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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Will Not Die!

"Mission Accomplished! Can we all go home now?"

Yes, the debt ceiling talks rage on.  We’ll wait until something other than boring Washington-drama happens to write a blog on that subject.  Until then, I want to address this idea that an organization can struggle to live just as individuals do.  Organizations take on a life of their own.  They have a personality and a will to live.  People within them can come & go, but the will of the organization remains the same.  Our government even gives legal ‘personhood’ to corporations.  The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is the most recent example of this phenomena.

It has been dying a rapid death in the last couple of years- why?  Because when a black man holds the most powerful position in the entire world, it gets kinda hard to make the case that the country that elected him (mostly white) is racist.  There is no more segregation.  Laws are already in place around the nation favoring black students for the top universities and colleges like Harvard & Yale.  Banks must loan black people more money than white people- from student loans to business loans.  Laws are already in place that ensure that the murder of a black man gets worse punishment than that of a white man.  Laws are already in place that force businesses to favor a black applicant over a white applicant in the hiring process.  Suddenly, every commercial on T.V. has at least one black person, even though they are a small minority in America.  T.V. programs all have black characters- and they’re usually the boss.  If there is a fight between a black kid and a white kid, you can be sure that some black leader will be there with a bull horn screaming ‘racism!’   ‘Jim Crow’ just doesn’t make sense when you see the plethora of mixed race couples with babies at the mall.  Americans just aren’t racist anymore.  We have reached a point where black people are actually a more privileged class than white people.   The NAACP appears to have fulfilled its mission.

You would think they would be thrilled.  Wasn’t that the whole point of their existence?   You would think they would just turn to one another in satisfaction- the feeling of ‘well done’ rushing through their veins.  You would think they would hug and cry that the long night of Black suffering is finally over.  You would think that they would be happy to leave the trenches and finally return to their sweet, normal lives.

But they didn’t and they aren’t.

On the contrary.

Because without racism, there are no juicy side jobs for the Jesse Jacksons & Al Sharptons of the old civil rights gang.  And they like the money.  They’ve become accustomed to the life, so to speak.  An entire industry has popped up around civil rights activism:  law schools to teach civil rights litigation, attorneys to sue civil rights violators, reporters to cover civil rights infractions, businesses that investigate civil rights offences, etc.  All of this equals hundreds of millions of dollars.  The Civil Rights Machine is being threatened.  It must save itself!

I came across an article this morning that sings the praises of the new reorganization of the NAACP’s mission & structure.  Their new leader, a 35-year-old Mr. Jealous (I’m not making that up), has acknowledged the decline of the NAACP and has made a brilliant move to ‘save’ it.  He has decided that they will take up the screaming unfairness in America for ALL minorities- up to and including gay people.  Apparently, some within the black people oppose this move and want the NAACP to only fight for Black people.  But Jealous’ side is winning.  They say, “Yeah, but if we only stick to Black people, we’ll be out of a job!”

Pitiful.  Perhaps they will reemerge as “Victims of America“.  That should do the trick.


  1. I agree that racism toward blacks isn’t as prevalent now as it was in the past. And I think that society as a whole is more accepting of blacks – the fact that Obama got elected is evidence of that. NAACP was created during a time when racism and discrimination toward blacks was horrific, so perhaps their goals are outdated. But I don’t think it would be accurate to say that racism towards black people is non-existent. Do you honestly think that race didn’t factor into the delay in aid given during Hurricane Katrina? We have an amazing National Guard in this country…it should not have taken so long. Even in the media, the way the aftermath was covered. White people “hunted for food in grocery stores”, while black people “broke in and stole food from grocery stores”. A difference in language even though they were doing the same thing. While it was several years ago, there was the Rodney King case…but I can assure you that type of thing continues to happen (there was an awful case like it here in CT). Segregation does still exist, it’s just institutionalized. Ghettos don’t exist simply because the black people living there are lazy – they are stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty that is extremely difficult to escape.

    Honestly Susan, I think that nobody can really know or understand racism against black people unless you are black. Until we’ve walked a lifetime in the shoes of a black person, I don’t think we can say that racism is dead. I’m sure you’re right that there are rich African Americans who want the civil rights movement to stay alive because they profit, but that doesn’t mean that a poor black woman doesn’t experience racism, whether big or small, in her day to day life.

