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Give The Girl A Prize: Obama Gets Gun Control Out of Fast n Furious Debacle!

Would We Have America Today If Guns Were Illegal Then?

Umm humm.  What did I just say?  Who benefits from assault weapons in Mexico?  Why, the Progressive Liberals & Obama, of course.  And even more importantly, the powerful families behind the banks and the news who have other plans for our nation.  Legal sales of high-powered assault weapons allows Constitutionally approved uprisings of Americans against their own government if it fails to adhere to our Constitution.

Ok, we got gun control. Next on the agenda: Ideas on how to eliminate the American borders?

As these powerful elites plan on very bad things for the United States, namely its demise in favor of a new American Union with more centralized control, they need to make sure that Americans can not fight back.

No weapons = No Revolt.  And ‘They’ know it.

I called it in my Fast n Furious- That’s How Eric Holder’s (& Obama’s) Heads Should Roll  article.  Gun Control.  That is exactly why ATF agents were forced to allow these weapons into Mexico in the first place.  The original plan was to intercept them and make arrests before the Mexican Border.  But no.  Obama & Eric Holder had other plans.  It was no ‘mistake’.  It was intentional.  And it makes total sense.  Let them go south.  Surprise!  They were used to kill hundreds of Mexican civilians & at least one American Border Agent.  Interestingly, the drug cartel conveniently left behind two of the assault rifles- just dropped ’em to the ground after killing our agent.  You know, the weapons that were marked and recorded for this Fast n Furious project?  The ones that are so traceable?  They found them lying there in the dirt, next to the body of our agent.

Has ANYONE ever wondered why the rifles were dropped?  No one was chasing the guys who did it.  No one shot them.  But we are to believe that the shooters didn’t need their expensive, hard to get, high-powered rifles any longer.  So they dropped them.  Right.

Oh, the stink does rise from this carcass.  Who’s stupid here?

And now, only a few weeks after the ATF scandal breaks, Wha-la!  Gun Control!  And did Obama ask Congress to pass gun control legislation?  Of Course Not!  He has, once again against the Constitution he is supposed to uphold, used a regulatory body to pass laws:  The State Department.  Yep.  Eric Holder has simply announced that from today, certain southern U.S.A. states will have to report (sounds kinda U.S.S.R., doesn’t it?) the Americans who legally purchase assault style weapons to the Justice Department.  AND Obama is set, in the next two weeks  to simply make a Presidential decree, in the form of an Executive Order, that will further restrict legal gun sales in America.  Or track those who buy them… (eerie music here).

Liberals always scream, “We have a right to privacy!”  I guess not all the time, huh?

Just like that.

No protracted battle in Congress.  No discussions on the pro’s & con’s.  No appeal to the American People.  Nope.  King Obama has spoken.  And we will….what? Will we just knuckle under?

"I'm King, I'm King! Just What I Always Wanted!"

When, oh when, is a president to be impeached?  If he breaks the Constitution, can we not impeach him?  He has taken full control of the military- against the Constitution.  He has used regulatory bodies like the EPA, the Interior Department and the Justice Department to make laws- against the Constitution.  He has hired czars- against the Constitution.  Don’t get me started- just read my article:  Obama Needs to be Impeached for past Constitutional grievances.  This will be the latest, and one of the worst violations.

Americans!  Wake up!  This president is scraping together more and more executive powers.  That is good for NO American.  Our government is divided into three parts to prevent a dictatorship or kingship:  we have the Congress to make law, the Judicial to ensure adhesion to law and an Executive to lead.  That’s it.  No president gets to legislate.  No president gets to adjudicate.  That makes him a king!  All of us, no matter what side of the argument you fall on (don’t like assault rifles?  fine!  but this is not the way to do it- will you give such power to a Republican president? once given, always given!) you need to scream against this accumulation of power.  It is too great!  It is too dangerous for all Americans.  Stop him and stop the élite from this incredible take over of power.  Or our country will be no more.


  1. I want to know what it looks like..”.hanging the SoB for treason.” What does it look like to “rebel” as Mad Mike calls for? How do we the people get an impeachment of this President to go forward? Who does that, the impeaching I mean. President Clinton was impeached, but he didn’t have to leave office and he wasn’t disgraced by it, rather I should say he did not receive the disgrace that was his because of it…he lived out the life of his presidency and today has a library and is a past President in good standing. Why? He was impeached, disgraced, but you would never know it.

    If anyone learned anything from the impeached President Clinton it was that one could overcome the consequences of their actions by never flinching, not looking to the right or left, holding ones head high in the face of the opposition, never admitting wrong, or even if admitting wrong, never letting the consequences of your wrong divert your attention from your goal. The only thing that over came and shadowed the Clinton name almost into oblivion is Obama. And, if you observe, Obama does exactly what Clinton did. He holds his head high, he does not flinch, he does not get diverted from his goals, he moves steadily forward with his agenda, literally walking past and through his opposition. He daily tramples on our heritage, Constitution, and legacy. He deserves to be called a traitor for he is. Traitors are to be lawfully eliminated. Who is responsible for holding a President responsible? How do the people rebel? We rebel in our day with our vote. Can we wait until November of 2012 to rebel? I don’t think that would be wise. Again I ask, what does it look like to “rebel” and who is responsible to “hang the SoB for treason?”

