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Huffington Post Claims Cantor is Corrupt & Wants Boehner’s Job

The Huffington Post Claims Cantor Is Corrupt- he must be doing a good job!

You know when the Huffington Post & Progressive Liberals start investigating your stock portfolio and start publicizing feuds that don’t exist, then you must be doing the right thing.  This is what is happening in Washington today.  The Huffington Post has been printing articles that Eric Cantor‘s walk-out from the Biden led debt ceiling talks are a direct result of money he might make from his stock portfolio.  They base this on his purchase of stocks that they claim would benefit from a full governmental shutdown.  Absurd.  Further, they are attempting to pick a fight between Republicans in the ol’ divide & conquer scheme.  Obama was quick to ‘praise’ Boehner as the more ‘reasonable’ Representative between Cantor & Boehner in an attempt to give Boehner the ‘kiss of death’.  Liberal politicians are getting major air time from Obama’s news-owning élite saying that 70,000 children will die and that seniors will actually starve if this debt ceiling is not raised.  Further, Obama has loaded his gun and fired both barrels this weekend by stating that he won’t guarantee that social security checks will be sent on time.

No Spending Increases?? Then NO Social Security Payments! Take that!

The liberals are getting desperate, ladies and gentlemen.  These are all simple negotiation tactics.  Republicans and Americans should not panic (paging Mitch McConnell!)  Observe who is delivering the scare tactics and be skeptical.  If our own homes won’t fall apart if we don’t open new credit accounts, then neither will our government.  Massive tax revenues are still flowing into their coffers.  If they will not pay social security checks and if they will not pay our soldiers, we must ask they why.  There is just too much fat that can be cut.  Government properties could be sold- or just not maintained as usual.  Ridiculous university studies on lobsters will get canceled.  Redundant programs will get cut.  Government departments will get eliminated or reduced- and isn’t that what we all want?  The people in Washington are not stupid.  They can and will pay our debts with the money they currently have.  They can and will pay social security checks and soldiers’ pay checks.  Because there will be hell to pay if they don’t’.

Official photo of United States Senator and Mi...

Oh m'gosh, Obama's pulling the "I won't pay seniors' card! What should we do??(hand wring, hand wring)"

And Mitch McConnell’s crazy idea to just give Obama the ability to raise the debt ceiling on his own?  That’s just nuts.  The Senate Republicans & House Republicans need to get together and not fall prey to the Obama strategy of terrifying the seniors.  Or his divide & conquer tactics.  Backbone, Republicans, backbone!

Seniors.  Get a grip on yourself and stay calm.  You are pawns right now.  Believe me, you have too much voting power for ANYONE to cut off your social security.  Remember that.  Your grandchildren’s future is at stake here.  Your checks will come- don’t listen to the threats.

Republicans.  Stand steady and stand firm.  No taxes and more spending cuts.  Don’t you dare give Obama more power- YOU will authorize the debt as per the Constitution.  You’ve already given too much- we will sever you permanently if you try that stunt.

American Citizens.  Don’t Panic and have a knee jerk reaction.  This is one big game.  Let’s play so the American People win.  Let’s get in control of our spending and stay there.

The Democrats love their programs too much to allow spending cuts by default (excuse the pun).  If the debt ceiling is not raised, then the government will have no choice but to cut their darling programs- one by one- just like businesses do.  And it won’t be pretty.  Either they can make major concessions under their own control or they can get them through atrophy.  People in Washington are not dumb.  They will pay the important things, like the debt, social security checks and military pay.  Prioritization is exactly what we want.  Dems & Obama will come to the table, my friends.  Because they have everything to lose if they don’t.

Only YOUR panic can make them free.


  1. He effectively backed down our guys by threatening to withold military pay if the government shut down. HE DOES NOT CARE, HE IS A FAR LEFT RADICAL.

    Blessings on you and yours
    You need to fight from within where you can have the most effective reach.

  2. Obama and the libtards are bullies of the worst kind. Any man who wouild hold soliders pay should be broought up on treason charges. Shoritie you need to get into the fight.

    Blessings on you and yours

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