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Gentle Americans, It Is Time To Become A Big Mouth

My fellow Americans, we are a gentle people.  No matter that other countries, other Peoples or even some of our own spoiled citizens say we are the opposite.  Our great nation has always been slow to war and even slower to internal strife.  We are a nation founded on Christian values of peace, humility & hard work.  Part of that belief is that each and every one of us is on an individual journey through life- not only as an American citizen, but as children of God.  Embedded in our national psyche is the Golden Rule first brought to earth by Jesus:  “Do unto others what you would have them do to you.”  Americans shy from judgement- once again, a value learned from our humble Lord who washed the feet of his disciples.  In essence, Americans mind their own business and leave each of us to commune with our own conscience and our own God.  We don’t like to interfere.

What are the results of this unique, American mindset?

A nation so generous in its new-found freedom that it opened its arms to the poor, the needy and the homeless of the entire world.  Citizenship to the greatest nation God has ever created was handed out freely to any who would dare the seas.  A warm embrace never seen before, nor ever given again.  A court system who would rather release 100 guilty criminals than indict one innocent person.  A nation that gives more money to the world’s poor than all other countries combined.  A nation that selflessly gave almost half a million valiant American lives to free Europe from Fascism & Nazism.  A nation that has defended Muslims in Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, & Kuwait while their own leaders slay them in the streets and torture them in their jails.  A nation so blended in culture & race & background that being an American cannot be explained by color.  A nation that has self disciplined the wrongs of the past through peaceful protest- with the enactment of Civil Rights legislation & Women’s Rights legislation.  A nation so intent on equality that we have bent too far in the opposite direction, actually creating a privileged, rabid minority bent on destruction.  A nation with the greatest record of human liberty that the world has every seen.  We have been, indeed, the City on the Hill- envied by all.

My friends.  I’m calling on all good & normal Americans to pay attention now.  Things have gone too far.  Our government has left us while we were working so hard to take care of our responsibilities at home.  Our government has taken a life of its own- it no longer responds to our wishes.  The usurpation of our natural ownership of Government has so deceitfully taken place while our eyes were bent to the plow.  Our trust has been violated.  No one wants the Government to continue spending our tax money with so much abandon- leaving a debt our children can never pay.  No one wants the killing of 24 week old fetuses- or worse, the destruction of full term babies through partial birth abortion.  No one wants the indoctrination of our children through our schools & universities.  No one wants the crushing of  the right to freedom of religious speech.  No one wants Obamacare.  No one wants our Government to continue forcing us to use expensive products we don’t want to use- as is the case with these new green vehicles and electicity that only they can afford.  No one wants more war in the Middle East.  No one wants our country to police the other countries in the world and no one wants American money to be spent taking care of citizens of other countries- regardless of their dire circumstances.   No one wants Mexico to tell us what to do.  No one wants Mexican drug cartels on American Land.  No one wants more taxes.  No one wants the Government to own our car companies or our banks.  No one wants the President to own the military for his private use.

These are things we can all agree on.

Why do we have no power to make our government respond to our desires?  Why is it so hard to do?

To me, the worst of these offenses is the indoctrination of our children.  I encourage all normal Americans to look for college blog sites and read the material therein.  It is alarming, my friends.  Decent minded children are being threatened with violence if they speak out against the Progressive Liberal Ideology.  God & Jesus loving students are having their rights to speak their religious views squelched.  Teachers & Professors are targeting our children with punishment and social ridicule if they do not walk the line in class discussion.  Religious & conservative activities, political speeches and gatherings are being cancelled on universities across the country.  Violence is being threatened, intimidating even the most moderate of college administrations.

Patient, good people of America.  If we do not start voicing another Ideology- the ideology of our fathers and of our Father- these people will crush the future of America by making our children believe they are Isolated in their beliefs.  They will not feel the desperately needed support of their countrymen when violent liberals spit in their faces & raise their crow bars.  We need to put our manners aside, Americans, and we need to be loud.  Loud and clear.  Let us support our children in school.  Let us come together and demand that the government do what WE, the People, demand.  If they can not acheive that which all of us can agree on, then what is their purpose?  Oh, we don’t say it all the time, but remember  the flags after 9/11?  I am calling on you to raise the American Flags of Voice.  Sing it out, Americans.  Be Corny.  Be Patriotic.  Say you love God.  Support your kids.  Look to see what is happening all over American schools as teachers & professors seek to protect their jobs and create more progressive liberals.   Fire the politicians, regardless of party, who refuse to be our servants.   Our country and way of life is at stake.  Let us begin to fight back.  It is our duty.  Our sacred right.  I thank you.


