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Buy Your Guns Now- Big Ones. And Lots of Bullets.

"Vee Vill Get Zee Names!"

I can’t believe I just said that.  But I did.  As a result of the Fast n Furious Debacle, Eric Holder (or should I say, Obama) has just ordered the Justice Department to take away our Second Amendment rights- you know, the right to bear arms- the right to raise a private militia, the right to stand up to our own government should it become tyrannical?  Yeah, that one.

The Justice Department is now ordering five southern states to report the names of any private citizen who purchases high-powered assault weapons.  Even though no one, I mean no one, believes that Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, was killed by an American citizen.  Even though it was it the Justice Department who intentionally sent high powered assault rifles into Mexico- not American citizens.

No act of Congress to repeal the Second Amendment.  Just an arrogant order- from our new king.  I don’t know about you, but that makes my skin crawl.

Look, no matter what side of gun control you stand on (hey, I’ve never bought a high powered weapon before- a shot gun, once, for self defense after some creepy guys kept following me home & the police did nothing about it), but the very idea of being reported on to such a powerful agency just strikes me as dangerous.  What is next?  Or should I say, who is next?  me, for writing this?  you?  I thought we were free?  Am I now an enemy combatant because I said, “Buy your guns now”?

My whole life, I’ve always thought having a loaded weapon (or any weapon) in a house was a bad idea.  It scares me that my kids will get curious and end up shooting someone or themselves with it.  I don’t let my kids go to homes where guns are not locked in safes- with ammo stored separately.  Call me paranoid, but you know what I mean?  My husband carries a gun for work- I make him lock it up at work.  If he must bring it home for some reason, we have a locked safe to which the children don’t know the combination.

Now, I don’t know what to think!  When someone takes something away from you for no reason, something you should be able have easily, you start wanting that thing back- even though you never had it before.  You just knew you could always get it if you needed it.  It is the taking that creates the suspicion.  It also creates a desire to have– just in case.

And here I am saying, “buy your guns now.”

What is this world coming to?

But when the government starts wanting names, when the government no longer respects the rule of law, when the government becomes one man, it is time to start buying guns.  Big ones.  While they are still available.

This latest violation is impeachable.  How dare Obama ignore the Constitution’s Bill of Rights?  Shouldn’t the news be all over this?  And where are the cries from government?

I would like to believe that they are just overwhelmed by the number of violations and atrocities being perpetrated by the Obama administration & the élite agenda to be able to digest everything at once (a strategy suggested by Hitler himself- if you want to get away with something really big, just do it so fast and so publicly that no one will believe it is happening).  I hope there are still some good people in Washington and that they are just too stupid, too blind or too busy to see what is happening.   I pray so.  For the sake of our country.

Why Don't We Just Throw It Away?

“And what is happening?” you may ask.  I believe that all this nonsense over the debt ceiling, the liberal vs. conservative wars, the Middle East ‘actions’ and ‘non-wars’ are all a distraction.  Sound crazy?  Not as crazy as ALL our news being owned by a cartel of private families- split up equally among themselves!  You have to ask, why did these six families & groups buy all the news like that?  Isn’t information, power?  Only the very naïve, indeed, would believe a benevolence exists when control of information lies in so few hands.  While all these ‘controversies’ rage over our heads and take up the entire news space, the real story lies below, undetected.  Our Constitution is being turned into a ‘living’ document.  Obsolete in form and content.  Once we ignore its most basic tenets, it no longer rules.  Just as when the dollar became a mere whimsy when no longer based on gold, our Bill of Rights become meaningless sounds on the wind when ignored without consequence.

And we are naked.


Ready for slaughter.

Or at the very least, tyranny.  Buy your weapons now, Americans.  Buy the biggest ones you can find.  Buy as many as you can.  Lots of bullets too.  Make contingency plans with neighbors & family now.  Coordinate with each other before Lieberman gives Obama the Internet too.  Don’t have the money?  Use the last of your credit.  Because a bad day is coming, my friends.

And if it’s not, what have you to lose but a good laugh when you are old?


  1. Great read. I agree wholeheartily! I’m from Louisiana where we don’t have strict gun laws. We have open carry here. No need for a permit to carry a handgun as long as it’s in plain view. We also have a concealed handgun permit that can be obtained fairly easy. Most of our politicians here are avid hunters. They are not backing any “gun control” legislation at the moment.
    Our next door neighbor, Texas, has a school district that allows teachers to carry concealed handguns to school for protection and Governor Perry has openly supported doing away with these “gun free zones”. This is an idea that I hope catches on here in Louisiana.
    I can see why the federal government wants to get rid of our guns. Think about it…we have several million military veterans in this country. Many of them have combat experience; from Vietnam, Desert Storm and both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It wouldn’t be an easy task to bring people like this into “bondage” or slavery when they can buy an AR 15 or an AK 47 at their local sporting goods store. The odds in a battle would not favor the government. I believe this is one reason they have been focusing much of their attention on military veterans.
    I served my country for 6 years in the military to defend this great country. The country is not the problem…it’s leaders are the problem. I have no problem taking up arms and defending my Constitutional rights against an oppressive government.
    I read a saying a little while back that sums up my thoughts perfectly: ” I came into this world kicking and screaming, covered in someone elses blood and I have no problem leaving this world the same way!”

