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Suffer With Me

abortion procedure

I’m suffering right now.  Tears stream down my face as I write this.    The first time I posted it, I hadn’t noticed that the arm and then the leg of this baby had been methodically pulled off its body.  Then, it’s little belly.  I’m sure it was painful.  Did the baby cry?  I thought the baby’s skull was just crushed quickly.

And now I am suffering.  So suffer with me, people.  For those who agree with this torture, may you suffer in hell.  For those who suffer with me, pray with me for help.


  1. Keep in mind that liberal progressives don’t accept biblical scripture as a valid reference. Without the absolutes established by GOD, any heinous act can and will be justified! I have grieved for years as I have helplessly watched my county’s soul disappear. However, those of us that are left need to fight the good fight, relying on GOD for the answers.

  2. The bible talks about someone to stand in the gap to defend the people. You have what it takes.
    God has richly blessed you and put you into a position where you are open to his leading.

  3. I have decided to do whatever I can to stop this. Look, someone gave the article a zero star rating. There was actually someone who thinks it is wrong or bad to abhor this outrage. It boggles the mind. Of course, they did not have the courage to leave a comment, because I would have skewered them through the heart and left them bleeding. There is a deep illness in this country. In my insanity of the previous night, all I could think of was WAR. Our political machine is broken. It only defends the EVIL in our society. It can not be fixed. The will of the people CAN NOT be done within this machine. I wonder if it is not time to declare war on our government and to replace it with one that better serves our needs.

    • You have all the right things going for you politically. You are young, pretty, brilliant and ethnic.
      You also have real fire in the belly. I would count it an honor to work with you. I am too old to get into politics myself, but I can sure help you. I would suggest running for the state legislature to start. I can school you on abortion facts and global warming facts insrtead of the current fiction.


  4. Oh and by the way, your daughter can’t get an aspirin from the school nurse without your written consent but the Roe Versus Doe decision says that your daughter can climb on the abortionist table at 13 WITHOUT your knowledge and consent. Talk about a nation that wants to control everything.

    Blessings on you and yours

  5. Hey Shortie
    It says in the bible not to shed innocent blood, that it pollutes the land and the land can’t be cleansed from it and God will punish those who shed innocent blood. I can think of no more innocent blood than an unborn baby.

    If you think this is bad, you should see what they do in a very late term abortion called partial birth abortion. There they turn the baby into the breech position in contradiction to all known medicine and then deliver the body while leaving the head in the birth canal where the OB then stabs the baby in the skull and sucitions out the brains and delivers a dead baby. Congress passed a law against this heinous act and Bill Clinton actually VETOED it!

    Every day I have to fight down the urge to bomb abortion clinics (empty ones, I would not hurt people no matter how much they deserve it)

    Blessings on you and yours

  6. If they did to puppies what they do to innocent babies in the womb, the libtards would be SCREAMING to have you thrown under the jail. It is still a law in our country if you damage a bald eagle egg, there is a 5 year federal stint in the penitentiary and and a$10,000 finie but it is still open season on unborn babies in the womb. We still have laws on the books in every state in the union for fetal homicide. If I hit you with my car and you are pregnant and it causes you to lose the baby then I will be tried for fetal homicide and yet if you decide to kill it, it is your right.

    Only in liberalville does this even begin to make sense. What they want is absolute power and absolute control and to replace God. The feminists shout you down if you bring it up and yet 50% of the babies murdered are girls. Can we spell SCHIZOPHRENIC and DELUSIONAL.

    Blessings on you and yours

    • John, i feel so weary and sad this morning. i cried all night & worried my kids & husband. i didn’t know they did that. America does not deserve to exist. It does not deserve God’s blessing. Humans are a waste of God’s time. There is no fouler thing- no satan, no demon is worse than MAN. Every day that goes by where we sit and allow this horror is just another day of borrowed time. Why did God create such a degenerate creature as man? Why should He love us? We are unlovable. I have lost all faith in America. I used to love it. I don’t anymore.

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