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Who Is Rupert Murdoch & Who Controls the News?

Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual M...

Rupert Murdoch

I began this article to address the growing scandal in England over media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World Newspaper.  This English tabloid, its managers, reporters, private investigators & even the London Police have been embroiled in a phone tapping scandal that began in 2006 when police investigations discovered that Prince William’s private phone messages had been hacked by the newspaper.  One editor & one private investigator were convicted in 2007 and jailed in the incident.  But the allegations & investigation are far from over.  Only days ago,  new allegations against the paper claim that it also tapped into two murder victims’ home phone messages (deleting some) in 2002, the private home messages of victims of London’s 7/7 attacks and even the home messages of dead soldiers’ families’ home messages.

This is news in and of itself.  However, as I investigated the matter further, I couldn’t help but come across Rupert Murdoch’s larger story- the story of a multi-billionaire who ‘owns’ one of the largest news organizations (including Fox & its affiliates) in the world:  News Corp.  Sources have it that Murdoch’s News Corp. reaches about 1/4 of the earth’s population.  Allegations, some of which is confirmed by Murdoch himself, say that he uses his organizations to reflect his own personal political agendas.  In some years, he has supported Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama in the United States and Tony Blair in England- all leftist politicians.  Other years, he has supported conservative individuals such as Bush and David Cameron of England.  The Sun, one of Murdoch’s English papers, crowed its success in swinging a critical election in England.  Murdoch himself is on tape bragging about how he ‘tried’ to affect certain elections and failed.

Astounded that one man could control so much information, I was led to wonder, “Who owns the rest of the news media?”  There are six top news media outlets:  GE who owns NBC, MSNBC & TeleMundo; News Corp which owns FOX, the Wall Street Journal & the N.Y. Post; Walt Disney (again, who knew?) which owns ABC; Viacom, whose only news venture appears to the an Indian media company, Global Broadcast; CBS; and finally, Time Warner which owns CNN.  I researched the stock market to see who owned them.  While each has individuals, like Rupert Murdoch, who own large stakes, it is the institutions which own the lion’s share.  As I looked through these institutions, I saw an eerie pattern of ownership emerge.   I have provided links for your information.  Do you see the same pattern I saw?

Seeing the patterns, I decided to create a series of charts which would track what news outlets each of these institutions controlled.

Click to see full size chart

Vanguard Group

Click to see full size chart

Fidelity Investments (FMR LLC)

Click to see full size chart

Wellington Management and Dodge & Cox

Click to see full size chart

Capital Group Companies

Click to see full size chart

Price (TROW) Assc., Inc.

The results left me speechless.  ALL of the news media are PRIVATELY owned by six or so families and/or groups:  the oldest & the richest of all people.  Both the liberal & conservative press belongs to them.  They share ownership equally.  The scheme they have used to purchase ALL the news media outlets is disgusting, people of America.   While it took me an entire day of intensive research through the stock exchanges, it wasn’t that difficult to re-engineer the information and backtrack the ownership to a tiny number of people.  When I looked at my final charts, I wasn’t sure what disgusted me more- the fact that they don’t even bother to really hide the information or the information itself.

These are the groups (and the top individuals within them) who own EVERY news organization:  Fidelity Investments (FMR LLC) which is privately owned by the Johnson family;

abigail johnson

Abigail Johnson of Fidelity Investments & Richest American Woman


Ned Johnson








The Vanguard Group which is privately owned by William McNabb, John Bogle, Richard Carpenter, George Sauter, & Morimer Buckley;

William McNabb of Vanguard Group

William McNabb of Vanguard Group

John Bogle

John Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Group








Capital Group Companies (Capital Research Global Investors, Capital World Investors) which is privately owned by  James Rothenberg, Timothy Armour, John Webb, Paul Haaga & Paul Roye, Philep de Toledo, Michael Jackson, Scott Khemthong, Brendan MacMillan, John Smet, Martin Romo, Robert Lovelace, Grant Cambridge, Michael Kerr, Wagener, David Fisher, Joyce Gordon;

