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20,000 United States Army Soldiers to Protect America From Its Own Citizens!

This is only the beginning.  We can only hope and pray that the soldiers, in their heart, are against this complete abuse of the Executive Office as we are.  Hopefully, when the day comes when we stand in the streets demanding the return of our Constitutionally based America, the soldiers won’t shoot.  What a day we have come to.


  1. Yes, I know a FY 2010 budget was never passed, which meant the government ran on continuing resolutions (CR’s) for the year. A CR caps the spending levels at the prior year’s level. Any additional spending had to be from a specific appropriation bill passed by Congress. I don’t know where you are getting the $12 trillion dollar figure from if a budget had been passed and I am not understanding the point you are trying to make about the debt level. Here are the actual total debt numbers from the Treasury Depts website. At the end of Bush’s last budget year (FY 2009 – adopted in 2008 ending 9/30/09) the total dollar amount of the national debt was $11,909,829,003,511.75. So it was almost at $12 billion before the FY 2010 budget began. During FY 2009, $1.885 trillion of that years expenditutes were deficit financed. Even without a formal approval of a FY 2010 budget, the portion that was deficit financed dropped to $1.652 trillion. But that still meant the total debt was up to $13,561,623,030,891.79.
    The 2/3 majority has never been a standard practice or good politics. I don’t know who is telling you this but they are just wrong and you should be skeptical of what they tell you. In fact, the Bush tax cut was approved by 1 vote, Dick Cheney’s when he broke the 50-50 tie in the Senate.
    On Obamacare, I watched the polls closely and for awhile the support was in the mid 50% range. When Obama compromised on some of the positions the liberals wanted (public option) the support dropped into the 40% range. So you are right that a majority were opposed but it wasn’t all on the same side. Some thought it didn’t go far enough and many other thought it went too far.
    Your election financing proposal is a good idea. I will go back and look for your earlier post. The one thing I would add is that we should include instant runoff voting (IRV). That would allow for 3rd parties to have a chance, since you would get to vote for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. I also agree that it must include a provision that prohibits the elected official and their top staff from finacially benifiting while they are serving in office. Did you know that Tom Delay’s staff, while he was majority leader, were trading on Wall Street based on information they had as insiders. Martha Stewart went to jail, but there is no law that prevents congress or their staffs from trading on the insider information. This is a problem.
    On Medicare, be careful what you ask for. Medicare that is administered through the government runs at about 3% overhead and no profit. The Medicare Part D changes set up what is called Medicare Advantage. This is private insurance that seniors choose and Medicare makes the premium payments. Since it went into affect the overhaed and profit for this coverage went up to 14%. In Obamacare you may remember that there was a $500 billion dollar cut. This is what was being cut, the overpayment to the pivate insurance companies. If they can provide the same or better coverage at the same or less cost great, but it was costing the taxpayer more for Medicare Advantage.
    On the war timetables, the Iraq withdraw and timetable was in Bush’s sstatus of force agreement. All troops out by end of 2011. Obama has followed through on that commitment. In Afghanistan he set clear objectives and refocused the military mission on Bin Laden. In my opinion the mission is accomplished and we need to bring the troops home and stop wasting more money. As far as his foriegn policy in the Middle East, I would invite you to go back and read his Cairo speech. The information is out there, so it is not a mystery. It might not be on the news sources you are watching or reading, so you might want to expand to more sources and get some from the opposite perspective.
    I might be to optimistic, but I still believe that if the actual facts get out there a majority of the American people will come down on the correct side of issues. Your election finaning reform is a good example. We all know that special interest own Washington to the detriment of the people. It is the first think that has to be fixed before other reforms can take place. Are you aware of any conservative groups that are pushing for this type on Consitutional amendment? I am aware of one liberal group that is pushing for an amendment that makes it clear that corporations are not people. It is called Move to Amend, but it doesn’t go far enough into the election financing reform.