    Do you envision an assault against the white house, guns drawn, and a noose ready in a nearby tree? I don’t think so! No one would get past the security or SWAT teams. When and how are we going to unleash those rebel yells. Do you envision a motley mob yelling at the top of their lungs as they swarm over the U.S. Captiol grounds threatening to hang every soul who has done damage to our Constitution? Again, how far would they get?

    Every day I read articles that call for the “American People to Wake Up!” and I want to know what the writers think “Waking Up” is? And more so, what action should be taken once one is “awake?”

    Tell me what you think.
    Check out the Gun Owners of California website and blog:

    • Hi Gwen,

      Your comment made me laugh. Of course I don’t mean to attack the White House with guns drawn with a noose hanging nearby! To be honest, we Americans aren’t really sure what we mean at this point. I worry that it will come to either: 1) a secession of certain states from the United States of America- which could lead to armed conflict if Obama won’t allow it and decides to use the U.S.A. military against a state. I do not believe, however, that the soldiers would obey any orders to shoot fellow Americans, so it would be a very tense situation. or 2) a giant movement of the People to march on Washington to demand that the U.S.A. government move back to the Constitution. OR a grass roots movement that uses the Internet to create political support for only candidates who respect the Constitution.

      See, the way I see it, the biggest problem of America today is the ABSOLUTE faith Americans have that the Constitution is rock solid. That it can not be undone. No matter what politician is in place. They believe that our ‘separation of powers’ and term limits on Presidents ensure that no one man can truly harm our country. But what they don’t see, because our news is owned and controlled by the same people who give politicians the money to win elections, is that Obama has been using regulatory bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Dept. and the Justice Dept. to make LAWS (completely against the Constitution). Also, President Obama has decided to be a judge and decide which laws are ‘truly lawful’ or ‘constitutional’ (another violation of the Constitution) which belongs to our courts to decide.

      What they never counted on: getting a president who actually wanted to destroy his country. We all think that being the president of the United States is the BEST job any man could want. But not so. Obama wants more. Something bigger. Something with MORE control than the USA.

      You see, the American public are hard working people. They are used to being protected. They are proud & confident that they can’t truly be harmed. This is all being used against them.

      We will indeed have to wait until 2012. We will see where this leads our nation. If Obama wins, you will see the Constitution and the Bill of Rights fly right out the window. Our right to a free press is gone because the super rich have bought it and split it between them. In the name of Homeland Security, we will lose all our rights. The military is already being trained to ‘control’ Americans who riot (which is our CONSTITUTIONAL right- we may indeed overthrown our government violently should we, as a People, determine to do so.). Our speech is already being limited (since when can’t we speak of God?). Our second amendment right is being limited by Eric Holder. I fear that Obama wants to destroy our great nation in favor of a bigger, more powerful ‘entity’: the American Union (styled after the EU). Of course, he will be the President of it (read: King).

      Should this happen, well, we will need God’s help & wisdom to know what to do. We are all praying for wisdom. There WILL be a way. But for now, we are putting our collective heads together and spreading the word. The American spirit is 100% there even though the press wants people to believe we are divided between left & right and that we hate each other. Not true! The American people are a sleeping giant. Once the villians pull their stunt, we will awake. And we will not follow. that is all I know.

  2. SLR,

    Remember in an earlier post that I said that I believe one of the indicators of our citizens completely losing our country will be when this or any other administration starts attempting to prohibit private gun ownership? This was before I had read what you had written about the “Fast and Furious” screwup.

    I have always believed that this president is the most corrupt, egotistical and dangerous man who has ever been elected to the office. When he appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General, my worst fears were confirmed.

    This attempt to “create” a scenario that can be used for their political advantage has Eric Holder written all over it. Now all we have is an administration that has egg on it’s face, and is an embarrassment to the entire world. Oh, plus one brave Border Patrol agent that is dead. Why isn’t someone on trial for murder?
    If you can’t run a scam that is successful using a bunch of corrupt, mexican, drug dealers, how smart can you really be?


    • Ha! so true. But read my new article “Democratic Senator Boswell’s Grandson Uses Shotgun to Defend Home” and see how a DEM used a shot gun to protect his life and those of his family. If Obama got his way, this senator would be dead today. Luckily, this is a democratic senator who has always supported gun rights his whole career- I’ll bet he was glad yesterday!

  3. President Obama has blantantly violated his oath of office. He has absolutely violated the law of the land – our constitution. I believe that he is the most dangerous president ever to hold office in the United States. He must be impeached!!!

    Of course your right Short Little Rebel. Gun Control has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of United State’s citizens. It has everthing to do with a government and the elite protecting themselves.

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