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The Going Price for the President’s Ear: $35,800

Daniels Restaurant

President Obama is dining, as I write, at Daniel’s, a swanky restaurant in NYC to raise money for his next campaign.  The price of each meal:  $38,500.

The Presidency is officially for sale. 

Remember when Obama promised to use the measly Federal Government Campaign funds for his 2008?  But when he found that he couldn’t win in an honorable & fair election, off he ran to his progressive liberal friends (the billionaires who would like to control the Presidency) for hundreds of millions of dollars?  He looked a little tiny bit sheepish for that back then.  This year, he is flaunting it.

 This is not his first such scandal.  He already ran a $35,800 dinner in San Francisco this past April as well as a late fall dinner sponsored by  Marissa Mayer at her Palo Alto, CA home.  But the price was more reasonable for that one- only $30,800.

Now, how can President Obama get away with this dinner, I want to know?  The personal limit for any donation to a candidate is $2,500.  That is AGAINST THE LAW.  Here are the campaign guidelines:

  • $2,500 per election to a Federal candidate
  • $5,000 per calendar year to a PAC.
  • $10,000 per calendar year to a State or local party committee.
  • $30,800 per calendar year to a national party committee.
  • $117,000 total biennial limit.
  • $100 in currency (cash) to any political committee.

Obama will be the speaker at this event.  To claim that this donation is for the Democratic National Party is a farce.  If it is for the DNC, it is $5,000 too much.  Oh! I guess it must also be for the Political Action Committee running the show?  This money is directly for him and his campaign.  It is mere skirting of the law that you see here.  Once the money gets to these locations, they are simply funneled to Obama.

Campaigns are also getting around campaign finance laws by using ‘bundlers’.  These people create ‘groups’ of contributions so that they can skirt some of the limitations set out by these rules.  (example:  union employees can contribute to these ‘bundles’ for their candidate even though the Union itself may not.  There are no rules saying that these ‘bundle’ websites can’t be put on Union websites or Union paperwork.)  Juicy jobs have already been given to his highest bundlers from 2008.  What will he promise this time?

 “At the same time, some of Obama’s top bundlers in 2008 will be officially barred from fundraising because they’re now enjoying the perks of their past performance. Boston philanthropist Alan D. Solomont, former media executive Charles Rivkin, and technology lawyer John Roos each raised more than $500,000 for Obama’s 2008 campaign. They’re now serving as ambassadors to Spain, France, and Japan, respectively.”-Bloomberg Businessweek

And no one calls him out on it.

I have no doubt that Republicans have violated the intent of these campaign laws in the past.  I don’t care.  It needs to stop.  No one in the history of mankind has ever raised what Obama is raising (close to a BILLION dollars!).  He has gone too far.  The filthy rich bastards in the stratosphere have gone too far.  We need campaign reform.  We need it now.  No party & no candidate should receive this kind of money for their election campaigns.  We should pay for it with federal tax money.  Give both candidate the same amount of money and let them do what they can with it.

Otherwise, you had better get the names of the people paying for those $35,800 a plate meals.  Because they will be our true president.


  1. Short Little Rebel,

    You ain’t seen nothin yet! The puppeteers need to make their final move. Now is the time for them to strike. They have bargained with the prince of the earth. The people of the planet have listened to a different drummer and believed a great lie. Unless the people change, they will suffer Great Tribulation!

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