James Rothenberg

James Rothenberg of Captial Group Companies

Founder Lovelace

Founder Lovelace of Captial Group Companies

Robert Lovelace

Robert Lovelace of Capital World Investors










the mysterious Price (TROW) Associates, Inc (Owned by TROW Price Group) which is both private & public, oddly owns J.P. Morgan and in return is owned by J.P. Morgan in a bizarre circular scheme that makes them appear to be the same agency and is owned by James Kennedy, Kenneth Van Moreland, Brian Rogers, Joseph Paul Croteau, Barbara Ann Van Horn, Edward Bernard, Michael Gitlin, William Stromberg, Christopher Alderson, and John Linehan;

James AC Kennedy

James AC Kennedy of TROW Price Group

brian rogers

Brian Rogers of Price TROW Assc., Inc







Wellington Management Co., LLP which is privately owned by Perry Marques Traquina, Frank Catrickes, Frank Teixeira, Edward Johnson Steinborn, and Thomas Louis Pappas; and lastly


Perry Tranquina from Wellington Management Co. LLP

Dodge & Cox which is privately owned by Wendell W. Birkhofer, Bryan Cameron, John A. Gunn, Harry R. Hagey, David C. Hoeft, Kenneth E. Olivier, Charles F. Pohl, Gregory R. Serrurier, and Diana S. Strandberg.

john gunn

John Gunn of Dodge & Cox

To summarize:  these are the six private companies that own all the news:  Fidelity Investments, The Vanguard Group, Capital Group Companies, Price (TROW) Group (though technically public, is actually private), and to a lesser extent Wellington Management Co. LLP and Dodge & Cox.

“How have they avoided monopoly laws”, you might wonder.  Ah.  They think they are clever.  Each of these families & groups use the EXACT same ‘shell’ companies to purchase the news.  Each of their stock profiles look almost identical.  Each family or group has bought either directly into the stocks of the news organizations or have used ‘vehicle’ companies, all owned by them, to purchase the news.  No matter how you cut the cake, they have split the news between them in what looks like a scheme to ensure that no family or group gets the upper hand on the other.  The patterns are too similar to be a coincidence.  No way, no how.

These are the ‘vehicle’ companies that these groups & families own and use to make their acquisitions:  Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan (and Price TROW Association in a circular ownership scheme), State Street, BlackRock and Alliance Bernstein.  That’s it.  The six families and/or groups each own about equal shares of these ‘vehicles’.  They split them up between themselves.  They have the controlling majorities together.

These ‘vehicle’ companies all own GE (which owns NBC & MSNBC), Disney (ABC), TimeWarner (CNN) and Goldman Sachs (CBS & NewsCorp’s FOX).  Technically, they are ‘publicly’ traded, but these families and groups own all the controlling interest in them!  The only media outlet they seem uninterested in is Viacom, which focuses on entertainment and only one small news outlet in India.

Do  any of these ‘vehicle’ companies sound familiar?  Like Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan who received massive bailout  funds paid for by you & me?  Uh, huh.  We spent our sweat soaked cash- the cash that should be feeding our families- to these six families & groups so that they would not lose their pocket change.  How do you like that?

These people believe we are that dumb.  That no one will ever wonder what I wondered.  That no one would take the time to backtrack the ownership back to them.  That no one would bother to tell everyone.

Information is POWER.  And controlling what the people of the world, through the power of the American press, means being able to present the ‘story’ of ‘reality’ to the world.  All these people need to do is get together in a room, decide how they want to ‘spin’ human events in their favor and then direct both the conservative & liberal news outlets to put out the message.

“What have they to gain by working both sides of the aisle?”, you might ask.  Well, they can tell you that there are only two sides of the aisle!  What if I told you that there is a third story?  What if the story is their story?  What if these few people have their OWN agenda?  And they are pitting us Americans against each other to distract us from the real issues?  And what if they are pitting Americans against other countries as well?  What if they deny coverage to politicians who will not walk the line?  Why do these people meet with every presidential candidate?

