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Anna Paquin Talks About Being Bisexual: Great.

Advertisements promise more sex for the next season!

Ahhh… whatever happened to the good ol’ days when children watched Little House on the Prairie with their parents and everybody cried at the end?  Whatever happened to Happy Days, where we always found a true-blue heart beating in the breast of the neighborhood thug?  Remember Hawaii 5-0, when the cops always got the bad guy?  The six million dollar man who always ended up reluctantly rescuing people in trouble?  Flipper & his boy?

The Way Our Country Was Founded- We used to be inspired by T.V. shows

I remember, not cheap thrills, but being locked to the t.v. set, gripped in the drama and being so, so satisfied by the way things turned out  (you actually needed an attention span to watch these movies).  These films showed the greatness & the ‘rightness’ of our nation & its people.   I wanted to be those great people!  I was, frankly, in love with the six million dollar man (Capt. Kirk, too)!  Those shows taught me a lot about who I wanted to be and who I wanted as my friends & my future spouse.

Great T.V., Huh?

I guess wholesome values, tears of happiness at the end of a movie, the good guys winning & the bad guys going to jail for their dastardly deeds got too boring to the movie makers of America.  Now, viewers are presented with an endless parade of ‘hilarious’ gay men, preachy unwed mother stories, preachy civil rights movies, preachy actors giving political views, preachy divorced parent shows, and preachy comedians who no longer believe in good old-fashioned belly laughs.  Today, the only kind of laughs you get are thin-lipped, lopsided and cruel- too knowing, too judgemental.  And this leaves…. what?  Vampire shows!  Occult Shows!  Werewolf shows!  All having wild sex!  Where blood sucking villains have morphed into the ‘good guys’.  Hot girls & hot boys sucking blood and each other.  The act of viciously sucking the life blood and murdering of the victim has taken on sexual overtones in these popular movies for teens & young adults.  Love in the forest glades- freaky music and cheap thrills.  Churches, people worshipping, the KKK, crosses & Christian symbols are all intermixed in depressing & disgusting ways and it seems to actually increase the electricity offered by these sex/death thrillers.  Good humans don’t win in these flicks.  They get devoured.

These are our new heroes.

Gee, no wonder every one is having sex with everyone and it just doesn’t matter:  these shows make having sex with ice-cold, dead vampire bodies (animals too: the werewolf)  look desirable!  The ‘old’ ways of having sex are just down right boring!   (Boy, where does this leave the missionary position?)  Bestiality & necrophilia have so much more…. EVERYTHING to offer!

lovely scene from movie- I believe it is a human body on the floor & the vampires are making a human girl (in a bra) clean it all up. A little S&M anyone?

And off-screen?  Well, they are of course, gay, bi-sexual, poly sexual, whatever!  Good old, loving sex between two married people just doesn’t cut the mustard for these young people anymore.  They are looking, though they will never find, something…… more exciting!  And do they keep their sexual aberrations to themselves?  No!  It always ends up in the news, as this article about Anna Paquin, a star in the True Blood vampire saga, has.  She demurs, ‘gosh, no one has ever asked me before- I sure don’t think this is any big deal!”  And yet.  And yet.  Here she is giving an interview on this very topic– her sexuality- or bisexuality!  She gives her sophisticated opinion that it is no big deal and no one else’s business who sleeps with who and says that all the ‘weirdness’ of people who might have a problem with it will just go away soon.  And yet,  she is married to a man.

I don’t know about you all, but I just shake my head.

I sure miss Laura Ingalls.  I really do….

Kids Played Outside

The way we used to have fun

Even the bad guy wasn't so bad

We looked to God for answers

Neighbors listened to each other & cared


  1. Hi John, the thing is, I am not trying to make this a Christian nation or try and instill God’s law into our government. Jesus did not try to infiltrate the Roman Empire. That was not His territory. He witnessed to the people. I believe that the gov is satan’s realm. A one world gov will arise and he will be its leader.

    My job as a Christian is to sow the seeds of the Gospel, walk in the light and be a ready and willing vessel for the Lord.


  2. Short Little Rebel,

    I understand the comments of John and Mitchell. Our country is starved for real leaders. Both individuals are correct. I know that you were born to lead. If it were my choice I would have you do so. However, knowing the rogues in Washington, I could never ask or expect such a thing of you.

  3. Marcus Welby, MD. and Mannix — now those were two TV shows that reinforced my sense of right and wrong, good and bad. Never once saw a homo or bisexual in any of those episodes. Ahh, the good ol’ days when men were men and women were women.

  4. Hollywood seems to care so much about the country yet their actions don’t measure up. The reason “sex sells” is because Hwood offers it at such discount prices.

    John, I disagree that Susan is doing nothing. If she WERE to enter the political field, she would be handcuffed by politics and the system. A more grassroots approach is more affective.

    The best way to change the government is to change its governed.

    • Thank you, Mitchell. I feel that a grass roots movement is the ONLY way to beat these elites. They have the ‘system’ rigged. You can’t win without money. With money comes loyalties you should not owe. If I felt for a moment that this battle could be won from the inside, I would join in the fray. No. The AMERICAN PEOPLE must stand up as a unit and say, NO. Only then do we win.

    • Hey Mitchell
      I did not say that Susan was doinng nothing. Apparently you did not read my coomment that recognized that her blogging is rallying people to stand firm. Grass roots politics is what will get it done, but the grass roots needs to elect their own people as in the Tea Party. We have already elected a lot of new people from the grassh roots in the Congress and they are demanding a change in the status quo. I am suggesting that Susan join the fight and fight from the inside and take on the Senate. We only need a few more people in the Senate to reverse the libtard stronghold on the Senate.

  5. You could be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Too many people are sitting by on the sidelines lamenting the state of our country.

      • Hey Susan
        I can understand where you are coming from. You are contributing by blogging so you don’t
        see how you are part of the problem. That is a legitimate thought process. But it fails to
        recognize the big picture. You are capable of so much more. You can be that modern day
        David or in your case Davida going up against a Goliath.

        The bible says for him that knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.
        You are a woman who could go up against that spawn of Satan who is currentlyunapposed
        by any republican candidate and this is wrong.m You could actually win in your first ever
        election attempt. The country is hungry for and willing to follow strong new leadership.

        Blessings on you and yours

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