    • Daniel,

      You know it was a pretty offensive idea to vote on a simple majority for Obama care because Obama had to defend it over & over again before he did it. I am sure that examples could be dredged up from the past showing either side of the argument, so I really don’t want to go there. Obama wouldn’t have defended the idea if he didn’t think there was significant opposition to it. And on something as huge as 1/6 of the entire economy should have received wide spread bipartisan support- this has always been considered politically wise in the past (I believe the formation, ironically enough, of Medicare & Medicaid passed in this way?). In any case, I have no doubt that if regular people like you or me went to Washington and looked at the supposedly difficult issues like ‘saving’ Medicare & Medicaid, we could do it easily. No problem is that difficult to solve. that has always been my operating principle as a management consultant. I was never proved wrong.

      What stands in the way of progress is two things, both of which I believe all Americans would agree. 1) Money in politics 2) Lack of freedom of Press. If we can fix these two items, ALL the problems will get solved easily and without much fanfare.

      Daniel, I am not loyal to any party. I can’t express that more strongly. I want results. My conservatism is mostly religious. As for government, I have NO DOUBT that compromise and understanding could easily be reached on any issue. Sure, there will be some social issues that will cause division. But I believe we are BEING divided by the press (ie, the money elite) by a false narrative that just doesn’t exist. My neighbors all call themselves ‘liberal’ and I call myself ‘conservative’, but we don’t hate each other! In fact, we generally joke on the issues. We may have hot debates, but it is over dinner with the kids running everywhere!

      There is a third story there, Daniel. Our country is being wrecked by people who want to destroy our nation. People like George Soros (who you can see on YouTube in his own words) who believe the world should move away from nations to what he (and his friends) call ‘open societies’. Of course, they will be in charge of it. Funny, huh? World domination is nothing new under the sun. But these people see it as something so close, they are salivating. That is why they must convince the public that we hate each other when we don’t.

      • I disagree with you on the Obamacare vote needing 2/3. A simple majority has served us well for 235 years on all revenue related bills. So we will just leave it at that, we disagree.
        I do agree with your two points; money and freedom of the press. Your earier idea of federally funded elections is one I believe that all sides of the political spectrum can support. Except of course the big money interest who will fight it every step of the way. They will use their control of the media to spin it to the point people will begin to think that a federally funded election system would bad for the people (my bet is they will claim it prevents free speech). I am not sure if this is what you mean by freedom of the press, but I would say that way too much of the media is controlled by big monopolies. Basiclly there are 5 companies that control the majority of the media outlets (TV, radio and newspapers). The antitrust laws need to be applied to break them up. Bill Clinton made a huge mistake in signing the telecommunications deregulation act that allowed one person or company to own more outlets and cross ownership of different types of media outlets in a single market. In my opinion this consolidation is what has lead to a limit of the freedom of the press. I know that conservates like to claim that the mainstream media is liberal. It is not, it is corporate and the soon we all recognize this the better off we will be. I also agree that they use their control of the media to create these wedge issue to distract from their true agenda.
        When you get to the bottom line the money elite have no loyalty to any country. They are looking to increase their own power and wealth and one of the main ways they are doing this is by breaking down national border. Soros is always the vilian that right wing attacks, but he is not the correct person to be looking at. He is a hedge fund manager that has made his money trading currencies and I have read some of his writings and I don’t think he is advocating for it to happen (since he made his money trading one country’s currency against anothers) as much as is predicting that this is what will happen. I think if we get hung up on pointing a finger at one guy who is either liberal or conservative, then we miss where the problem originates. At its core the entire problem originates with the fractional reserve banking system and the central banks, which they own. (i.e. the FED, ECB, IMF). These big money center banks operate on a worldwide bases and they have been tearing down national borders for years. Since the 1980’s multi-national corporations have been doing the same thing in their various industries. I did a post on my blog about fractional reserve banking, called Not Enough Real Money (posted 6-4-11). When a government gives its authority to create the nations money supply to a private banking system, they are in effect giving away their sovereignty. The question I like to ask everyone to think about is, “if the Constitution gives the Congress the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof, why does the government need to borrow money for its operations?” Why do we have a debt and why are we paying interest on it? Lincoln understood this and after the Civil War he intorduced the “greenbacks” which was a government issued note. The problem was it was not made the only legal tender, so the banks and speculators counterfited and devalued the greenback until they made it worthless. I don’t see how we stop the trend of destroying nations until we take away the source of the power of the money elite, which is their ability to create money out of thin air through a fractional reserve banking system.
        I also believe that the whole “conservative” and “liberal” labling is a false narative meant to divide people. I can understand that people will have differing deep religous views on some social issues. But this is why freedom of religion is one of the bedrocks in the Constitution. But the government was established to stay out of this arena. However, we have always had groups that have pushed to make their religion the bases for government. I am with Jefferson on this one, there must be a wall of separation. I think that wall has some big holes in it right now which was done on purpose to create these wedge issues and divide the masses. The one thing that money elites fear the most is the masses being orginized. Why do you think they paint it as socialism, communism, Marxism every time people get together and push for anything that befenits the many over the few.
        When I first read your blog I thought, this is lady just goes off on these wacky right wing conspiracies that she hears on Fox News and the one about the 20,000 troops caught my attention. But in each of your comments back to me you have gotten to some of the core issues that are causing the real problems. Sure you still have some of the wacky Fox News spin and talking points in each of your comments, but if liberals, conservatives and independents can come to agreement on the core issues, then we can begin to filter out the BS spin that comes out of the corporate media.
        For example, that is why I go to sources like the treasury departments website to get the real level of the national debt at the end of each budget year. It doesn’t matter what spin anyone tries to put on the “budget deficit” converstion. The national debt has gone up every year since 1894. The amount that it goes up from the prior year is the real budget deficit and there is no way to spin that.