Something stinks here.  And I think I have found the rotting fish.  This is proof of news conspiracy.  This is proof of these powerful few directing our government, President Obama in particular, to bail the ‘vehicle’ companies out.  It is NOT a coincidence.  It needs to be ended.  We need legislation that will FOREVER ban the private ownership of all the news into so few hands. Laws need to be enacted that will end the ability of a cartel to create ‘public’ companies of which they own the controlling shares and with which they then use to purchase & control the media of our free nation.  We need to end the money flow into our politics- especially in our presidential elections- no more $35,800 meals for any campaign fund-raisers.

It needs to end, fellow Americans.  Our politicians can neither be subject to threats of media shut-out nor under the intoxicating influence of money from these few corrupt rich.  This is our country still.  If we do not wake up and demand the end of central control of the news and the end of massive money flows into our elections, we will be laughable pawns on a chessboard not of our choosing.

****Nov 15, 2016  UPDATE:  I came to this article as a favor to a friend.  I was going to repost this to Facebook but as I reviewed the article, something was completely amiss!  This article had been hacked.  All the charts I drew and all the photos of the individuals involved in the companies had been deleted and replaced with unrelated photos pulled from my WordPress database.  I don’t know how long this article has been corrupted in this manner.  My apologies for anyone who found it in this condition, but I have now updated it into its proper form.  I will now check this article and be sure to keep a desktop copy for quicker updates.  These people don’t want the truth of their operations to be known so easily.  I am thrilled that this article worries them.  smiles.


  1. I love your article, but where can I find a list of your sources? I would like to reference this article in an essay I am writing about the trustworthiness of traditional news media vs. bloggers. I know what you say is true, but I need to prove it–and so do you, if you are ethical.

    • Every source is listed in the article. You can see the links for each bit of information. Click on them. There is the source. My information on the stock ownership is the stock market itself. Just click on the links and they will bring you to the page on the stock market that proves the company’s ownership. If you have any further questions, please let me know. EVERY word I printed is 100% true. See for yourself!

    • I have tried the tags at the top of your screen, but they do not take me to specific articles. I did discover that the links in your article does take me where I need to go–so thank you. Still, I feel if bloggers want to be considered as credible as traditional journalists, they should provide a list of references. Sometimes websites are taken down or articles are removed. Links, although convenient, do not always work.

      • Rhonda. This is an ORIGINAL piece. I don’t link to other articles because this is completely unique. I am not speaking on another person’s opinion! This is a research piece that I conducted. The links take you DIRECTLY to my links. The links are to the DATA I used to draw my charts and formulate my conclusions. You can use the data Iinked to to recreate the charts I made. The charts are FACT, based on the real DATA I sent. In my article, I walk you through a series of logic based statements that you can refute or agree with based on the facts presented. My article doesn’t prove wrong doing, but it does prove conspiracy and ownership by the stated groups. No evidence could be more secure or more complete than THAT! I think you are used to only using articles that link to other articles. Well, there has to be an ORIGIN of the first of that article chain, doesn’t there? This is the origin page. I do not understand what you mean by references but I do think you are a little confused when faced with an original piece that is based on data & critical reasoning. Hope you can figure that out, Susan

  2. I highly suggest two things – first, look into Austro-libertarianism, especially where you will find a wealth of information and a unified picture of economics and politics which is directly counter-status quo. Second, check out a series of lectures by Murray N Rothbard called “the American economy and the end of lazzais-faire” – they are very illuminating and concern the beginning of plutocracy in America.

  3. Reblogged this on nebraskaenergyobserver and commented:
    Ever wonder why the news sounds the same all the way from MSNBC to Fox? Here’s why.

    Short Little Rebel has sorted out the ownership, there’s a lot here. Short form is that the news you see could have been decided around your kitchen table with room left over. If you believe anything on TV after reading this, well it’s probably OK if you believe Kim Kardashian is cute but not too bright beyond that you need to dig a lot deeper.

    WOW, all the Kudo’s I can get a hold of to SLR for this, I sort of knew it interlocked but this is horrendous, she’s got some ideas for cures at the end, I don’t necessarily agree with those in detail, I need more time, but her thrust there is correct also.

