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Democratic Senator Boswell’s Grandson Uses Shotgun to Defend Home

Pro-Gun Rights Senator Boswell is Glad He Had That Shotgun!

Imagine that.  A democrat with a shot gun in their house!  On the heels of the Justice Department illegally restricting gun ownership in five southern states.  With Obama preparing an illegal executive order that would further restrict gun ownership by law-abiding American citizens.    The irony is not lost on this writer.

Had Senator Boswell not had the shotgun, it is very probable that he, his daughter and his grandson would be dead today because the home invader was armed (betcha it was an illegal gun).  A decorated war hero, with skills he no doubt learned in his 20 years in the Army, Senator Boswell instantly attacked the robber who had assaulted his daughter.   He, a man well advanced in years, grappled with the much younger armed man.  His 22 year old grandson quickly ran to another room and grabbed the shot gun.

Sometimes, You Gotta Fight

Only when the robber saw the shot gun did he make a run for it.   Had that legal weapon not been in that house, the news story would probably have involved coffins and a sad day for the nation.

Luckily, Senator Boswell is a pro-gun rights kinda guy.  I guess his military service taught him a thing or two about evil men intent on harming you and yours.  Sometimes, a man has to fight.  With amazing courage- kudos to Senator Boswell- and sometimes, with a gun.


  1. I am prior military and now a single Mom. I got my permit the other day and am heading to shooting range today to be educated and then picking out my defense. My conservative friends and I ….many of us prior service but not all get in the most mind boggling arguments with liberal idiots on FB which I am now tired of. I am in disbelief at the ignorance, the refusal to see our need for self defense and their trust in our leadership that the gun laws being implemented are truly for our benefit. Do you ever view some of the videos the NRA puts out? I cant even see the sense of wasting precious time debating with the liberals on FB anymore. I am a fighter, raised with three boys and my father was talking about many of these issues before he died. I am independent Christian, he was staunch Catholic. I can see him now if he was around now watching the USA being dragged through the dirt ! Anyway, my convictions are strong and my faith in God is much more important. I don’t think we can stop this steamrolling quest for world domination but I will defend myself and my loved ones until I can’t. I’m originally from Delaware and glad I’m in the south because despite what anyone says, I LOVE my God fearing, gun slinging, southern neighbors!

    • you go girl! The funniest part is this: I never wanted to buy a high powered rifle until now. When I saw the arrogance of Obama simply telling people on the border that if they legally buy high powered assault weapons, their names (and all their information) will be ‘REPORTED’ to the Justice Department, I wanted to just throw up. And buy one for myself, of course! lol!

      • As I told you I have had 8 months of unemployment to ponder so much. I have three interviews next week and think something going to happen now. I have my masters as an Acute Care NP and never thought this could happen to me. Anyway, with all this time and then finding your site and then researching so much from revelation to NAU treaty, European issues (I too lived in Germany at one point), etc etc….it has all become too real. I am looking at rifles too but trying to find some of the local Army rangers to help me out with that. ie…..on the “low down”….Thanks for all you do. I worry about you when I don’t see you blogging and pray for you and for the rest of us throwing our insights around the internet.

  2. Yeah, Boswell may be pro-gun but because he toes the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda hook line and sinker, it doesn’t really matter. I stood in the middle of a sea of purple and green shirts (SEIU and AFSME rent-a-mob) with my “Defeat Obamacare: 30 Million Canadians Can’t be Wrong” sign at a town-hall meeting and heard this moron mumble about how “he happened to think” Obamacare was constitutional. He can tout his pro-gun stance all he wants but if he’s Harry Reid’s little blue lap dog it doesn’t matter. Interesting side note: When Republicans put up a state castle doctrine law in Iowa, Boswell’s Dem buddies defeated it. Ironically, under current Iowa law, Boswell’s grandson could’ve been sued by the intruder had he pulled the trigger in self defense and injured the dirtbag.

  3. Oh, the irony! Lives saved by a legal gun! And notice, the liberal media isn’t putting this all over the news like they would have if the Senator and his family had been shot by an illegal gun.

  4. This incident reminds me of something that happened years ago in Texas that did not have as positive an outcome for the innocent victims. A Texas Congresswoman, who was a gun control advocate, but carried herself, was trapped in a Lubi’s restaurant when an employee’s ex-boyfriend drove his vehicle thru the front of the establishment and opened fire on the customers and employees. The congresswoman was trapped inside with her mother, if I remember correctly, with her handgun in her vehicle. She hid on the floor, as the gunman walked around and shot people. She said later that if she had carried her handgun in her purse, she would have shot the man and saved several lives. Miraculously, her and her mother both survived.
    Afterwards, the incident changed her views on the 2nd Amendment and she became an outspoken advocate for the right to carry a gun. Views are changing, mostly when something happens to an anti-gun zealot.

    • Ha! you are so right, Donn. I have noticed something very interesting among self proclaimed liberals: they usually have never seen a hard day. They love to go around ‘feeling sorry’ for the ‘little’ people. ‘Cause they are so inherently smarter, more educated and more capable to make it in the USA, but the person who is black, yellow or brown can’t- cause, well, you know… I HAVE seen a hard day, and I struggled like hell to finish college- depression, poverty and all. I did battle and I conquered. I lived in a walk in closet, worked as a waitress, drove a school bus, cleaned pools- you name it. Got some meds for my chronic depression and had a great career. Never did I consider taking charity- I had too much pride! And you know what? Anyone could do what I did. Nowadays, almost anything is considered to be a ‘disability’ that will qualify you for money from the government. It is terrible! It prevents people from feeling the pride of self accomplishment that I have. I feel unstoppable having overcome all that. Only when these elitists see a hard day, get a little experience about the resilience of the human spirit, will they understand how to do run a government.

  5. Yes the libtards want to control you and then do something quite different like Rosie ODonnel who is an avowed gun control advocate, except her body guard was armed and protected her and her family against an intruder but that was okay, just not for the rest of us. The definition of a liberl is someone who wants to give away your money, just not their own.
    Blessings on you and yours

    • Hi John, that is because the liberals believe (or, they don’t actually believe- they just HOPE- for a RELATIVE morality. Basically, they want to control the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of society. The problem is, they need to get rid of the notion that there is ONE universal morality that rules all mankind. Therefore, they need to get rid of GOD or Universal Morality. After that, they feel free to establish the criteria for right and wrong. In their puny, skinny, mal-nourished brains, this equates to the survival of the fittest mentality. If THEY have achieved wealth or power, then THEY get to decide the right vs. wrong of things. And because WE have not obtained these things, then we must be ‘less’ and should concede their right in the role of ‘definer of right vs. wrong.”

      Only the stupidest or the weakest would hand this power over easily. As for the great ASLEEP in America, when they awake, they will kick the asses of the Rosie’s of the world.

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