      • Well, believe it or not, I don’t watch any of the Fox opinion shows- I watch CNN & Fox morning news. They are all to the point reporting. No spin whatsoever from either channel. I also use the Internet quite a lot- reuters (very biased to the left, however, but up to the minute), AP, comcast, yahoo & google news. I never use other people’s blogs as my sources, but actual federal documents & agencies or articles from valid news sources. I DO believe there is a HUGE conspiracy going on- but it has nothing to do with left or right. I call it the Third story- the monied elite working to destroy borders in favor of a bigger, ‘better’ entity- where they, of course, will be the leaders. As this new entity will be ‘over’ the U.S. (probably beginning in the same way as the EU- a new currency), our Constitution will no longer be the basis for law in America. There is just too much compelling evidence that this is happening.

        I hate to say it, but I believe Obama is deeply involved in this process. His actions in the Middle East, Mexico, Brazil make perfect sense in this light. Killing foreign & domestic oil in the middle of a recession also make sense. Printing inordinate amounts of money also make sense. Giving financial, political and technical assistance to Brazil’s oil company (Petrobras- co-owned by George Soros) in U.S.A. Gulf waters while forbidding American companies also makes sense. Promoting the immature ‘green’ energy agenda also makes sense as people like Gore & Pelosi (and Obama?) publically own huge amounts of stock in these companies and have already profited by hundreds of millions during the bail out. I hate to think Bush was involved- I know many people think he was. I like to think his creation of the now completely out of control Homeland Security & Patriot Act was just short-sightedness. But no matter how you cut the cake, they are being converted for use against American citizens (ex: allowing American citizens to be labeled as ‘enemy combatant’ with the potential of being denied a jury of their peers). If evidence surfaces that Bush was involved, then I will accept it- though sadly, because to me, he seemed so sincere. But I leave open the door for just about any kind of corruption in these large stake games being played with our lives.

        All that being said, there is no way to win our country back unless we insist on freedom of press (you are right about the news ownership- see my ‘Who is Rupert Murdoch & who owns the Press” article- I list the companies there- all linked directly to the stock exchange. It is undeniable proof. Also, get money out of politics. I also think we need a Constitutional Amendment that states that the United States will never become subordinate to any other organization- neither our laws, nor our currency.