  2. Good for you and coming to the realization that even if you haven’t been an avid gun owner (shooter, hunter, etc) before, now is the time to take action. We are losing our Second Amendment rights and people need to stand up, arm themselves, and fight back … through blogs like this! We are a lobbying organization in California (association with Gun Owners of America) and we are trying to get involved in the blog world to help spread the information in yet another avenue. Your blog is great and we appreciate your dedication to distributing the information that the media won’t. We deal with legislators (state and federal) all the time, and we know conservative bloggers are having a growing impact!
    -Gun Owners of California

  3. I share your concerns about our government in general, and this administration in particular when it comes to the 2nd amendment. I do not think it is a coincidence that President Obama is from Chicago, which has some of the strictest private gun ownership laws in the US. As for Attorney General Holder, I have had many suspicions about his motives since Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City. As Ricky says, “He has some splaining to do!” Only problem is, he has been promoted after each event, and now he is the top lawyer in the land!
    I have always voiced my concern that before anything serious happens in our country (as if what has happened in the last 11 years hasn’t been serious!) it is my belief that our government will HAVE to override or suspend the 2nd amendment and confiscate our guns. I think efforts to do this are an indication of how close we are to losing all of our freedoms. Someone long ago said an unarmed person is a slave, and I believe that. I also believe that confiscating private citizens property for the state or federal government to build higher tax revenue properties on are probes to determine if anyone is really paying attention, and how upset the general population gets when it is discovered. Events like the government’s providing of assault weapons to Mexico may be part of an ongoing program of allowing assault weapons to kill Americans and further arode support for private gun ownership here at home.
    Another recent event that some of the other bloggers, or yourself Shannon, may know some more about is a recent change to the The Possee Comitatus Act. This prevents, as most of you probably know, our government from using the military against civilians. They are using the excuse of the need for safety of our citizens and protection of property during a national emergency such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, a terrorist attack or an earthquake and tsunami. Knowing our Justice Department, the military could concieveably be called out if there ever was a killing at something like a Tea Party rally. Old Rolf Emannuel said that any emergency shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste. Statements like that scare the life out of me, but those in government just schrug it off. Don’t laugh, there are some people who were at the Branch Dividians compound at Waco who stated that Janet Reno allowed military advisors onsite to observe. I’m sure if that was true, that none offered any advise on tactics or strategies!
    A Patriot

  4. Shortie
    Do you hear yourself? You need to fight this tyranny from within. If you have a Senate seat you can hold a PRESS CONFERENCE and reach millions instead of the few that read your blogs.

    Blessings on you and yours

    • That is a big ‘if’. The time spent on campaigning and holding office would severely cramp my ability to be flexible on the topics that need to be covered. It would also make me beholden to the party I represent- I feel no such loyalty and suspect many of the Republican Party to be corrupt. It saddens and angers me. Leadership can be provided in many ways. I am a great cheerleader and motivator. I’m beginning to think that the only way to truly get the word out is via the Internet. It needs to be done soon- before the Internet becomes controlled too. I feel a criticality I have never felt before. Time is of the essence. If I felt that God wanted me to run for public office, I would. But He has led me here. I love it. I feel very purposeful. This is where I need to be right now. I would rather start coordinating with other bloggers and get some organization there. If we can coordinate our messaging system, I believe it would be quite powerful. I am mulling it over and hope to have some kind of proposal soon.

      I thank you again, John, for your faith in me. Please help me to spread the word. I wish you would stay on R&R. I can’t understand your decision. Unless you are starting your own blog?

      • Hey Shortie
        The reason that I left RR is because Lyn boxed me into a corner that I was not willing to
        be boxed into. He insisted that I post truncated posts where you had to click through to read
        the rest of the post. I have had great results on my other blog where I published the whole post in its entirety. I have had almost 40,000 page views in the 15 months that I have been blogging. I was also leading on page views on RR and getting others to quote us in other blogs. But Lyn insisted so I told him that I would leave voluntarily.

        Perhaps you could persuade him out his position? I really did not want to leave RR but if I have to, yes I will start my own blog.

        As to party, I say get with the Tea Party. I believe passionately that they are like us and want to take our country back. I believe that the Repub party is also guilty. Part of the solution is to institute term limits for Congress like the president. Everyone should be limited to two terms. Part of the massive corruption on both parties is that they get wealthier the longer they stay in Congress. You see it is a little known fact that after the second election you have surplus funds left over from the campaign. That money rolls over to the next campaign and most congress men become millionaires after leaving office becuase they get to KEEP THEIR EXCESS CAMPAIGN FUNDS.

        God leads in many different ways. Sometimes he leads through an individual like me. I have the spiritual gift of prophecy. That does not mean telling the future but forth telling God’s word.
        I see you as a force for good, but you can multiply your force exponentially if you get into the game. Look at Michelle Bachman. She is multiplying our message because the media HAVE TO COVER HER. Just like they would HAVE TO COVER YOU. You could turn on the media instead of letting them turn on you and put them on the defensive. The media needs to be taken to task for their derelection of duty and their utter lack of journalistic ethics.


  5. Your gut feelings are spot on,..we do indeed need to protect ourselves from this tyranical government be it, with our 1st and/or 2nd amendment rights. Obama is nothing more than a puppet for the globalist(International Mafia) that truly control our country. Keep up the good work.

    • thanks. spread the word, melove54. we need to wake America up. we need to use the internet to do it. pls. read my other articles focused on the powerful elite. especially my, “Who is Rupert Murdoch & Who Owns the News” article. These people hide in plain site. I’ve documented, through the stock market, their shared purchase of EVERY American news outlet. I couldn’t even find Lieberman’s new Internet bill on the Fox news website- you would think it would be a big deal for a conservative news outlet. I just shake my head with every confirmation of news conspiracy that rears its ugly head.

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