    Also, you acknowledge that racism did exist in the past. I think the consequences of that racism persists. In 2009, the poverty rate for blacks was above 25%. This is the result of a long history of racism. Blacks overwhelmingly have lower-income jobs and lower-income housing and are uninsured, etc. because of the centuries of discrimination they faced. Because of that, while they may not be facing discrimination as brutal as in the past, they are still having difficulties rising out of poverty. I think civil rights groups, such as the NAACP, should refocus their goals by attempting to remedy the consequences of past racism.

    • No, Grace, I don’t think racism had anything to do with Hurricaine Katrina. I’m not sure that it was that slow of a response (where is the actual proof of this?)! My parents live in Miami- actually, Homstead, FL. When it got demolished by Hurricaine Andrew (level 5!), I can’t say that the response was any faster! It took forever to get everything going. I would have to see actual statistics comparing the two hurricaines and the federal response to them to truly answer your question. But there is no way that thousands of government workers were in some conspiracy to NOT respond- or to respond slowly, simply because they thought all the victims were black. These agencies don’t have the will or mind of a person. They are just organizations full of people. One man could never intentionally slow those organizations down. If there was a slow response- which I have never seen proof of, then I would have to think that it might be due to the fact that lots of people didn’t evacuate like they were told to do and they flooded the response system in place. Or, flooding made getting to the victims harder than normal. Either that, or these organizations had undergone an organizational restructuring that just didn’t work well. As for the news reports you speak of, I don’t remember anything of the kind. I watched the news the same as everyone. I don’t remember any uneven reporting- just cries that Bush didn’t come fast enough. Everything felt very political to me- and I didn’t even like Bush at that point!

      As for ghettos, you and I will just have to disagree. I don’t buy it. The ‘vicious cycle’ exists for many, many people- including myself, having come from a very violent household. With one brother in federal prison and the other a wife beater & child beater, I can fully attest to the emotional toll violence & isolation can bring to a young adult. But I knew the difference between right & wrong- same as my brothers. They allowed their rage, sadness & loss to take over. They decided to follow the cycle. They knew the violence was wrong when it was perpetrated on them, and yet, they knowingly did it to others- because it felt good. They simply did not want to do the hard work required of all people who were vicitimized in their youth. It took me a long time to get emotionally well. Some things will never be right. But I promised myself when I was young that I would never do those kinds of things to anyone else. And I didn’t. Lots of lonely years because I didn’t have anyone in my life- no family & no friends (that’s what happens when you leave your past behind). But I NEVER took charity. I knew I had to finish my education and then go to college. Everyone knew that when I was a teenager. Black teenagers know that. College was the only way to get a good job. I was not going to let my life pull me into the sewer. I had too much pride.

      You are wrong to say that it is institutionalized. Rather, I believe it is just too easy to get and it is too long lasting. And it has created a devestating dependence that is taught to the next generation. People are naturally lazy- they will take the easy way out every time (with a few exceptions). I have seen this phenomona speading into the white culture- girls all around me are giving instructions to unwed pregnant couples to not get married as they allows them to milk the tit of America. I have an aquaintance who actually celebrated when her friend finally got section 8 housing after waiting EIGHT years! What??? They sat on their asses for eight years for free housing? That can’t be right. Also, I guess I am just politically incorrect, but I have seen, first hand, that cultures do have personalities & traits. Asian people do tend to work their asses off. I don’t know if that is because those countries don’t have a welfare system or what. But the people in Korea all work- no matter what. If they can’t find a great job, they will find a lousy one. They will clean people’s houses and send their kids to college. Japan is the same. I simply don’t see the same will power in the Black community. Without it, they will continue to fail- and it will be their fault. All we can do as a society is to provide the equal opportunity. If they won’t take it, it’s on them.

      To me, I don’t care what color you are. Get a job. Get off the dole. Go to school. Go to college. I find it inexcusable for anyone, not just Blacks, to not go to school when they KNOW it will end up paying well. And Blacks, especially, get all the financial aid they need to do this very thing. Why the hell don’t they take it???