        These three items are the most important today. You are right- everything else is secondary. Americans will always have differing opinions on many matters- that is what makes us great. I just want to make sure we HAVE a country to have our disagreements in!

        Thank you, Daniel, for your conversation & thoughts on the matter. I know it is difficult to break from the ingrained habit of seeing each other as EITHER a rabid lefty or a rabid righty, but I don’t see myself or most other people as either (of course, there are these people- but so very few). What I am is an American. I sense the same about you. I agree that most Americans would support these three ideas. I am working to promote them. Hard to get to lately, though. I just got done reading ALL 1518 pages of Breivik’s manifesto- Oh, Man! And today, I am writing a ‘book review’ on it. It will be very interesting, I assure you. Tune in if you get a chance.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you personally were calling for troops on the border. It was a position that conservatives in general were advocating before the 2008 elections. Yes,defending our borders is the job of the Federal government in cooperation with state governments. But it is a civilian law enforcement issue, not military. What is ironic is that Obama has increased border security and has significantly increase the number of deportations. So he has made some significant improvements in securing the border, but gets no credit for it.
    Since the days of Ronald Reagan conservatives have been saying that “government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem”. That was one of his most famous quotes. Ever since that time the Republicans and conservatives have been advocating strongly for a smaller government. Early this year in a John Boehner news confrence he said in response to a bill that they passed, “if it means 200,000 government employees will lose their jobs, so be it!”
    I agree, any big orginization, public or private sector, will have inefficiencies and must continually be worked on to reduce the waste. One that drives me crazy is that $9 billion dollars just went missing in Iraq in (2004 or 2005 I think) and they have no idea where it went. How do you just lose $9 billions dollars, in cash?
    Let me ask you a question about your personal budgeting (you don’t have to answer this on line), do you have a mortgage on your house, do you make car payment or do you have any revolving debt. If you do then you are just like the Federal govenment. You have spent more than your annual income and you are paying the balance over time. In your annual budgeting, you try to make sure that your paycheck exceeds the amount of your installment payment plus other necessities. But if due to the economic down turn you have your hours cut back and paycheck reduced by 25% now you are upside down. Do you just keep treading water (or loosing ground) or do you find a way to increase your income. Maybe you borrow to go back to school (invest in your future) to get a better paying job. Take a second job to increase income. The point is it is not a static situation, and it is the same for government, just on a much larger more complex scale.
    The real problem that no one ever considers is, “why does the US government have to borrow money if the Constitution (Article I, Section 8) gives it the authority to coin Money and regulate the value thereof?”. Why should we be paying interest to anyone? I posted a discussion on my blog on June 4 called “Not Enough Real Money” on this issue if it is of interest to you.

    • I will answer you online. I have worked in a great paying job for most of my adult life: namely, an international management consultant . I have worked in many countries around the world in the telecommunications software development arena. All my work has been for large organizations. Needless to say, especially as a 1099 consultant, I have made decent money. But, I am a woman first and foremost and when I married, I had NO idea that I would be whacked upside the head with such a tremendous love for my first child. I never considered myself old fashioned. My husband and I purchased a nice home based on both our salaries. With plenty to spare. Of course, we put a 20% down payment and got a fabulous fixed rate. When I decided to stay home to raise our beloved children, we exhausted our savings (pretty nice one) and then used equity in our home. We also incurred credit card debt to cover recent expenses. But for us, we knew it was ok, because I carry the POTENTIAL for earnings. I know if I go back to what I did, we would wipe out our debt rather quickly. But I find it hard to leave my children- they are the most challenging job I have ever had….

      My point is this: budgeting is based on many things. But they must be weighed carefully for priorities, probabilities and realities. Our government- most especially the Obama administration- just doesn’t bother. His proposed spending (the 2010 budget proposal) would have left us at over 12 trillion in debt. And in the middle of a recession! What a nut job! Thank God it wasn’t passed. But then, he & the dems simply shirked their duty and decided to hide their true spending by not passing a budget at all.

      They truly believe Americans are STUPID.

