-city, three-event campaign swing in preparation for 2012.

    I could go on but in both cases you see that Krauthammer is clearly much more informed, thoughtful and intelligent than you give him credit for. So in the future, when I ask for a link or a citation, what I mean is that you need to do your homework and engage in a little research. Not liking someone because they don’t believe your guy will win an election or because he believes that declarations of war are a relic of the past is sophomoric at best.

    Class dismissed.

    • E,

      what you can’t understand is the fact that a person can fall from grace. He WAS good, but he has become arrogant. Yes, in MY opinion. You are free to continue worshiping the ground he walks on. I have been watching Krauthammer since 9/11- that is the day I woke up and began smelling the coffee. I couldn’t possibly have done more homework than the way I watch the news pretty much non-stop. As my post says, I am a news junky. I have admired his acuity for many years. You need not regurgitate his past statements. As I said, he has become arrogant. When someone says something like, “His candidacy is for entertainment”, you can see into his mind. Who talks like that?

      Now, if you think what a person says and how they say it doesn’t indicate the nature of the person, that is your business. If you believe that a person can’t be smart, informed, thoughtful, etc and STILL be arrogant, then that is your problem. In fact, arrogance is something every intelligent person must guard against at all times.

      I never said he was not informed, nor did I say he was not intelligent or thoughtful. But he is arrogant.

      Further, Cain is NOT ‘my guy’, E. Cain is someone I like. I said it was arrogant for this guy to sit there, smug as a cat, and dismiss a human being like that. I never said that the reason I ‘disliked’ Krauthammer is because he said countries don’t declare war anymore. I said that his CONCLUSION that the Executive Office (one man) should have the full power to use the greatest army on earth for his own personal will- was rotten, dangerous, and flawed. And that HE was arrogant to make such an enormous call to change the constitution to make it so.

      All your arguments are attempts to put words in my mouth to suit your sarcastic attacks, E.

      Now, E. I gave you the warning before I saw this or any other post you made late yesterday. So I will excuse you. But if you can’t avoid dripping sarcasm and personal attacks in your posts, then you will lose the right to continue on this blog.

  2. Oh and for the record, Krauthammer said the same thing about Reagan’s chances when he first ran for election. This guy is too smart by half, he is a blueblood who does not understand ordinary Americans

      • What link would you like to see? I use them EVERYWHERE unless I am stating the obvious. If you would like one that I didn’t add, please indicate & it wil be done for you.

      • E, in my article, I listed a quotes and a video link displaying Krauthammer saying the quote. Also, I put in a quote and a link to Krauthammer’s own article where he wrote the quote.
        What else do you want? Those two quotes alone demonstrate my point. There are others, but I think these two do very well, thank you.

      • I don’t have a link but heard on interview last week on the radio show Bill Bennett’s Morning in America where the auithor of a book gave that reference that Krauthammer did not give Reagan a chance at winning the election.

        He is a good writer but a lousy prognosticator.


  3. They would defintiely not dare call you such an inane name as Caribou Barbie, you would bite their heads off and hand it to them. the press needs to be confronted for the worthless drains on society and how utterly unethical they are.

    Blessings on you and yours

  4. Hey Shortie:
    I am with you on this. Krauthammer has become an inside the beltway guy and it has gone to his head. He has been leaning away from conservatism for a while now. It is sad indeed. This is why we all need to be informed and free thinking and not let the pundits tell us how to think.

    You NEED TO GO INTO POLITICS. We need you there, with your intellect and your looks, you would be unstoppable.


  5. Yes, it figures that you like Krauthammer. I am not surprised. I thought I put in quotes the part I disagreed with. I’ll do it again:

    ”every president should have the constitutional decency to get some congressional approval when he takes the country to war.”

    Decency? You are naive, E. Decency to get ‘some’ congressional approval. No. What we need is to stick with the War Powers Act. It addresses the changing needs of the changing battleground, allows quick response to terrorist or surprise attacks AND keeps the Executive Branch in check.

    Why, oh, why, would you want more power than that in ONE MAN? Are you so confident that no president would end up abusing it? That, to me, is just foolishness.

    Further, though I didn’t show the clip (still haven’t located it), Krauthammer showed his true reasoning when he first introduced the idea on Fox News. He said that the reason he didn’t want the Republicans to challenge Obama on the limitations of the War Powers Resolution is specifically because he didn’t want the Dems to do the same if a Republican president came to power.

    That is short sided stupidity. Balance of Power- division of power- is the only way to ensure common purpose. It is also the only way to ensure that one man’s will does not become the whole nation’s will.

    Why do you think the Executive office needs more power than what it currently has?

    • Q: Why do you think the Executive office needs more power than what it currently has?

      A: 9/11

      You seem to trust Congress so implicitly! Personally, I have little trust for the people that have spent us into $14 trillion in debt, passed ObamaCare, and count among their peers guys named Barney Frank and Anthony Weiner. Call me naive if you wish.

      Lastly, I consider liking Krauthammer akin to liking William F. Buckley, Victor Davis Hansen and Thomas Sowell. These are giants among conservative essayists. The reality is that when Krauthammer calls for “constitutional decency” he is basically agreeing with you, he just sees the need for adjustments. I don’t see the big deal.

      • Congress, with its hundreds of senators & representatives, at least dilutes the effects of the afore mentioned pigs. Just imagine if one of those pigs became president. With the full power of the United States military. To do with as, HE alone, wishes. No thanks, E. If my trust in a large body ( of which I do not have such an abundance as you think) is naive, then what can you possibly call your faith in One man? The war powers resolution gave Bush plenty of power to respond to 9/11.

        I use to truly admire Krauthammer, E. No longer. I feel he has become so used to being the ‘god’ of conservatism that he has lost manners and the ability to self reflect before he speaks. I am sorely disappointed in him. What surprises me is your blind faith in any person. He used to be great. He is not great anymore. To lose one’s admiration for a person is not a lack of loyalty. It is just using your own conscience & brain & eyes. People fall from grace. Krauthammer is one of them. Sadly.

      • I would truly love to hear some specific quotes from Krauthammer on what you disagree with. Not that one you mentioned that all but agrees with you. But something that supports your outlandish assertions that he thinks he is the ‘god’ of conservatism or that he doesn’t self reflect or that he has lost his manners. I’m trying to be nice here but I don’t do well with straw men arguments and unnecessary platitudes. Can you cite and link specifics?

  6. Krauthammer is one of the finest conservative thinkers in the nation today. I particularly enjoyed this from his column, as it supports my point from my comments yesterday:

    “The power to declare war has become, through no fault of anyone, archaic and obsolete. Taken literally, it is as useless as granting Congress the right to regulate horse-and-buggies.

    We need, therefore, some new way to fulfill the original constitutional intent. The WPR was a good try, but it failed because it was the work of Congress alone, which tried to shove it down the throat of the Executive, which, in turn, for over three decades has resisted it as an encroachment on the inherent powers of the commander in chief. ”

    Now, is there something you specifically disagree with there or anywhere else in the column?

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