      See, I believe in Black people and their ability. I will not underestimate them and say, “Aw, you poor thing, you have it soooo hard that you just can’t do it!” That is what I consider to be arrogant, Grace. I KNOW it is hard to shake off the past and move forward. But LOTS of immigrant groups were slaves (the Irish, the Chinese & LOTS of women today!) and they got past it. Blacks have no choice but to do it. What good can come from not doing it? Like all people who have been victims, they just need to suck it up and realize that that part of their life (or cultural life) sucked and that they need to get up, shake off the dirt, grind their teeth and get BUSY!

      My father’s family was Irish and they just didn’t get any poorer, Grace. They were hungry all the time. They actually fought for the pork chops on the table! That is NOT the Black experience today. But my father worked his ass off, with his siblings, and the whole family made it work. Not one day on the dole. And my father joined the Army and served proudly for his entire life. Did he want to be a soldier & risk his life? No. But he did it for the money and for the education/skills it gave him. At night, he worked as a janitor in two different places. Again, not one day on the dole. Do you think he liked cleaning toilets? Do you think that was fun? Do you think that built his or our self esteem? hell, I cleaned houses trying to get through college. It was a little embarrassing, but it paid well.

      Why do you simply attribute poverty (which, today equals at least one flat screen t.v.!) to racism? Why do you attribute low cost housing, etc, to racism? I would challenge you to prove that to me, not just make the assumption (which is what you are doing).

      I can and do make the equally valid observation that these statistics are a direct result of the failure of Black Leadership and Black people today. The day that Black people were told that they were victims, they believed it. Victim mentality can only lead to more victimization. That is just the truth. I don’t like how people take those numbers and automatically blame others. That, to me, is just weird. If I saw such numbers of Korean people living on the dole, I would get pissed off in a hurry. I take a certain pride in my heritage. For example, Koreans love the black market- it is in Korea big time and they have brought it here. When I saw on the news that these old Korean shop owners were buying food stamp cards (you know, the swipable ones?) for half their value and then cashing them in, I felt sick in my stomach. Why should I defend that? It only makes me look bad. Blacks need to do the same. They shouldn’t defend these numbers & blame others. They should kick each other’s asses to knock it off. THAT is when things will change, Grace.

      • As for being Black, I would welcome it! I have NO DOUBT that people would like me for who I was and not what I looked like. That has been my experience as an Asian in a dominantly white America. Even in Germany, where there just aren’t any Asians, people would STARE at me- but I knew it was because they werent’ used to seeing a face like mine. I took no offense. Just like if you went to korean, Grace. Not only would they stare at you, but they would touch your light colored hair! Would you be insulted? I have worked with every color person under the sun. Some are great. Some suck. And it has NOTHING to do with their appearance, I can tell you that. I think if Black people just stopped being so damned defensive, they would find that white America is just dying to love them- they really are.

      • Response to Katrina was indeed worse than in other natural disaster situations. A congressional report was released afterward that stated “Our investigation revealed that Katrina was a national failure, an abdication of the most solemn obligation to provide for the common welfare. At every level — individual, corporate, philanthropic and governmental — we failed to meet the challenge that was Katrina. In this cautionary tale, all the little pigs built houses of straw”. A Republican 11-member House committee found that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was late and ineffective in executing critical responsibilities. So there is no question that there were problems in the response to Katrina. Now, of course nobody can say for SURE that this was linked to the fact that the majority of the victims were black. I wouldn’t say that the various responding organizations blatantly ignored people simply because they were black…but I wouldn’t say race didn’t play a role at all. The fact remains that the black community in New Orleans had less resources than the white community to stay safe. Most blacks didn’t have the money or the cars to get out while whites did. But the black community did not receive the level of aid that they needed in order to survive, while whites didn’t need as much aid because they already had the resources. I know you say that we should give preferential treatment according to race. But it was a situation of LIFE and DEATH. You go to the people who need the most help first. And in that situation it was the black community that needed the MOST help but didn’t receive it.

        In terms of media coverage of Hurricane Katrina – take a look at this essay: “Assessment of
        the story angle indicates a disproportionate media tendency to associate Blacks
        with crime and violence, a propensity consistent with exaggerated and inaccurate
        reports regarding criminal activity in Katrina’s aftermath,” the intro says. Blacks were identified as “looters” while whites were described as “finding food”.