      Now we are left with bills we can’t pay. He has also included us in wars (without asking for Congressional permission as per the Constitutional mandate), without making ANY case to the American people, which he is supposed to SERVE and is wasting hundreds of billions for no known benefit to our nation. Further, he instituted the hated Obamacare legislation on a simple majority, breaking all previous ‘norms’ of history. 1/6 of the economy was on the line, and he just said, ‘the hell with 2/3 or 3/5 majority!” Because HE knew better.

      After 9/11, we ALL supported Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq. His approval ratings were over 90%. Congress gave him almost unanimous approval for both wars. That means that the American People willed him to go to war. He did his job and did what WE wanted. Did he spend money? Sure! But we told him to. So THAT debt is ours to deal with. I am proud to repay it. It was money well spent- no matter what people LOVE to say. They are intellectual cowards to look BACKWARD to say, “Hey, that was a TERRIBLE thing to do!”. Bull-hockey! I say. That is the cowardly, arm chair quarterback thing to say. We all need to accept our responsibilities in approving Bush’s actions. Further, there is no reason for either war to be a waste. Obama has an obligation to see the work through. Something he has not BOTHERED to do. Because he wants to use BUSH as his spring board to yet another term.

      This guy is the single most narcissistic guy I have ever seen. He has used regulatory bodies like the EPA, the Interior Dept. and the Justice Department to enact laws- outside of Congress. He has passed all decency by limiting our second amendment rights by ordering the Justice Dept. to require five southern states to REPORT American citizen’s names & personal information to ERIC HOLDER when they legally purchase high powered rifles- even though American citizens had NOTHING to do with Fast n Furious. Further, his full take over of the military is absolutely an impeachable offense, but the Republicans not only refuse to peep, but they actually (SHAMEFULLY) gave him permission for Libya even though he never even asked for it!

      Obama is bad to the bone. His character is devious and he is a liar. I could care less about the past. We are here now. This is our day. We need to save our nation from the incredible erosion of our American rights.

      Something is rotten under the sun, here, Daniel. Americans- all of us- liberal, conservative and independent alike- need to wake up and see the THIRD story here. Money has corrupted our government fully. I’m not sure we can use the government to solve our problems anymore. We need a grass roots movement to get rid of all the bastards. Long live our Constitution!

      • I am glad you and your husband are doing well. My wife and I are both professional and have run our own businesses for more than 20 years. We have also weathered this economic downturn better that most, although the net worth has taken a hit because of the Wall Street induced melt down in 2008/2009. But I think I might of confused my main point by including the discussion about a reduction in your annual income. The main point is that most of us take on debt that is far in excess of our annual income. Some of this debt is for purposes that will return longer term benifits (school loans, home loans) and some are for living expenses (car loans, revolving credit). The problem with todays debt and deficit argument is that people are trying to bring the full amount of long term obligations into a short term argument over the deficit. That is why the anology to the family budget process is inappropriate. Yes, we do need to get our deficit spend under control (a mid to long term issue), but not at the expense of put the economy back into recession or depression (a short term issue).
        You put a lot of other topics in you last response, some of which are just incorrect. But let me start by saying that your closing statement is absolutly correct. The money powers have fully corrupted the government. I think we saw that across the board that liberial, conservatives and independents were all opposed to the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision. More than 80% of us believe that giving more influnce to corporations and special interest in our election process is the wrong decision. This whole issue of “corprate personhood” is a fiction created by the Supreme Court, starting in 1886 with the Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad. It has grown ever since and as their political infuence has increase along with it and the influence of “We the People” has decreased. We do need a grass roots movement, and the first thing we need to change is the way are elections are financed. If we just throw out these bastards we will get new bastards that are beholden to the same special interest.
        That being said there are few statements that I feel competed to rebut.
        The Constitution only provides that a 2/3 majority is required in very limited circumstances, such as radification of treaties, impeachment and overriding a veto. All other legislation requires only a simple majority, including all spending bills. Maybe you don’t recall but the Medcare Part D drug bill passed by a simple majority at 3 AM after the vote was held open for 3 hours to round up enough votes. OK, you don’t like Obamacare as a policy issue, but the 2/3 requirement is a totally bogus argument.
        The $1.2 trillion deficit for the 2010 FY budget, while being a big deficit that needs to addressed, is a decrease from the actual defict in Bush’s last budget year (FY 2009). For FY 2009 the total national debt went up by $1.885 trillion. This is the real debt increase, not the projected budget deficit for the year because projected deficits did not include funding for the wars, Medicare part D that were done off the books through special appropriations. FY 2010 actually end the year (9-30-10) with a total increase in the national debt of $1.652 trillion. Not good, but it did break the upward trend that we have seen every year since FY 2000. For comparison, in FY 2000 it only went up by $0.018 trillion.
        We did not ALL support the war in Iraq. Almost all of us did support the war in Afghanistan. But once we were there we do have the obligation to pay for them. But instead we got another round of tax cuts in 2003 and the war costs were just added to the debt. I would support a full repeal of the Bush tax cuts to pay for the war costs that have already been incurred. So if you are proud to repay the cost of the wars, can I asume that you are willing to accept a tax increase, or is this just a pretense to cut funding to programs (SS & Medicare) to which you might be ideologically opposed?
        I don’t know how you could say Obama has not seen the work through in respect to the wars. In Iraq, the Bush administration negotiated and signed the status of force agreement that would withdraw all of our troops by the end of 2011. Obama has proceeded along that path. In Afghanistan, he increased the number of troops when many in his base wanted a withdraw. He got Bin Ladin, which was one of the primary reasons we went there in the first place. I call this following through.
        You may personally dislike Obama that is your choice. But you cannot ignore the past. You cannot make a judgement of where you are going if you don’t know where you came from and how you got here. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat their mistakes.