  4. I have wondered why Iwatch and read less of the press. They sound the same. Britt Hume on Fox is not so different from the guy on CBS. They want the status quo.
    I wish you would share your research with us. I don’t wan’t to have to redo what you’ve already done.

    • Christian, I gladly and wishfully share this information with ANYONE who will share it. Please feel free to copy & paste, share or do whatever you want with my research. That is why I started blogging- to get the REAL information out there. The TRUTH is shocking and quite alarming. Americans need to wake up before we lose our nation. Laws are literally being put in place to accomplish this- everything from restricting our ability to own real weapons, our ability to travel freely (illegal checkpoints WITHIN our borders and the recent law to give the IRS the power to stop our travel at airports with ZERO oversight or legal recourse), to the new ability of the MILITARY to arrest United States citizens right here at home to the government’s (both Republican & Democrat) driving desire to completely take over the Internet (see my article on Joe Lieberman’s current Cyber Security & Internet Freedom Bill).

      The secret of the Progressives is to pass these new powers by tucking them into boring funding bills so that no one notices. Also, they don’t abuse these laws. They are there, waiting, ready. But we must ask, ‘Ready for what?’ For me, I do not trust in so much power in so few hands. They are against our Constitution and yet they are law. So what does that mean for the inviolability of the Constitution? So, feel free to share, share, share everything I have done. Please. Or we will lose the greatest nation on earth to only a handful of people.

    • Because I began to feel it was too one sided I stopped believing a word the news media had to say several years ago. It never added up or made sense. I even cut my cable tv off. I remember when I was a young girl my daddy telling me that in other countries they didn’t really know what was going on in the world because their county kept them in the dark and how lucky we were to be able to know in America. Forty years later I started to realize that was happening here. I decided to make my own decisions about what I wanted to put in my head by reading sites like the one I am reading right now. I have to admit it makes it hard to sleep at night but at least I have a sense of what is really going on in the world instead of watching the cartoons known has the news media.

  5. Didn’t know where to post this…can’t get you via email or fb. They have cyber attacked R Paul’s web so he cant get donations. He has my vote as well as many others…yeah I was for Cain until more research….anyway, they’re running scared of that man thus, no media coverage but people aren’t stupid and they want him.