        When I talk about the ghettos, I’m not talking about violence (but btw, I am sorry to hear about what you went through…sounds awful Susan). The vicious cycle I refer to is the cycle of poverty, in which those that live in the ghetto (mostly blacks) are unable to escape poverty. But this is not because they are lazy, or because they are not trying. How are those people supposed to go to college if they can’t even get accepted (and if you go to an inner city school with little funding, it’s very difficult to even get accepted)? How are they supposed to go to college if they can’t even pay what it costs to apply? If they can’t pay tuition (even WITH financial aid)? If they are too busy working in order to help their parents feed the family to attend classes and such? You were able to break down barriers in your life to achieve your success and trust me, I applaud that. But there are indeed some barriers that poor blacks cannot overcome on their own.

        This poverty and the barriers I speak of are not racism themselves, but a consequence of historical racism. I encourage you to read the essay “Institutional Discrimination, Individual Racism, and Hurricane Katrina”(,%20individual%20racism,%20and%20hurricane%20katrina.pdf). It states that “One of the most significant legacies of slavery and historical discrimination in the United States is the pervasive racial disparity in wealth”. It then gives stats for this, which you can read if you choose to do so. It also says: “based on job audits across several countries, minority-group members have a 23.7 percent chance of being discriminated against when applying for any given job”. These types of things are not easy to see when we go out and live our everyday lives. This is why I say that this phenomenon can only be really understood if we were black ourselves and experienced it in our own lives.

      • Homeland security was new at this time. It was a huge re-organization of the government. To me, that would explain why things went wrong. Race couldn’t have played a role. Impossible. People have jobs to do and they do them. I have worked as a management consultant for 15 years. When you change an organization that large (H.S. is enormous), everyone’s communication avenues change. Everyone’s authority channels change. People’s job descriptions change. People are not really sure who is supposed to do what- or even who is responsible to get it done. Sometimes, you end up with people who have new responsibilities but have not received the proper authority to get them done- a major reason why missions fail. The Black community’s resources were not in question here- it was Federal resources that failed according to your information. Simply the creation of H.S. would more than explain the failure in response time.

        Grace, people had plenty of time to evacuate- most didn’t want to. Also, if they didn’t have cars & live in a hurracaine zone, what can I say? You can buy a used car for just about nothing. I did that when I was starting out. I bought a car for $300 and drove it until it just broke. It was totally worth every penny.

        Of course you give aid first to those who need it most- regardless of color. Color has nothing to do with anything! Ever.

        I never read other people’s studies about any subject that is politically hot. And this is a hot topic, Grace. Just show me the money. For all I know, the looters were black and the white were looking for food. Looters tend to be people who break into places & cause damage as well as steal. As I don’t know the full facts on the case, I’m not going to jump on the race bandwagon. I have seen too much crying of ‘wolf’! from the black community to buy into it anymore.

        Grace, you need to really stop feeling so sorry for people. It isn’t kind. Inner city schools get MORE MONEY than any other schools! Did you know that? You are very wrong on that topic. Kids don’t go to school because it is more fun not to. Also, the drug money allows them to buy all the things they want without the hard (and boring) work of school. Plain & simple. It’s not like the old days. Wanna see a poor school? Come see our local Catholic school here. Boy! No inner city school would be caught dead looking like that!

        Grace! These kids aren’t helping feed their parents! You need to stop with the stereotypes! These are young men having sex with lots of young women. These young men don’t even bother to take care of their own babies, let alone parents or grandparents. Further, they don’t have to! Everyone is on the dole. Grace, come’on! The funding is THERE for both elementary, middle & high schools- more than your old schools, I’m sure. You are very wrong about Black people not being able to do it on their own.

        Every statistic ever done for any socialist country proves me right about this. When people have the opportunity to live on the dole, they take it. And they will never leave it if you don’t kick them out. Color has nothing to do with it. But it becomes something people pass on to their kids and their kids and their kids. If it is accepted in the society around them, then the lack of social pressure truly seals their fates. Countries that offer the most dole, have the most people on the dole. Don’t you find that fascinating? Doesn’t that tell you anything, Grace. You should see the losers on the German dole! There are so many that I saw just sitting around, under shady trees, just drinking beer as I trotted off to work in the morning. They were still there when I got home. They looked mean and unhappy.