      • Daniel, There was no budget passed in 2010. The dems never passed Obama’s proposed budget. Had anyone passed that monstrosity, we would be over 12 trillion in debt- more than all prior presidents combined. If Obama’s spending has been capped by that very fact, then I am so very happy. Aren’t you? I realize that they never needed to use 2/3 or 3/5 majority in the Congress to pass Obamacare. But it was considered standard practice and good politics to do so. And considering the fact that it impacted 1/6 th of our economy, they should have done so. Further, the polls at the time showed Americans not in favor of the bill- another reason they should have reached compromise. The closed (literally locked) door secrecy & the meeting with Union bosses truly made me want to vomit. I was so upset. That is not how Congress or the President should function. Can you possibly approve of that? I hope not, because I fear it would mean an undue loyalty to party or to one man over the love of country. I LOVE British Parliament- they look each other in the eye and talk. Look at the trouble the bill is having now. That is a direct result of shoving the bill through. The majority of Americans don’t want it. References to past bills is irrelevant. Today is today. This is my life now. I have no loyalty to party. I am an independent.

        As for money in politics, I have written extensively on the topic. I think there should be a Constitutional amendment that forever bans ALL donations to government elections. No lobby groups, no PACs either- at least not in Washington. No Unions, no corporations, no anybody can give any amount of money to candidates. Instead, we institute an election tax. Everyone must pay it regardless of financial situation. For a presidential election, this would come to about $4/year/person. That would give each candidate plenty of money to run a decent (not obscene) campaign. Further, any t.v. or cable or Internet news channel that receives even one penny of federal tax money will be required to cover the candidate debates for FREE or they will lose all federal funding. The candidates should be REQUIRED to have a series of scheduled debates where they can present their case to the People. This constitutional amendment would need to address the issue of free speech. In essence, giving money to political campaigns does not constitute free speech because we have learned that by allowing the contributions, the Constitution itself becomes undermined.

        I also think that under the same amendment, we need to implement a clause that forbids acting members of congress from directly benefiting (financially or by political favors) from any legislation they introduce or Champion through congress. Nor should they be paid for any political activity- including speech making. This includes the President. Any type of impropriety should lead immediately to dismissal or impeachment.

