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Retraction of Statements Made in “As Bombs Rock Oslo, One Must Question Multiculturalsim & Pacifism”

In the article, I stated, ” I’ll bet a million dollars that this bombing will be proudly hailed by a group of Arab Muslims. “  The following video is proof enough for me that Anders Behring Breivik was the gunman responsible for the camp shooting and the Oslo bombings.  I still stand by my assertions that the government did not release sourced information for the accusations they made.  They still haven’t.  This would not be tolerated in the American press.  But I have to assume a socialist government does that kind of thing.  This is a video- completely genuine- of a man who saw the shooter and narrowly escaped with his life on the island.  It has been released, ironically, by Al Jezeera.    I also stand by my assertion that this will be used against conservative Christians- we will be labeled as ‘extremist right wingers’.  My article, “Let the Persecution Of Christians Begin:  Oslo is Just the Beginning still stands.  Although this man has not stated that Christianity was his cause, I do fear that regardless of his motive, Christians are going to catch hell over this.

For the record, as a Christian, I condemn this act roundly & wholeheartedly- as I would for any type of terrorism.  I refute that he was a Christian at all as our beliefs are at complete odds with Breivik’s actions.  He can call himself what he wants.  He gets no recognition from me as a Christian.  He gets no support for me as a Christian.  He does not speak for me as a Christian.  If he does say he did it for our Christian (Jewish & Islamic) God- the God of Abraham- then he is a liar.  God does not want, accept or approve of terrorism.  Anyone who claims He does is either self delusional or is simply using Him as an excuse to do what they so desperately wish to do:  take revenge on those that they oppose.

But also for the record, assuming that a Muslim terrorist group did it is still the correct assumption- 99% of terrorist actions have been Muslim (see the Let the Persecution of Christians Begin…article).  A jihadist group named, Assistants of the Global Jihad, claimed   responsibility for the attacks.  All of the following articles (and a video of the Norwegian PM himself & statements from both Cameron & Obama) assumed the exact same thing.  If I stand corrected, I am in good company.  Now, if you don’t mind, I think I will just focus on the sadness of this tradegy & pray a little.  (the Norwegian PM’s speech)

British Prime Minister Cameron & Obama statements


  1. Hi Susan,
    Well, it was in interesting road I took today researching my commentary on the Oslo killings. It seems the more I looked, the more questions I had. I did try to stay focused (as difficult as it was), but I cannot say how it turned out. I’ll leave that you and others. If you would like to read it, it is now posted. I look forward to any critiques you (or anyone else) may have.
    Best Regards,
    Thom Paine – the Independent Realist

    • I went to your post and wrote my comment there, Thom. We are certainly on the same page. But mostly, let’s watch & wait until this plays out in court. The lefty-loonies are just looking ridiculous in their frothing frenzy against Christians.

      • Thanks for visiting my humble little blog! I appreciate it very much! I agree that the libs are ready to grasp any straw, even those they create themselves, just to try and make conservative Christians look bad.
        Best Regards,

    • Thank you, Audun. All our voices are needed. If Americans become afraid to speak their minds for fear of a rabid few wackos on the left, then we will become dispirited and isolated. The American spirit is alive and well. The media is being used to paint a different picture of us. The silent majority must speak up, one by one. Soon, our voices will be together in a deafening roar. That is the only way to win.

  2. Good morning Susan! If I were you, I’m not sure I would be too quick to issue a retraction to your previous article. To me, the news reports coming out now seem a little to cut and dried – lone suspect admits to bombing and shootings. I am still not convinced even in light of his so called confession. Although it it possible that he planted and detonated the bomb(s), and then traveled to the island and shot all those people, there are still some unanswered questions, and I wonder if these questions will ever be answered adequately, or even at all. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has asked to very powerful questions: 1) why did a Jihadist group claim responsibility, and then retract their claim?, and 2) Why was Breivik’s Facebook page changed to include Christianity as his religious views and Conservative as his political views? (

    The left has now jumped on the bandwagon and are now focusing on these two particular alleged aspects of Breivik’s life. Several stories are out there crying out “far-right, Christian conservative, islamophobic, radical,” etc, etc, etc. The way this whole thing is playing out gives me a “fast and furious / Gunwalker” feeling. Obama and his cronies allow guns to walk across the border into the hands of the drug cartels who then use the guns to commit crimes, and then Obama and his cronies claim that stricter gun control laws are needed because too many American guns are ending up in the hands of the drug cartels.

    I don’t know if this is simply a case of following Rahm Emanuel’s credo of “never let a good crisis go to waste,” or if the crisis was created in order to legitimize a crackdown on conservatives and/or Christians. I think more research needs to be done to understand the full story here.

    Take care kid, and keep up the great work!
    Best Regards,
    Thom Paine – the Independent Realist

    • Hi Thom,

      As you probably read, the only retraction I made was that this guy did it. The other aspects remain to be seen. It is very clear the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. However, I think people need to understand that the Left cares nothing about Muslims. Their true purpose is to take down Christianity- their most hated religion in the world.

      • I agree, the left cares nothing about muslims. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that the left cares nothing about anyone or anything, except themselves. They “like” minorities only as long as they (the left) benefit from them. The left not only wants to remove Christianity from the world, they want to change the world into their socialist utopian fantasy. As for Breivik, I have been doing a lot of reading about him today, and I think I’ll finally have to write a commentary on the Realist blog.

      • where do you think you will take your commentary? To me, the guy has never even brought his religious beliefs up. His obsession was multi-culturalism (which I abhor as well) and his insanity was blowing up people to get his point across. It’s absolutely weird that they don’t let the guy speak his mind in public. I know it is to deny his ‘platform’ that he so craves, but it wouldn’t be tolerated here in America. The Norwegian government has been so slow to release real video, witnesses, etc to the public- almost as if they need to digest it first. It’s very….socialist of them. In America, we don’t fear free speech and would just let the guy incriminate himself and show the world he was a nut job. But over there, they let the judge give paraphrases for him. In many ways, this leaves the door open for people to ridicule Christianity (as they are doing) because they claim he put ‘Christian’ as his religion on F.B. Without seeing him ramble on crazily on video, especially if it is centered on multiculturalism, it leaves the left to froth about his supposed Christian beliefs.

        But before I open my mouth concerning his motives, we have to endure the excruciatingly slow media of Norway to know his full intentions.

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