  6. You did a good job on this post, showing exactly how few corporations control the media. I noticed in one of the comments that there was surprise that this information was not widely know. This information has been out there for years, but you would have heard it mostly on what would be considered “real” liberal media outlets, particularly talk radio (of which there are only a few) and print media in magazines like the Nation. Why this info doesn’t get out there is due to a 35 year plus effort to portray the mainstream media as the “liberal” media. It goes back to the days of the Nixon Administration. They felt they were getting a raw deal from the media (remember at that time there were only 3 network). A libertarian journalist and Ayn Rand devotee named Edith Efron wrote a book in 1971 called “The News Twisters” that put forth this “liberal media” therory. It was an obscure book but when the media began digging deeper into Watergate, the Nixion Administration began pushing this book and story to push back against the negative media coverage. Over the years that story has been pushed by many on the conservative side but what was actually happening was deregulation of the media industry and consolidation, which has reached the point of 6 companies contolling the vast majority of the media ast you highlight in you post. Whenever I hear someone trying to blame the “liberal” media have to laugh and try to explain to them that it is not liberal it is corporate. They are going to push the story line that benifits their corporate interest and bury the stories that don’t. But having the “liberal media bias” story out there makes a great cover story for their real agenda. If you want to read more about this subject a good book is “The Republican Noise Machine” by David Brock. Brock gets heavily criticised today by those on the right but most people don’t know the back story as to why they hate him. Brock use to be a right wing journalist writing for the American Spectator a conservative. He is the guy who wrote the “Trooper gate” story against Bill Clinton, an attack book on Hillary Clinton and he is also the guy that labled Anitia Hill as “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty”. Several years later he came clean and confessed that none of these stories were true and then he wrote a couple of books exposing how the Arkansas Project and conservative media went after the Clintons and his role in that effort. It was after he wrote these books that the right wing media outlets turned on him and began attacking. It is worth a read.
    I have to comment on the confusion that there seems to be in the comment thread about the bailout. The approximate $800 billion bailout (called TARP) was approved during the Bush Administration, in October 2008. The intial proposal from Paulson was a 3 page document that basicly said give me $800 billion, with no stings and no congressional oversight and I the Treasury Sect will decide how the money should be use to bailout the financial system. I should mention that Paulson was the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs. This didn’t fly it was reworked and it still failed on the first vote in Congress. The stock markets tanked and Congress panicked. They modified the bill and it passed the second time around. The revised bill did a couple of things. It gave the Bush Administration on half the funds up front and said they would have to come back to get a release on the balance. It also set up a congressional appointed commission as a watchdog. The person appointed to head this committe was Elizabeth Warren (Yes the same Elizabeth Warren that they hate today. I guess she did too good of a job). The second half of the funds were released by Congress in December after Obama was elected but before he was sworn in. During the transition period the Bush and Obama people worked together and jointly went to congress for the release of the second half. The TARP funds are those that went to the banks, AIG and other financial institutions to bail them out. (FYI, I was opposed to the TARP bailout. I think the funds should have been used to set up a true national bank (government operated) and the $800 billion should have been used as starting capital. Then they should have refinanced troubled mortgages. a lower fixed interest rate (for example turn the starting teaser rate to a fixed rate) and make the loans for longer terms (40 or 50 years) or whatever adjustements that were need to keep people in there homes. By doing this it would have kept the housing market from tanking and reduced foreclosures and they could have told Wall Street, you sort out the derivatives mess you created, and you are not getting any taxpayer money. But that is a whole other story.
    Where there seems to be confusion is that what is being refered to as the “Obama bailout” is actually the Recovery Act (aka stimulus plan). It was also around $800 billion, but it contained no funds for bailing out the banks. It was approved in March 2009. The stimulus plan was made up of three roughly equal components. The first 1/3 was a tax cut for everyone making under $250k. The second 1/3 were grants that were given to state and local governments so that the could balance their budgets. They were all having shortfalls because of the recession and they were looking at massive layoffs (teachers, firefighters, EMTs, police) to balance budgets. Unemployment was already escalating and they wanted to avoid more people being added to the unemployed. Since state and local governments cannot borrow for operating expenses, the Federal government was the vehicle used to borrow on their behalf and then they recieve the money by grants. (FYI, these funds have run out and without any chance for a new stimulus you are seeing state and local governments doing big layoffs right now. This would have occured in 2009 at the height of the recession if noy for the stimulus grants. The last 1/3 was for infrastructure projects. This was the slowest portion to get into the economy because of the upfront design and permitting requirements.
    There has been a concerted effort to blur the TARP and stimulus programs and to say that both occured while Obama was president, which just isn’t true.
    One final item, the “enemy combatant” term was originally used during WW 2 to hold German prisioners. It disapeared after the war and was resurrected by the Bush Administation. They applied it to people they sent to Gitmo, but they also applied it to a few American citizens (Jose Padilla). I am not aware of Obama designating anyone as an “enemy combatant”.
    Sorry my comments get so long, but again good post on the media.

    • Hi Daniel, I would like to respond to your comment, but I just completed over 72 hours of reading, analysis & writing of my in depth article concerning Anders Breivik and his 1518 page manisfesto! I’m pooped and will have to come back later!

  7. True the media is controlled by a few and have always abused their powers to influence and control the mindset of Americans. The only thing I disagree with is President Obama being pointed out as the one to bail out these vehicle companies. In fact it is former President George W. Bush who first came up with the bail out plan. Just putting blame where it originally started with all the bail out plans, did not start with President Obama.

    I agree with using the power of the internet to get the word out and to show loud and clear the American people will no longer be set up as puppet targets any longer. Actually, what is needed is to form a whole new political party and elect that party candidates into office and remove all the current politicians we now have in office; this is the only way that Washington D.C. will understand that the American people are fed up with them.