        And what is the German population’s response? They will not give one stinking dime to anyone of them. In fact, that is why the German’s don’t give anything to the world’s poor (unlike America, which gives more than all the other countries combined!). They feel soaked and have become so cynical that they figure it’s someone else’s job. Americans, on the other hand, have a culture that believes (or used to believe) that a person pulled their own weight. That is why we are so generous with our private money- because no one forces from our fingers!

        Black leadership has foisted victimhood on black Americans. White people felt so guilty over slavery (they still do) that they were willing to do ANYTHING to wash their hands of the crime. TOO much money, TOO much pity, TOO much groveling was the result. Black people, anyone else, took the free ride that was offered and stayed there. Their social condition is worse now than 30 years ago- fatherless kids, lack of education, lack of motivation, increase in black on black violence- you name it. MONEY can’t solve everything, Grace. More money has been spent on black Americans than on any other race. It was an abject failure.

        As for the last study, I just have to ROLL MY EYES, Grace! I have watched many great black people in action (My favorite political candidate is Herman Cain- just ask HIM what he thinks about living on the dole). But I have also seen too many black people scream RACISM when they just SUCK at their job and didn’t get the promotion. Too many time, Grace. When I stop seeing it with my own two eyes, I will believe a report that comes out.

        One question, Grace. Why do you put so much stock in studies? Especially political ones? Don’t you realize that every study is paid for by someone? Every study has a goal? Every study serves someone’s agenda? Don’t you realize that a study can be found for ANYTHING? And without in depth information about the method of the study (the controls, the sample set, the people who conducted the study, what kind of recording devices, etc, etc, ), you really don’t know what kind of QUALITY there is in the study. Almost all studies conducted are terrible and skewed. I remember a ‘study’ done by two lesbian scientists that ‘proved’ that men weren’t actually necessary for procreation! Ha! Get the point? I think you need to just look at as much raw data as you can get your hands on. I think you need to use your own personal experiences.

        You need to be more critical, Grace. Of everything. If YOU haven’t seen it 23.7% of the time, odds are it hasn’t happened.

        As for me being able to overcome my background, it wasn’t easy. But pls. don’t misunderstand me. I am simply not special in any way. It is no credit to any skill or talent or intelligence that I was able to do it. It was a simple decision, Grace. And anyone is capable of that.

    • Grace, I have lived in the south for most of my life. Collleges have the Pell grants and student loans so that ANYONE can go to college.

      It takes time to mobilize releif aid and everyone was caught unexpectedly when the levees broke when they had survived so many storms before. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM. Why don’t you blame the black mayor of New Orleasns for not evacuaging people with all the school busses he had at his disposal or the governor of Louisiana.

      Now we have flash mobs attacking whites for no reason but we are the racists. Believe me there is much more black racism than ther is white racism in this country.

      John wilder

  2. “I wouldn’t support ANY group, including Asians or White (I am both) forming special clubs in order to gain special privileges. That is being a patriotic American citizen, not a bigot.”

    You keep proving my points over and over, you are totally bigoted towards ALL Muslims (racism).

    You think that NAACP is striving for “special privileges”


    They are not, what they have been doing since their formation is to get EQUALITY for their members.

    Affirmative Action was a process to help even the field, to prevent discrimination based on race, sex or religion.

    What bothers you is having to realize that discrimination has and does exist.

    • You say ‘equality’, I say ‘privilege’. Sorry. Discrimination is discrimination. Quotas & special protection under the law is discrimination. Oh, discrimination exists- from many Blacks in America. That is why they voted 98% for a Black man. If the whites in America had voted 98% for McCain, there would have been black violence in the streets.

    • Islam is not a race, any more than Communism is. Like Communism, it is an expansionist, enemy, totalitarian political ideology – NOT a religion in our sense of the word – that seeks to eliminate everything outside of itself.

  3. Next up, “little reb” will take on the “The National Association of Asian American Professionals”….right?

    I mean, after all, if Asians are among the top achievers in the US, then they can’t possibly need such groups any longer….right?

    And we all know that the Korean and Black communities, especially in LA, get along wonderfully!

