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Deperate Media Sharks Find Some Chum: Bachmann Cures Gays!

Oh, the Media Elite want her gone? I think I'll vote for her!

The media barrage against Michele Bachmann reminds me of sharks who have finally come upon some chum in the water.  They have been restlessly circling for months now- waiting and watching, waiting and watching.  Finding nothing, they attacked her looks, her intelligence, her religion (can you imagine them attacking a Muslim candidate’s religion?  Ha!) and now, finally, their prayers have been answered. Or, at least that is what they would have you believe.

In the Absence of Proof, The Desperate News Elite Must Make Things Up Against Bachmann

Chris Matthews on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper on CNN, Jon Stewart on his comedy show- oh, you know the list by now- have all been flinging accusations of cruelty, dishonesty & hate at both Sen. Bachmann & her husband over an undercover ‘sting’ video that shows a counselor from the Bachmann religious clinic attempting to help a person who no longer wanted to act or think gay.

The funny this is this:  they never show the whole interview.  They literally show about 5 second sound bites that to me, are relatively harmless.  The counselor is heard to say things like homosexual behavior can be stopped through prayer and techniques, homosexual thoughts can be replaced by heterosexual thoughts through practice and prayer, and that the counselor admits to not being an expert in the area.  The counselor is upbeat, encouraging and positive in the clips shown.  The session seems extremely loose and unscripted and seem to be part of a much longer conversation which is never shown.  I wonder why?  Not once is the counselor seen to negate the person in the interview.  Not once is the counselor seen to say that the person was ‘wrong’ or bad in any way to practice homosexuality.  Not once does the counselor say that homosexuality is a sin.  In fact, the counselor appears to be answering direct questions from the sting operator.  The questions seem to be, “Can homosexuality be cured through prayer?  Through religion?  Have you ever seen someone cured of homosexuality this way?”, etc.

This is a transparent attempt at ‘trapping’ the counselor to say things incriminating.  It didn’t work.

The worst part of this reporting is that it is all heresay and paraphrasing.  I really hate that.  It implies that either we are too stupid to make our own conclusions from the original video or that the rest of the video did not suit the attack campaign they are so obviously mounting against Bachmann.  They fill in the blanks for us dummies by summarizing what they believe the therapy is.  The bring ‘experts’ on the subject to say that the Bachman’s are not qualified to give sex therapy of this nature- even though they do not know what the alleged sex therapy IS.  Just these incredibly short video clips that shows nothing of their accusations.  They drag up a disgruntled gay man who is angry with his father for bringing him to the Bachman’s clinic in the past.  They bring up commentors who put words in the Bachmanns’ mouths that they have never heard.  They also do not offer a counter point from a conservative commentator as FOX always does.

This is yellow journalism at its best- or worst.  If the sting video is so damning, why not show it?  I can’t find it anywhere.  On any news channel & not on Youtube.  If it were so damning, wouldn’t it be EVERYWHERE?  Only snippets shown on talk shows that paraphrase the rest.  The fact that there is no full video speaks volumes.  This is nothing more than an ugly smear campaign, coordinated by the private owners of the news, who want Bachmann out of the race.  Gosh, makes me want to vote for her.

What amazes me about the left, especially their supposed support for ‘feminism’, is that they assume because a woman’s husband believes or does something, then it must follow that the wife also must believe and do those things.  Gee, and here I thought I was a free agent from my husband.  But that’s just MY kind of feminism, huh?  Also, even if the Bachmann’s are attempting to help purportedly gay people overcome their sexual actions and thoughts, so what?  If the person doesn’t want to practice gay sex or wants to rid themselves of gay attraction, then why shouldn’t someone help them try?  Why is prayer somehow wrong in this case or any other case where someone is seeking help?  Remember, it is the person who went to the clinic- not the other way around.  Who are liberals to tell someone who doesn’t want to practice the gay lifestyle that they should?  Talk about pushy and judgemental!   What if their homosexuality makes them unhappy?  I would imagine that is why they are seeking help for themselves.

Liberals love to turn the tables.  If the Bachmanns went around telling people that they must change their ways, it would be one thing.  But they are not.  If they have a clinic for people who want their services- it is none of anyone’s business except the counselor’s and the patient’s.  It is the liberals who are attempting to shame those gays who wish to change.

Scaring the news-owning élite must mean Bachmann is all right!


  1. I am a single-issue voter, Shortie. Human life and its dignity. That’s my issue. Regarding the good Dr. Bachmann, I think, if I wanted to quit smoking,and walked into a smoking cessation clinic to quit smoking, they would help me quit smoking. By the same token, if I was gay, and wanted to stop being gay, I’d walk into a place that says they can help me achieve my goal. I know that prayer is powerful, it has worked wonders in my life. I make an effort to do liturgical prayer every day, if not attending Mass every day, which is prayer. I quit smoking by the power of prayer. I quit other vices the same way, and it does work. As I said elsewhere, there is no scandal here…

  2. SLR,
    You do know why the mainstream media is so quick to smear white, conservative, intelligent, articulate women like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin? The Democratic Party is made up of white women and minorities. If white women ever realize that there is another voting issue beyond keeping abortion legal, that huge sucking sound that you hear will be the mass exodus of members of the Democratic Party! Every aspect of the mainstream media attacks, attacks and attacks, keeping derogatory articles in front of the American voters. By overloading the public with negative articles, many women believe that at least some of it must be true! It just shows how terrified the Democratic Party is of someone like Bachmann or Palin.

    • Donn, you’re right. I was once a single issue voter. But as I have matured, I have come to the most basic conclusion: if we don’t do something serious to protect America from liberal decay, there will be NO country at all. Abortion will be a moot point.

  3. This is a little mean, don’t you think? Nevertheless, funny. Something else that’s related to your blog is this web series about stereotypical gay guy on YouTube. Believe me, it gets better. (video erased due to content that is contrary to posting rules)

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