    • President Bush did indeed start the bail out process. I have to research how much money went to J.P Morgan & Goldman & Sachs. Those are the two major vehicle companies used to purchase the news. But Bush’s tiny little bail out was NOTHING compared to the 800 billion dollar bailout from Obama. That being said, while I hate to think Bush was part of this scheme, I withhold my final judgement until I have more information. I am very, very suspicious about Americans being labeled enemy combatants. That is exceptionally scary. And I have to research which president was in office when this happened. If it was Bush, ….I want to believe he was naive, but I know that would be impossible. While everyone likes to paint him as stupid, no one who gets to be president is stupid. Also, they have so many analysts and advisors for each & every decision. They are surely aware of the pro’s & con’s of each decision before they make it. So if it happened under Bush and the Bush bailout gave hundreds of millions to J.P. Morgan & Goldman & Sachs…. well, I will be sad -and even more concerned about the state of our government.

    • Thanks! Aren’t you shocked that this information is not being blasted over every news outlet? What am I saying??? Of course they don’t say anything, cause they BELONG to the scoundrels! This is a nightmare. We need to spread the word all through the Internet. People are simply not getting the REAL information- and it is alarming.

  8. i am a journalist. and i am petrified. this stuff coming out in the uk is terrifying. i never want to be involved in anything like that!

    • The UK is only a side line of this story. It is the AMERICAN news that truly frightens me. OUR news is only owned by six private companies which puts EVERYTHING we ‘know’ into the hands of under 100 people! That is what is terrifying.

  9. Shortie
    I will be a constant thorn in your side until you give me your decision about running for the Senate. I will work tirelessly for your success and have a lot of experience successfully “cold calling” businesses. It is unconscionable that we have a liberal senator in your state running unapposed by a Republican. We have much to talk about.

    • John, my reluctance doesn’t stem from unwillingness. It stems from pragmatism. I somehow feel that by blogging, I am doing more important things than by joining the establishment. I’ve worked in large corporate environments and I have learned exactly what it feels like to be a tiny fish swimming upstream against a massive current. The powers that be have everything. The establishment is fully broken. One more politician can’t make a difference. Only the masses of the American people can do it. And right now, they are asleep. I want to wake them up. Guns won’t do it. Fighting won’t do it. Running away won’t do it. All we have, as Americans and as Christians is each other. If we ALL refuse to be used by these people, they can not succeed. They NEED us to cooperate. They need us to work, make money & buy their stuff. Without us, they are poor. That is how we win, I think. I just have grave, grave doubts that the system can be brought down from within.

      • Hey Shortie,
        Tell that to the Tea Party. They are making a huge difference. They need leaders who will
        stand in the gap and fight, not our current crop of panty waists. You are admitting defeat before you start.

        Let me give you and example. Back in the seventies I was a bible student in a college and we legalized abortion. The Southern Baptist Convention was on record by resolution as being pro choice on abortion. The liberals were in control of the convention. The Holy Spirit guided me through the bible and showed me all the appropriate scriptures relating to this horrible crime against humanity. I was one guy with a message. I raised $10,000 to mail out my bible study to all 35,000 SBC churches in the country. I went to the convention for 3 years but in the end, I was used of God to persuade hearts and minds. They passed a pro life resolution that they have never since backed away from.

        David had an overwhelming impossible task in defeating Goliath. God empowered him and gave him the gifts to win. God has gifted you with the gifts to win, but you must be willing to be used of Him. You say that you are spiritual, then you must recognize the biblical wisdom of what I am telling you. By yourself, you are right, you stand no chance. But with me and with God,
        we can once again make a difference.

        Read my last post today on Rants and Rage. I have come to the parting of the ways amicably
        with Lyn. He wants to control me too much and I reject it. I will still be reading and commenting on the blog however.

        I feel as if we are on the precipice of taking our country back but we must be bold and not be defeated before we start.

