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Fast -n- Furious- That’s How Eric Holder’s (and Obama’s) Head Should Roll

Remember when we had presidents who believed that the ‘buck stops here’?

No Excuse, Sir!

A lifetime ago, I was a cadet at West Point.  Part of a cadet’s career included being called a ‘plebe’ for the entire freshman year.  During this year, among other various forms of torture, we were only allowed to answer an upperclassman with three responses to any question:  “Yes, sir!”, “No, sir!” and the best one of all, “No excuse, sir!”  Oh, that last one bothered me.  Because, of course, your failure was often the fault of others- at least on first inspection.  Once, I had ‘laundry’ duty.  That meant that I was responsible for leading a group of unlucky plebes in the distribution of upper classmen’s dry cleaning & clean laundry.  Well.  The plebe who was supposed to deliver the company’s dry cleaning to me was atrociously late!  Consequently, I & my team were also late delivering the laundry to the upper classmen.  Needless to say, I was severely ‘hazed’ by the upperclassman.  I wanted desperately to blame the other cadet.  I & my team were rearin’ & ready to go.  But all I could say was, “No excuse, sir!”  I burned over that one.  But, upon reflection, I realized that I could have contacted this other person the night before and made sure he was ready to get his part done on time.  It was then that I understood how authority, responsibility & accountability worked.

Kenneth Melson, "I was following orders"

“No excuse, sir” is a dinosaur.  Thrown out as ‘old fashioned’ along with so many other wisdoms of the past.  Authority, responsibility & accountability no longer go hand in hand as I was taught in my management classes.  You can now have full authority and responsibility, but not be held accountable.  This is the story of the Fast and Furious fiasco.  Obama has hired Eric Holder to lead the Justice Department.  Eric Holder is the boss of Kenneth Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Department.  And who’s head are ‘they’ calling for?  Melson’s.  But he is not going alone.  He brought his lawyer to the latest round of Congressional questioning.  You know he will sing like a bird if they attempt to oust him.  I’ll bet he keeps his job.  Either that, or both Melson’s & Holder’s heads will be thrown under the bus along with so many other ‘friends’ of Obama.  They will probably be promised dazzling, cash dripping jobs in the future.  Like Weiner was.

Let’s look at the facts of the case:  ATF marked high-powered automatic weapons and recorded their ID numbers.  They then allowed store owners to legally sell the weapons to known (at least to ATF) Mexican drug cartel soldiers.  When the ATF officers attempted to retrieve the weapons at the border and arrest the men involved (as was originally planned), they were ordered by Eric Holder’s Justice Department to ‘stand down’ and allow the guns to flow into Mexico.  ATF agents who balked were told to ‘get with the program’.  Eric Holder’s Justice Department had taken over the sting operation and had ordered for the weapons to go south, across borders.  Mind you, the only way to arrest anyone in Mexico is to work directly with the Mexican authorities.  In other words, if anyone in the Justice Department had any plans to make an arrest or to retrieve the guns, they would have to notify Mexico of their efforts.  I would imagine that violating the sovereignty of another country would require the highest levels of authority, wouldn’t you?

Eric Holder, "I had no idea Mexican sovereignty was being violated!"

And yet,  Eric Holder says that he, “didn’t know” about it.  The Mexicans say that they “didn’t know about it”.  Obama says that he, “didn’t know about it.”  And Melson, the guy whose head is about to roll, says that he was ordered to allow this to happen.  Who can give you orders except your boss?  Melson’s boss is Eric Holder.  Eric Holder’s boss is Obama.  hmmm.

Now, like any good investigator, I must ask, “Who benefits from illegal, high-powered guns in Mexico?  Who benefits from a violation of Mexican sovereignty?  Who benefits from drug violence?  Who benefits from scandal of this nature?”  Find the answers to these questions and you will find the guilty party or parties.

"I wonder if I can end militias by banning assault weapons now?"

Let’s see.  Wasn’t it just months ago when President Calderon of Mexico berated Arizona in front of Congress concerning its new immigration policies?  Wasn’t it Eric Holder who brought a legal case against an American sovereign state (Arizona) in favor of a foreign government (Mexico)?  Wasn’t it Obama who repeated Calderon’s attacks on Arizona?  Also in front of Congress?  Obama, Calderon and the Democrats said that they believed that the border issues were equally or more America’s fault and that states like Arizona should not be so quick to punish immigrants by enforcing immigration law.   And why is it our fault?  Because we demand the drugs and more importantly, we actively support the drug cartels by selling high-powered weapons to the drug cartels!

Calderon Declares, "It's All America's Fault- Stop the Assault Weapons!"

(The Mexican press has been thrilling the Mexican public with stories of American gun conspiracies for years now.) The Democrats and Obama rose to their feet in a standing ovation at this point. They applause cried out, “It is America’s fault for the illegal immigration! It is America’s fault for the drug violence! It is America’s fault that this drug violence has made Mexico poor! (as opposed to the bribe taking officials in the government, police and Army). There is a conspiracy of the Americans (especially the gun loving Republicans) to arm the drug cartels in Mexico so that their country is impoverished forever. To be a slave to America forever!” It is an implied condemnation of America’s overwhelming support to secure our southern border- not only from the hoards of illegal immigrants who drain America’s milk tit, but also from the drug violence that has taken over American property.

Who wins from this scandal? Well, doesn’t it confirm the idea of American conspiracy? Doesn’t it confirm that we need to overturn the second Amendment & ban the sale of assault weapons? Doesn’t it confirm that it is America’s fault, and not Calderon’s, that the drug cartels flourish? Doesn’t this confirm that the cries to close the borders with Mexico are unfair and prejudiced? That it puts the blame unfairly on Mexico? Doesn’t it imply that we should be working more closely with Mexico and give them more jurisdiction in the United State’s laws and border affairs?  When I answer these questions, when I consider all the other constitutional overturns that threaten American citizen’s civil rights, I look straight at Obama.

I think about his press & media owning buddies and what their agenda might be.  I think about how Obama is killing our once stable foreign & domestic supply of oil and how Obama has sent billions of dollars to Brazil to develop their oil supplies in American waters.  (I especially remember that Obama’s best friend, George Soros, owns Petrobras- the very company that Obama sent billions to and gave oil drilling rights to in American Gulf waters)   I think about how Israel must be thrown to the Arab caliphate to get the terrorists off our back.    I think about Obama, Gore, Pelosi and the ‘Families’ who stand to make billions on green energy if oil ‘dries’ up.  I think about how Obama’s buddy, George Soros, said that “Americans need to stop the managed decline of the dollar” and his views of the New World Order- without traditional borders.

Obama to Silva "We want to be Brazil's Best Oil Customer!"

I think about how an alliance with Brazil, Chile & Argentina would be economically vital in the transition period needed between crude oil & green energy.   I think about how Mexico must be part of that alliance for geographic reasons alone- not to mention their cheap labor.  I think about how Obama would not refute his desire to introduce an “Ameridollar” with an American Union, similar to the euro & the EU.

And the very last thing I think about- the thing that really keeps me awake at night- is that if the Second Amendment is overturned because of this scandal and Americans can no longer raise a private militia (armed to the teeth) for the specific purpose of overthrowing a corrupt government, then we will be defenseless against a president, the elites who own the media and want a New World Order, and the might of the United States Military of which our president has just taken full control.

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  1. Your fears are very legitimate. It is time to serve your country yet again. You have not as yet answered me about running for the Senate. Your business is not going well and yet your blogs are going VERY WELL indicating a willingness and a hunger for leadership in our country.

    You can be that leader. God has gifted you with everything that you need to succeed. I want to help you succeed.


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