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Book Review: “Voyage of the Mind Carriers” by Gary Wolf

Book Review: “Voyage of the Mind Carriers” by Gary Wolf.

“Voyage of the Mind Carriers”

There is only one way so much novel could be squeezed into such a thin book: prose so tight it squeaks. Right from the get-go, “Voyage of the Mind Carriers”, written by Gary Wolf, vortexes the reader right into the opening scene of the novel- a lush N.Y. city socialite party. “Voyage of the Mind Carriers” begins with a relatively unknown writer who is lured into re-writing a newly discovered ancient text- a 60,000 year old novel! He meets an archeologist who cannot get the science community to legitimize the discovery and in desperation, asks him to re-write it in fiction form. Thus begins the journey of Detective Baxter, the main character of the ancient novel, into a primitive, yet fully modern society where Earth is considered only one cell of an Omnificent Cerebrum. Other sentient and logical beings live on other ‘cells’ throughout the galaxy and some can even cross between. A new philosophy, Bioprimalism, is ‘infecting’ the logic obsessed Home Cell community with a lust to overthrow logical thought in favor of primal, natural urges. Detective Baxter, upon discovering the death of a prominent bioprimalist, discovers that he, himself, is actually from another cell and has been entrusted with a secret mission so vital that nothing less than the salvation of the Home Cell is at stake. This novel-inside-a-novel will not only entrance any science fiction reader, but any philosopher as well. As in the great tradition of C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L’Engle, the questions of God, spirituality, nature, man, logic and human reasoning lie at the heart of this entrancing novel. I would recommend it to any serious thinker. – Susan Shannon, blogger Short Little Rebel

Want to buy “Voyage of the Mind Carriers” or see more fabulous works by Mr. Wolf? Just visit him at his own website or see him in action on the conservative blog Constitution Club under his alias, AWOL Civilization.

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