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Something That Will Never Happen Again

"The Eagle Has Landed!"

After Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed, Armstrong uttered the now-famous words, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” The pair plants an American flag on the surface, collects scientific samples, and arranges experiments. Savor this moment because it will never happen again.

Some of you might think I refer to Obama’s scuttling of the Space Shuttle program.  But I’m not.  Just because the space shuttle program has ended (which also ends the Hubble Telescope program as it depends on the Shuttle) doesn’t mean people won’t continue reaching for the stars.  The dream of space travel will outlast Obama.

I am referring to the planting of that flag.  Nationalism is being taught to our children as a dirty word.  The terms, “Open Society” are now sweeping our universities through huge influxes of cash.  “Open Society” claims that nationalism is wrong-headed and bad.  Antiquated, even.  The money elites, such as George Soros, openly and smilingly espouse this new concept in conferences, speeches and as courses in universities.  Soros even has a speech circuit that passes through major universities, like Columbia University in N.Y., and throughout the world.  He, and they, make it sound so very wonderful.  One world government that grows and changes over time to reflect the ever better spirit of Man.  We will embrace all religions, making them all the same.  We will embrace all culture (but no one must assimilate).  We will combine the Intellect of all people and herald in a New Society, free of war.  We will all acknowledge the limits to our own knowledge (religion is variable & we will learn ‘more’ as Man matures).  Kind of like the Federation in the Star Trek series.

Of course, they don’t bother to say who will be the ‘head’ of this great new society.  Hmmmm.  Gosh, that’s hard to guess.

History classes are re-writing history for our elementary, middle and high schools and it all points to the same thing:  being an American is something to be ashamed of.  The other day, my child came home from second grade and told me that Washington was a slave owner.  Later, she also brought home poems, artwork & songs praising Martin Luther King.  They spent a whole week on civil rights & Martin Luther King.   Nothing against Mr. King, but doesn’t Washington deserve equal or better treatment for his accomplishments (oh, you know, like winning the revolutionary war which gave birth to this nation and oh, you know, being the first American president)?  No?  Ok, then how about a week for all the founding fathers combined– forget a week for each!  No, still, huh?

There is no way on earth that Americans will ever feel free to plant our flag anywhere.  Because it feels dirty now.  I guess owning all the news, politicians & teachers and spewing non-stop propaganda works after all.


  1. “History classes are re-writing history for our elementary, middle and high schools and it all points to the same thing: being an American is something to be ashamed of. The other day, my child came home from second grade and told me that Washington was a slave owner.”

    But he DID own slaves – when he died, he owned personally over a hundred and had over three hundred working on his estate. He even bought some with him to the White house.

    Who exactly is the one rewriting history here?

    • Piator, you mistake my meaning (I’m sure you know that). At that time in American history, it was normal for the educated, wealthy class to own land and slaves. It was from this class that leaders of America were derived. You have no idea of Washington treated his slaves fairly (which is what I think) and kindly. To judge Washington’s accomplishments and his value to America based on something that was common to all (and is only much later seen as evil) is not fair. Further, the re-writing of history is: when we were little, we learned that George Washington & Thomas Jefferson were great heroes. Now, the kids are being taught that they were ‘bad’. Facts, like slave ownership, are being unfairly shoved at small children without proper context or historical reference. Further, their great deeds are being left unsaid (like winning the Revolutionary War when no one thought it was possible & being the first & one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had) and uncelebrated. To give an entire week to Martin Luther King (thus accentuating the unfairness of America at the time) without showing the greatness of America (like establishing the single most powerful & free society based on the single most amazing founding Constitution the world has ever seen before or since) is to give a false impression to impressional minds.

      That is called brain washing with intent. Progressive Liberal Intent. The one thing I hate when discussing things with people is when they act ‘innocently ignorant’ of what they are doing. You knew what I meant and chose to ignore it. This is called simple carping from the side lines. This blog is for people who actually want to learn something. If you want to comment, then please comment based on what was said & clearly intended. Otherwise, the conversation goes nowhere.

  2. I’m all in. My skin will just have to grow thicker. I’ve taken my share of insults for being patriotic. I agree that now is not the time to fold. The question I have is: How are we going to keep the internet out of the hands of the wealthy elite?

    • Send an onslaught of twitters, FB messages, emails & phone calls to our senators & representatives. If all else fails, they we can still post up to the minute it is ‘cut off’. That means we better have a contingency plan in place.

  3. Strange, I get called “nationalist” in just the tone of voice you’d expect and I don’t feel dirty. I just respond, “Yes, and an armed one” and the problematic people tend to go away.

    The American response to this anti-nationalist trend is the problem, not the trend itself. We tolerate it and the people espousing it instead of making it clear that they’re the America’s enemies and will be treated as such with any and all means available.

    Teach your children right. Teach them that their teachers, if they behave as you described, are traitors not deserving of breathing American air, much less being employed in OUR country.

    Most importantly, teach them to shoot and make sure they learn the lesson well that just because the enemy is down doesn’t men they’re dead; always, always put another round in them after they’re down.

    • Ha, ha! You are a character & I agree with every word! However, I still think that educating the public is very important. There are many who are asleep. Many who can be swayed (due to the fact that they have never bothered thinking much about it before) and only a small minority that actually buys into the progressive agenda with gusto.

