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Why Obama Won’t Talk Debt- He is the New, Lesser Teflon President

While Obama takes Evil Jet Owner's tax credits, he & Michelle will ride Air Force One to his gala fund raisers tonight instead of meeting with Congress over the plebian issue of national debt.

Are you one of the millions of Americans astounded by Obama’s most recent smug hypocritical thrashing of Republicans over the debt ceiling issue?  While he & Michelle get themselves ready in their tux & ball gown for two fund raising events for the 2012 election, he thrashes Republicans for not working hard enough.  He further sneers that they are holding up progress because they WILL not allow the Democrats to continue their insane spending spree AND raise taxes on Americans in the middle of an economic recession.  Smugly, he announces, “I’ve been here- getting bin Laden… and they are gone one week, here the next week… com’on, let’s get this done.”  He says he will not participate because he has ‘better’ things to do.  More ‘important’ things to do, like telling Middle Eastern presidents, “They have to go!”   He is too busy wrecking our foreign & domestic supply of oil.   Too busy enriching the pockets of his buddies who own stock in ‘green energy’ companies that couldn’t compete if oil was around.

He quipps that only ‘people with jets’ will be asked to contribute more (though these same jet owners already pay 40% of ALL taxes paid to the U.S. government already).  What he doesn’t mention is that he will also increase taxes on those earning a mere $250,000 as well.  Those are not jet owners.  Those are not even rich in today’s’ world.  George Soros, with his billions, is rich.  And he is Obama’s good friend.  Now why would Obama raise taxes on his friend?  Because, my friend, the truly wealthy don’t pay taxes at all.  Their money is locked up in off shore companies, shell companies, and clever schemes.  Soros laughs at taxes.  Only the hard working, sweating small business owner will be crushed by the new taxes proposed by Obama & the Dems.  And they are the ENGINE of the economy.  Hmmmm…. The truly rich will not be affected.  Small business owners will be crushed.  Hmmm.  Sound crazy?  Crazy like a fox!  These elitists plan the downfall of America.  They are planning the end to our borders.  They are planning on the abolishment of the dollar.  In favor of what?

More Power.  More power in fewer hands.  Central government of an even bigger nation:  The New American Union.  The United States with its bothersome Constitution stand in the way.  It must be brought mighty low to get the People’s consent to abolish it.   With people like Soros, Obama, Reid, Pelosi & Gore at the helm- as payback for the fall they are currently taking for him.

Obama will not engage in any real talks over any real issues.  Instead, he sends his attack dogs, Pelosi & Reid.  They have agreed to take the political fall for the ‘Teflon’ President.  Just like Health Care Reform.  Obama’s obsession with Reagan (the last Teflon President) is showing here.   He needs to be blameless and smug as he begins his 2012 campaign.  As he wastes the American taxpayer’s time & money for his own selfish ends.  As he methodically steps up the plan for our destruction.

Wake up, my fellow Americans.  His promises are false- he will not honor them.  There will be no ‘free’ health care.  There will be no ‘free’ old age care.  There will be no ‘free’ citizenship.  There is nothing free on earth. And you know it.  You are pawns in a much larger game.  This country will not exist at all for you when he is done.  And then, God help us, none of us will be ‘free’ again.


  1. Short LIttle Rebel, I and others are starting to awake! However, it may be too late!

  2. Teflon? In a sense…

    But Ronald Reagan was called the Teflon President because nothing stuck to him regardless of how much mud the media threw at him. In Obama’s case, the media is hiding his flaws and actively shielding him.

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