    • I certainly would never support any such group, if they exist (didn’t ever hear of it)! I completely disdain organizations based on race. They are a scourge on American society.

      • See now, you don’t even recognize your irony. This is not just about “race”, this is about ethnicity (they are the same thing). Your American society IS an ethnicity, it is a fairly distinct culture…we do organize to promote it. So do you see your irony? I doubt it, since irony is a very lacking item among conservatives (another sub-culture, which you promote).

      • Notaviolentliberal, you hardly make sense. MY american society? Does this mean you are not an American? Irony? no, I have no idea what you are talking about. pls. clarify.

      • And just to add something else for you to chew on, you assume that a group of people who band together in their own self interest….is an attack upon other groups. It is the assumption that if this group is made up of a certain RACE, then they are practicing RACISM.

        It is NOT.

        Racism is the direct attack, either physically or verbally or by idea, of another race (ethnicity).
        Self promotion by a group is not racism, any more than conservatives getting together is in itself an attack upon any other political group. But that is probably a VERY difficult concept for you, since I see that you are an extreme right winger who is totally and without regret completely against ANY liberal ideal… other words you are a bigot, which is the brother of racism.

      • pls. show me where I make the assumption: “you assume that a group of people who band together in their own self interest….is an attack upon other groups. It is the assumption that if this group is made up of a certain RACE, then they are practicing RACISM.”

        The article I posted shows that the NCAAP WISH to hold on to life- and so they are redefining themselves as not a black group, but a homosexual supporting group too. That concludes your theory that they are a BLACK PROMOTION group. They are a group who simply wishes to live and be paid- they could care less what their ’cause’ is. The only ’cause’ they promote is self interest.

        By your definition, Muslims are racist. Self promotion doesn’t mean putting a reporter in front of a camera and cutting his head off. And you LOVE them! Pls. show me where I have a problem with ‘self promotion’?

        I am suspicious of Muslims because they do not speak out against terrorism. I am suspicious of Muslims when a terrorist attack happens because 99% of the time, a Muslim commits the terrorist- and claims it with pride. I am not a bigot: I am a mathematician.
        I wouldn’t support ANY group, including Asians or White (I am both) forming special clubs in order to gain special privileges. That is being a patriotic American citizen, not a bigot.

        try supporting your statements with the same validity and reliable sources that I hold myself to. Until then, you are just a silly name caller without any sense.

  4. You said: “Laws are already in place around the nation favoring black students for the top universities and colleges like Harvard & Yale. Banks must loan black people more money than white people- from student loans to business loans. Laws are already in place that ensure that the murder of a black man gets worse punishment than that of a white man. Laws are already in place that force businesses to favor a black applicant over a white applicant in the hiring process. Suddenly, every commercial on T.V. has at least one black person, even though they are a small minority in America. T.V. programs all have black characters- and they’re usually the boss. If there is a fight between a black kid and a white kid, you can be sure that some black leader will be there with a bull horn screaming ‘racism!’ ‘Jim Crow’ just doesn’t make sense when you see the plethora of mixed race couples with babies at the mall. Americans just aren’t racist anymore. We have reached a point where black people are actually a more privileged class than white people. The NAACP appears to have fulfilled its mission.”

    Although I agree that the NAACP is clearly outdated, I had to chuckle when I read your post. You paint this Utopian of being Black in America. Let me assure you that as an African American women I am not a victim, but your post is so naive it’s laughable. I just wish you could be Black for about a year. Racism still exist and will always exist.

    • As a matter of fact, I am a Korean/White woman. I’m sure lots of Asians might complain. I don’t buy it from them either. And I don’t buy that there is a glass ceiling for women. I would be absolutely fine being black and be the same equivalent as me- I’m confident and always do a great job no matter what it is. I’m friendly and won’t assume someone doesn’t like me until they show it. Attitude + skill goe pretty much… the top! No place is a Utopia! But you can’t deny that these laws are in place. How would you feel if there were white equivalents? Mad? I put the blame squarely on th backs of Black Americans if they feel resentment toward them. The bring it upon themselves! What do you expect people to feel like when racism is turned the other way around, SAB? I was horrified and angry when I saw that 98% of the American black population voted for Obama. What is THAT? They have NEVER voted en block like before! While they tended to be Democrats, it was more like a 67/33 split. I thought to myself, “Boy, if I was black, I’d be embarrassed by those numbers.” It shows an inexcusable single mindedness. It shows that Blacks will put RACE above EVERY OTHER issue in America. What is THAT all about?