      Let us repeat our messages over & over again. I again call on conservative bloggers to unit in a common purpose: to be a new ‘news agency’, so to speak, that tells the Truth. If we are united in a certain number of common ideals with the objective as ‘Saving America’, then we could have a powerful affect. Unless Lieberman’s new bill to give Obama FULL control of the Internet for 30 whole days without needing to consult with ANYBODY passes on the Senate floor.

      • SLR, how do you suggest we unite? Do you mean adding each other to our blog roll? I just started a blog, I am in NO way as professional as you, and so many others (esp from the Constitution Club), but I speak my mind, in a non flowery, simple way. I would gladly add a link to your blog on mine, if you wish.

      • I’ll get back to you on the ‘effort’ soon. Just have to solidify the strategy. I think we can be a force to be reckoned with. And you don’t have to be a pro at all….

  4. Money is tight, but I’m going out to buy a new American Flag asap. I was just talking about this yesterday to a friend… she was telling me how her nephew, who just graduated college, was confused and even angry at her patriotic manner, he told her that socialism is GOOD and a better way for our Nation and that her way was wrong, even prejudice. When we have lost the children, we have lost the future. We then discussed how anybody below 40, pretty much feels the same way… how does this Exceptional Nation of the United States of America overcome this? Once the over 40 crowd and above is gone, there will not be enough patriots left to fight for it.

    • Hey Teach
      This is why iti is IMPERATIVE for parents to be activley involved in their kids ecucation.
      That is why more and more parents are homeschooling their kids. It is squarely the teachers
      fault for teaching this propaganda pablum to our kids.
      John Wilder

      • Hi marriagecoach1 🙂 Oh, I am way ahead… homeschooled all three of my children, from birth on up to leaving the nest! 😉 But that does not change the fact that the masses still send their children to the indoctrination centers.

      • You know, John, my husband & talk talk about this all the time. But our feelings tend toward this idea: do you hide the light under the bushel? No, you place it in a high spot so that all can see.

        Our children should serve as good leavening to the other school children- just as I serve as good leavening to other mothers. I know that the schools can not brain wash my kids as long as I remain their #1 teacher. Eventually, our children must fly into the sinful world. They need the tools to combat them. It is something that my kids talk about on a daily basis: how to address the wrongs in school. Example: when my daughter brought home this information, I used the situation to show her how skewed the perspective was. She agreed that Washington deserved at least the same air time as King. She thought he deserved even more.

        From the mouths of babes…

      • True, they can’t brainwash your children if you’ve raised them right. At least they can’t brainwash into believing as they want them to. They can however disadvantage them and bully them, forcing them to constantly choose between what is right and what won’t get them punished.

        That’s how America’s domestic enemies work. They make so that American children are conditioned to accept what is wrong because every time they stand up for what is right they get abused or punished.

        Sadly, we probably won’t find a solution to this that doesn’t mean Americans will have spend their blood and treasure in an effort to purge our country of its domestic enemies. The best that we can hope for is that enough of us survive the war and that none of them do so.

      • Jonolan, a battle is most definitely coming. However, I take great solace in the Bible prophecies that say: 1) the saints (that’s us!) will win- the ‘courts’ (I think both Man’s & God’s) will rule in their favor & 2) it will not be by the hand of Man that the enemies are taken down, but the hand of God.

        They’re going down, alright. And they won’t survive to see another day. We can just sit and watch it unfold.

        Of course, the Bible does say that the ‘saints’ will oppose the Enemy, and that they will ‘be delivered to him for ‘a time, a time and half a time’ (2.5 years?), but that ultimately they will win. That tells me to fight. And I am. We all are.

      • I’m not even vaguely Christian so take little comfort in the prophesies of your Holy Book, especially when so much of it’s New Testament has been translated in such a manner as to foster exactly the sort of pacificity that our mutual enemies rely upon

        Don’t get me wrong; I like Christians as a general rule and we share a deal of moral beliefs in common, but your faith’s tendency towards “It’s in God’s hands” is at odds with my faith’s “We are the Gods’ hands” belief.

      • Jonolan, I’m sorry you aren’t a Christian. It is a great comfort to know that Good will win in the end. One small correction: the Bible prophesies are from the Old Testiment. It has been translated directly from the original written languages- as has the New. It used to go from Greek (or Hebrew) to King Jame’s old English to modern English. But modern translators have been translating the books from the original works for decades now. The clever part about the Bible is that it is written in parable form (stories) and poetry form- neither of which depends on perfect translations to make sense and convey the exact same meaning. Very little is translation dependent. Therefore, translation has little to do, I’ll bet, with your true feelings on the Bible and God.

        That being said, I respect your own journey through life. I would never advocate just sitting back and ‘letting’ God do everything. As is evidenced through my blogging. I believe the population needs to be educated to what is going on around them. Only this way can a true grass roots movement take back our government.

    • Teach, did you follow the link to Soro’s speech circuit? Talk about scary. And the kids are buying it hook, line and sinker.

      We need to provide a counter point online: the only free press left in the world.

      • I did SLR, but I did not watch the video, beings it is so long, it would eat up my bandwith :/ The few comments made my blood boil though.

  5. We can and must fight this coming and looming tyranny. Of course the leftist will label us crackpots and extremist and deniars but we should not fold under such ad hominem attacks

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