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Observe the European Union and Learn- Before it is too Late

Sarcozy of France wants more power to 'help' Greece

Today, while reading my morning dose of news, I came upon two articles on the European Union’s ‘desperate’ attempts to stop the financial meltdown (which they call a ‘contagion’) of Greece.  I knew I would find something there, but the first article only gave the outline of events.  So I read the second article.  And there it was.  Just like I knew it would be.  But later about that.  Let’s start at the beginning.  The article opens with:

“BRUSSELS — Euro zone leaders were set to give their
financial rescue fund sweeping new powers to prevent contagion and help Greece
overcome its debt crisis, according to the draft conclusions of an emergency
summit on Thursday.”

The way I describe ‘instinct’ to my children is to have them imagine two antennae on their foreheads.  I tell them, “When they wiggle, trust them. The more you trust them, the better you will come to understand them.”  Well.  My antennae not only wiggled, but they danced the two-step!  “Sweeping new powers”, huh?  That is never good.  I read on.

I have written many times about the goals of the financial élite (the super rich- you know, the ones that live in the stratosphere).  Namely, that they want to get rid of national boundaries in favor of larger state ‘unions’ in order to consolidate power and to more easily move money and make money.  The European Union’s formation was a major step in this direction.  Why did they take on such weak economies, I used to wonder?  It made no sense (wiggle, wiggle).  Why not just take on the strong ones and kick some major financial butt?  As I have followed the stories of default with Ireland, Portugal and Greece, my antennae began to quiver worse (something is not right here!).

When things make no sense, when nations’ actions are dumber than what a completely ignorant individual would ever choose to do, I get suspicious.  Kinda like I got suspicious when the Justice Department sent those marked & traceable weapons into Mexican territory and two of them ‘just’ conveniently show up right next to the corpse of a dead border agent.   That kind of suspicion.

If the nations of Europe wanted to create a financial union that could complete better with the American dollar, why include weak countries?  Makes no sense.  Until now.

Observe, fellow Americans, and learn.  What you see here is the hand of the financial élite.  The same people who own ALL the news.  One might think, “How do you figure?  If anything, this is a perfect example of why NOT to form an American Union!”  But, no, look closer.  This is only an argument of why you should not include weak countries in your union.  We are left with the idea, “Gee, if only they had combined strong economies, they would have been better off.”  The idea implanted is, “A union of strong economies would be good/better.”  It is not a negation of the entire idea of unions at all!

German Chancellor Merkel pretends to not want more Power..

However,  here is the crux.  Here is the most important thing of all.  Please read this portion of the article:

“Many economists believe the only way out of the euro zone’s debt crisis in
the long run may be closer integration of national fiscal policies — for
example, a joint euro zone guarantee for countries’ bonds, or issuance of a
joint euro zone bond to finance all countries.”

Aha!  I knew it would be there!  It was almost the very last sentence in the article.  See?  This catastrophe (so forseeable!) has pointed to MORE CONTROL at the EU level over the sovereign nations’ governments.  Guess what?  Any body that governs your money governs you.  They tried to convince the separate countries (when the populations naturally opposed such a union) that it would “only” be a change in currency.  I was working in Germany at this time.  Oh, the people hated the idea.  But they felt helpless.  “It’s going to happen anyway,” they sighed.  Their elected officials did it- despite the will of the People.  And they told the Germans that it would be GOOD for them.  They pointed at the might of the American dollar and made the people afraid.  “We will never succeed without combining money with other countries,”  they shouted.  Gosh, how long ago was that?  about 14 years ago?  Hmmmm, and look at the ‘might’ of the USA now.  Guess they would have been able to compete after all, huh?  And now, it is too late.  They are stuck with these loser countries that should never have been allowed in the first place (wiggle, wiggle).  And if they don’t bail them out, then their own country will go down the toilet.  And in order to ensure that Greece doesn’t happen to Spain & Italy, the EU needs more….. POWER!  uh, huh.

George Soros, chairman & founder of Open Society Foundations: "The managed decline of the dollar would be good". He thinks national borders are a thing of the past.

Americans.  Wake Up!  The American Union is coming.  The decline of the dollar is indeed being managed- like New World Order proponent George Soros so openly admitted.  The spending of our government, that we all oppose, is exactly like the formation of the EU- the people all opposed it.  And their leaders did it anyway.  The people want to trust their leaders.  They want to believe that these leaders mean well.  But when our leaders do things that make no sense to the Average American, then we need to trust our antennae, our instincts.  Something is afoot in America.  She is being destroyed so that the idea of linking with Canada (who actually cut spending and lowered taxes), Mexico (the built-in failure equivalent to Greece) and Brazil (who is booming and who has massive oil reserves) will be more palatable.  Once our dollar is completely baseless (from constant printing by the Federal Reserve) and our economy is in a depression, the élite plan on using the panic of Americans to create a new American Union- exactly as they did to the citizens in what used to be Germany, France & England.

And it will be tempting.  That is why we must act now.  We can’t keep spending like Greece did!  They too, made it all about Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, retirement, Health Care.  And look where it got them:  they can’t pay it all back.  They are in default.  New, super powers are being created to ‘help’ them, but will be in place forever afterward.

Americans, please.  Observe the European Union- and learn.  I beg you.


  1. I believe that we are already over the line. I don’t mean to sound hopeless, but most of the people that live around me are in absolute slumber. If the tube says it, they believe it. Read and understand. Nope, much too difficult. Give up those unearned handouts – I don’t think so. They believe that the Land of the Free means a free ride. The gobaments gonna take care of us – yeh man.

    Sorry to be so sarcastic, but that’s what my antenna is telling me!

    • It is definitely feasible that it is too late. But what is not too late is Resistance. There is no reason to make it easy for the bastards. As it says in the Bible, eventually the saints will win. The courts will decide in their favor.

      • If we don’t win in 2012 we are lost anyway. Mr. Obama’s programs in the EPA, TSA and all the other agencies will simply overwhelm the system and we will be worse than the USSR under Stalin!

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