      Blacks have acheived the pinnacle of power. Who do you think voted a black man into office? White people! But SAB, no one likes a victim. It makes people mad. Did you ever think any resentment that might be there is because no one likes someone getting preferential treatment? It’s downright un-American! My husband has had to contend with Black Probation Officer Clubs (imagine a white probation officer club!), and one Probation Officer that scammed on sick leave (his wife was a flight attendant- white) so blatantly and yet couldn’t fire him. Why? Because he threatened a law suit of racism! That was the most angering thing for the rest of the unit because they SAW this guy at the Mall with his kids when he was supposedly sick on Mondays & Fridays. Everyone’s got kids! Everyone else either has one parent at home or pay for daycare. But not this guy! He was milking the tit big time. There was also a Black woman who was a complete non-performer in the office. A supervisor position opened up. This woman not only did not get her work done on time but the work she did turn in was extremely mediocre. Three white guys went up against her for the job. They all had their Masters Degrees. She did not. They had all served longer and had more experience. They also were stellar performers. Naturally, she did not make the first cut. What was the FIRST thing she did? She went straight to the human resources office and threatened to SUE! The whole probation office hated her for it.

      SAB, no one can stand someone who complains and threatens. Guess what? That same woman got the very next position. They created it just for her. They did not allow anyone to vie for the position.

      How do you think that made everyone feel? Black Americans are going too far with their feelings of victimization. Black Americans are the richest black people in the world. This is the best place for any black person to live. Having the first Western Black leader has proved that.

      Why don’t black people just calm down and let people like them for who they are? Why be so defensive and angry all the time? Almost EVERY time I walk down the street and see a group of black women walking toward me, I smile and nod my head- as I always do when passing on the streets of my small town. They almost NEVER even so much as look at me. WHY? One time, I went to my friend’s house for a book reading. She is black. I was SHOCKED to see so many black women in one place (our neighborhood probably has the normal ratio of black/white/asian/etc. in it)! Wow! Black people won’t integrate into American society. They stick together- making it clear that anyone of a different race is NOT welcome. I looked on as they talked- lots of drama, used their hands wildly and made howling jokes and laughed their butts off. It looked fun. But not one woman gave me the time of day. Not only that, but some actually threw a dirty look or two my way. Not one woman actually talked to me. In fact, one woman went crazy talking about a black woman’s FAVORITE topic: how stupid black men are for dating loser, fat WHITE women.

      I turned to my friend and whispered, “Do you think they noticed that I’m part white?” She could only duck her head and apologize for them.

      Now. Who was racist there, SAB? I’d like to say that this was the only experience I have had, but it isn’t. My friend (white) was married to a very handsome police officer (black). She told me that she always had to dress to the nines or she was afraid the black girls would say her husband only married her because she was white. She also told me that black women had NO problem coming to her face and tell her that she was WRONG to marry ‘one of the good ones’ and that she, personally was responsible for there not being enough ‘good’ black men to marry. (I guess it’s white women’s fault that black men don’t marry their ‘baby mama’s, right? It’s white women’s fault that black men drop out of school and don’t bother with college (even though they will definitely get in and get HUGE financial support!) Don’t you think this was ridiculous and unfair to my friend?

      Lastly, your last statement speaks volumes- more about black insecurity than about white supremacy: “Racism still exists and will always exist.” Why? Why? WHY? Do you know the future? Why MUST you insist that it must always be there? THAT, right there, is the problem for Blacks in America- they have no faith in anyone. No faith in white people- and no faith in black people. No faith in our country. I sure hope you have faith in God, because you don’t have any other kind.

      I hope you continue with this conversation, SAB. I think it is important. What do you say to my points?

  5. Can you imagine the following?

    The National Association for the Advancement of White People

    The United White College Fund

    White Expo

    White Pride

    Crazy guilt has been forced on us for too long. Time to end it, America. Seriously.

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