        Blessings on you and yours

  10. And here we thought we agreed on nothing. I am going to be totally honest with you….this is a GREAT post. We’ve talked about exactly this stuff in my journalism ethics class and some of my sociology classes. It’s really scary, isn’t it? That ALL our media is controlled and influenced by just 6 major corporations. And when you say that they are pitting us against each other in order to distract us from the real issue, I COMPLETELY agree. I watched a documentary once in which reporters who worked for CNN talked about how they found out about a scandal going on with a major corporation and wanted to cover it. But turns out, that very corporation had part ownership over CNN. So the reporters were told that if they covered it at all they’d be fired. They were brave though and decided to put out the information anyway. And they were indeed fired. How unfair is that?? How scary is that?? That’s why I always encourage people to follow non-profit news organizations. Their reporting isn’t swayed by corporations. As someone who wants to go into journalism, I truly want to be part of changing the entire media system. Americans deserve unbiased, transparent news. Anyway, like I said, super article. I’m very happy to see that their IS something we completely agree on!!

    • This is the most important thing happening right now. Everything, I mean, everything is secondary to this- gay marriage & gay adoption are just child’s play in comparison. If information is controlled, then we are helpless. I am posting another video tomorrow that gets even scarier. I have been putting together events over the past couple months and have attempted to understand what they mean. Events like the Middle East turmoil could be prevented- Obama is actually stirring the pot MORE by demanding that Arab leaders step down. What do we care? Why won’t Obama address Congress or the American people as to what the hell our soldiers are doing there? Why aren’t the news asking these questions? All they talk about is Casey Anthony while the world is burning. Why aren’t we focused on our own business? Normally, Americans hate war- why instigate them for no reason at all? Then I thought about green energy- who DOESN’T want green energy? But….now? during a recession? why disrupt our normally stable oil supply? Why cut off domestic oil NOW? Why not allow green energy develop at it’s own pace as it most certainly will? Need is the mother of invention, isn’t it? It has always worked before. Why this engineering of it? This billion dollar investment into it? Why during a recession? What’s with the news control?

      I always ask myself, who stands to gain from this? Where can this lead? How does this fit with what I have already learned? And the trail is solidifying. People are talking- on the Internet. Why isn’t this being branded across the news? ALL of them?

      Grace, the more I think about it, the more I think the news- the idea of ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ -are distractions. I believe we are being manipulated to look at each other instead of at them. Americans need to put aside smaller differences and get together. Lieberman has already introduced and passed legislation through his committee (forget which one- but it has to do with communication) that would grant Obama FULL control of the Internet ‘in case of national emergency’. Although there is a promise that no ‘kill switch’ will be included, it basically gives Obama (ONE man) the ability to regulate and control the full Internet for 30 DAYS without even needing to consult with Congress. Also, he gets three full months of this control before Congress can cut him off. three months? really? that is an eternity in information time.

      Here is the biggest question of all: Why, oh, why, when the world and America are in complete free fall is Lieberman introducing a bill to control the Internet? Why now? The FCC introduced their new regulation in the exact same way- while the world was upside down. And why aren’t the news channels reporting this? Why? Isn’t it news that ONE MAN wants FULL control of the Internet? I would go as far as to say that the American Internet IS the world internet. So, it’s not news that ONE MAN gets to control it when HE thinks there is an emergency?

      We are in the crux of time here. These families have put in the structure. It’s almost done. The more I find, the more feverish I become. It is indeed scary. If we don’t inform people about this, then we will be lost. It will be too late. America won’t exist anymore- just some strange New World Order that these people want. See my video tomorrow. It was made in 2008 and I only just found it. It is so weird to have proposed my theories, based on my own observations over the years, and then see a video made in 2008 that predicted these very events. Wow. I wish this weren’t happening.

  11. Fascinating analysis.

    Murdoch is being portrayed more and more like Citizen Kane. Increasingly though the vultures are circling.

    Whatever happens, today is a sad day for investigative journalism. Not all journalists at the NOTW were bad apples, just like not all MPs were not expense fiddlers and not all bankers were fat cats.

    Check out my view at

    You might also be interested in my view on the disgrace that is the PCC:

  12. My, my Little Rebel,

    I knew it was just a matter of time until you started smelling some of the “biiiig” guns. This old carcus has a gut feeling that your going to find some more. Keep up the good work. People need to know what’s really happening.

  13. Hey Shortie
    It shows in their utter lack of presenting both sides required by every printed canon of journalisitic integrity. Sadly all these ethics are voluntary and editors flout them with impunity.

    Blesisngs on you and yours

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