  1. America, do you know why our children can not pledge allegiance to God? It because our government caters to the Muslims already in America. Muslims oppose our children pledging allegiance to our God, so our government appeases the Muslims. If the Muslims wants to change the way the Americans do things then send the Muslims back to the Middle East and face their destiny in a violent world.

    All the money spent fighting a war in the Middle East all of these past years could have been best spent creating a healthy environment for America. America can not afford to be fighting in the Middle East. A lot of veterans in the Middle East have been sent back over serving multiple tours with out choice in the matter and their families have seen less of their loved ones than has the Middle East. Their is a muslim community situated in the state of Michigan where the muslims do not allow cameras or reporters to go in and ask them questions. When 9/11 happened, we knew Saudis were involved and I was angry that the United States did not go and attach Saudis Arabia; main reason, the Bushes are friends with the Saudis. Under the Bush administration there was a non bid contract awarded to a contractor that had former ties with Dick Cheney.

    One thing I admire about France is that they are not allowing the muslims to act what ever they want in their country. The women are being made to uncover their faces. We should not allow the muslims here in the US to dictate to us, if they wish to enjoy freedom and live in America then they should accept the American custom or get the hell out!

    The situation with the drug cartels in Mexico, the US needs to tell Mexico they have a limited time period to take over all the cartels or else the US will do it our way. I do not understand why we have not used drones to capture all the locations of the cartels and in one fell swoop we just attack they entire compounds and dispose of all of these monsters and killers; stop the distribution of drugs on our children and others.

    Now what amazes me is that the Democrats are allowing the GOP sound off like the Democrats have generated the entire stimulus package on their own watch. Bush started the stimulus package with 350 billion dollars and most of that was used to bail out AIG and AIG execs gave themselves multi million dollar raises off of the American taxpayers backs. The stimulus under the Obama administration was supposed to help to create jobs for teachers and provide education for our children and young adults. Only thing I see in my state a lot of teachers have been laid off. As a matter of fact there is no true accounting of where all of the 700 to 800 billion dollars has gone to.

    I do not support one party over another party, I think both parties are just disgusting and we should shout loud and clear and vote every congressman and senator currently in house out of office in their next elections.

  2. Hey Shortie
    I have had an epiphany. Ms Cantwell needs to be voted out. There are no conservative candidates running against her because she is perceived as unbeatable.

    I don’t beleive that she is unbeatable. I have a plan to beat her. We go to the college kids and involve them. We challenge them to raise $10,000 each. Do you realize that 100 college kids raising $10,000 is MILLION DOLLARS RAISED? We explain to them that there are no jobs when they graduate because of the libtards. We show them that if they work on your campaign and raise money, it is the conservatives who own the businesses and this will shout TEAM PLAYER which will cause them to get job offers. There are a number of small businesses that they can start for well under a $1,000. They would get business experience. We tell them that we will work with them on the old “share cropper” business model that we split the profits with them 50-50. We also have a contest for the one who raises the most money in the form of an all expense paid vacation for two for a week to Hawaii, Cancun or Orlando.

    If we got just 25% of all the college students to vote for you, you would win the election hands down.

    I have a ton of ideas on how and why we can win this election.

    One thing that most people don’t know is that people get into politics because you can become rich from it. It is a little known fact that once you leave politics, you can keep all the unspent campaign funds that you have raised. We need to campaign on term limits to eliminate this graft. Two terms for Senate and two terms for Congress, the same as the president. These themes will resonate with the public, especially with our battle cry: “We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore”.

    Blessings John
    You need to give me your phone number on my private email and we can chat with you, me and your hubby.

  3. It is time for all working class Americans to stand together and use their voting power to remove all these elected officials who have ignored the working class citizens far too long.

    Shame on congress for wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for the working class people. All voters, I urge you to write to your congress man and demand that they remove the provisions that they have a nice retirement package after serving whether one term or multiple terms; also remove free medical care for themselves. Congressmen can avoid to pay for their own medical insurance as many working class citizens can not. Urge congress to write up a bill to limit term limits for serving in congress; this way, this should avoid playing favorites to lobbyists.

    Shame on congress haggling over the budget trying to cut 4 to 6 billion dollars immediately. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent each year in the Middle East. Consider if we had all the money spent all of these years in the Middle East; how small would our debt ceiling be today. Write your congressmen and demand that we pull out of the Middle East entirely and use all those hundreds of billions of dollars to help the American nation to get back on its feet.

    Too many countries hate Americans, yet America is spending billions and millions of dollars on these American haters. Write your congressmen and demand that we stop all foreign aid and pull out of the World Banking System and United Nations. The United Nations is an absolute joke and we host the United Nations. It is time for America to say we are now going to take care of own people and all other governments are responsible for taking care of their own people; no longer expecting America to take care of them.

    The GOP are too busy wanting to cut benefits to the working class citizens and keep tax cuts in place for the rich. The rich are getting richer by sending labor overseas. The GOP will tell you that the rich will create jobs right here at home. It is time to open your eyes and wake up the rich are for getting richer and they do not care if the working class people have a roof over their heads or food on the table let alone health insurance.

    Actually the working class people should get together and for a new political party and call it, “The Working Class Party” and start booting out all Congressmen and Senators of the GOP and Democratic parties whom have stopped caring for the well being of the working class people.

    • Captain America,

      I’m with you all the way on most of your points. The one thing I would caution you about: I would not buy the old “rich” vs. the “poor” story from Obama. He is more for the rich than the GOP could ever dream about. George Soros, one of the filthiest rich people in the world, a guy who thinks “America should stop fighting the managed decline of the dollar” and wants a new world order that would erase U.S.A. borders, is Obama’s best friends. Unfortunately for all of us, the truly rich do not pay taxes at all- they do not care about the country they come from, they have no sense of patriotism, and do not care about political parties unless that party can make them richer. They attempt to manipulate both parties every year. That being said, Obama’s new taxes will hurt the small to medium size businesses- the ones that create jobs. My job & your job. They are not the truly rich. Obama wants to start taxing people who make $250,000-$1,000,000. These people already pay 40% of all taxes. They are the owners of successful businesses. They are the hard working people! Nothing wrong with them making the money- I wish I could earn that! And if anyone tried to make me pay more than the 40% I already pay, I would be furious.

      And Medicare? Guess what? Obama care ends 30% of Medicare for ALL people- including people already retired. Including people who are very old. At least the GOP plan only affects those people under 55 years old. People who have time & energy to make adjustments to their retirement plans. They are also guaranteeing health coverage during old age with extra help for the needy. They are just cutting out the middle man (massive gov. bureaucracy ) in getting the health care to the people. I believe the information that says that if we don’t cut the programs SOMEHOW, we will simply lose Medicare & Medicaid forever.

      On your point about politicians getting a full retirement for the rest of their lives regardless of how many years they stay in office (example: Weiner!) or how poorly they did- it is absolutely an outrage! They should get the same options as everyone else does. Plain & simple.

      Businesses are scared. They are sitting on their money, preparing for the storm: Obama care costs. Insurance companies are raising their prices to record highs because Obama is forcing them to cover a person’s kids until they are 26! So one guy with 4 kids gets even more expensive to cover. I own a small business- THAT is expensive. Most businesses are saying they will simply drop health care coverage- just to survive.

      There IS something wrong going on with the GOP. Why are they letting Obama get FULL control of the military? Why are did they allow Obama to use the budget reconciliation process to pass Obamacare? Why do they allow American citizens be classified as ‘enemy combatants’? Why do they allow checkpoints within USA borders that allow U.S.A. citizens to be stopped and interrogated? Because they want the POWER too- when their turn comes.

      We, the regular people are pawns in a much bigger game. We NEED to use our best judgement. We need to NOT just take sides blindly. We need to NOT rip each other’s eyes out. We need to work together.

      In the end, my greatest fear is Obama. He is a bad man. I will definitely side with the GOP to get Obama out. After that, we need to put the politicians into the fire and hold their feet to the constitution.

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