        Our public servants need to BE public servants. They should not get rich while in office. After they leave, they can get rich on speeches, etc. In fact, this will ensure that the money hounds will leave office quickly while the true servants remain to do the bidding of the people.

        As for Medicare & Medicaid, pls. see the charts I listed in the “Fiscal Conservatives! Contact….” article. Look in the comments section. We have NO CHOICE but to re-define those programs. Anyone who can’t see that, once again, is letting their loyalty get in the way of reality. Of course, people in or near retirement should not be affected. But people young enough (maybe 54 is too old) to have time to properly adjust their expectations & plan their future savings plans will need to get less. Also, I really like the idea of removing the government bureaucracy between the seniors getting checks and the insurance they get. As long as they are guaranteed to HAVE insurance, I say get rid of the government apparatus to run it. To me, it is fine to allow people to select their own insurance and make their plans while they are young enough to do so. Seniors (hey, my Dad is a senior) are savvy. Only in the very last few years of life are they incapable of making decision. We will all be seniors someday. I, for one, have no problem with doing this in my old age. I would rather HAVE guaranteed medical services when I am old than to allow it to completely go bankrupt before my time.

        I can say Obama gets no credit for his handling of the wars because: 1) he gives the enemy a timetable with dates for when we will leave. You, being in the service, should know how unwise that is. He also doesn’t set clear objectives. These change over time. He has yet to define what our objective is now that bin Laden is dead. He has been in office for over three years. That is not acceptable. Same with Iraq. What are our objectives there right now? How are we ensuring that we reach them? What is the strategy for long term success? Without these clearly laid out, a simple withdrawal is just plain useless and brings joy to the enemy. Further, Obama has scuttled the entire region by unnecessary and inept interference in the delicate political situation. When the Egyptians where fighting and crying out for democracy & freedom and were calling for our help, Obama ignored them. Now, they won’t let Clinton in. This leaves open the door for the Muslim Brotherhood. Not in our interest. Further, Obama has announced, like a king, that Saleh of Yemen, “needs to go!”. He said Mubarak, our ally, “needs to go!” (which upset & worries all our Arab allies, like the Saudi’s who now doubt America’s support should their own people rise). He has said, “Qaddafi must go”, even though Qaddafi was actively cooperating with the US in recent years to stop his nuclear & biological programs after our attack on Iraq (a great result of that war). Obama is just making these announcements without re-assuring our allies in the region which destabilizes our foreign oil security. That is something the USA needs desperately- especially in an economic recession as big as ours. High oil prices are the last thing we need. It raised the cost of food, clothing & basic living supplies.

        Obama’s foreign policy is a mystery to us all- he has never even spelled it out to the people. This from a guy who touted the ‘most transparent government in US history’. Ha!

        Anyway, I hope this clarifies my positions.

  3. This goes back to 2007 when the Bush Administration pushed to repeal the Posse Comitatus Act. When liberals and libertarians raised objections we were accused of having Bush derangement syndrome and hating America. The 20,000 number comes right out of the 2007 legislation. The language was amended again in 2008 after the initial uproar in order to clairify what the troops could be used for. I find it funny that conservatives are upset by this law now that Obama is President. We tried to tell you in 2007 that Bush wouldn’t always be President and you will be sorry when it is a guy you don’t like. I am glad that conservatives have come around to see the objections we raised in 2007. But the problem is that once these things are put in place they are very hard to undo.
    FYI, you also have to quit arguing for troops to be put on the border. That is deploying troops inside the country. We need to beef up the civilian border patrol, but that means more government employees. Another thing that conservatives hate.

    • I, for one, would have listened, had I even been listening to politics back then! My radar only went up after 9/11. I totally agree that the expansion of executive powers is out of control. No matter WHO is in charge, you have to defend the constitution with your eye teeth! I NEVER said to put troops on our borders! Concerning the border, yes, we have to seal it. The ‘how’ of this is just not that hard- if we only had the political will to do so. I’m not sure why you say conservatives hate more government employees. For me, an Independent, it is the inefficiency of the processes used by government and its refusal to commit to sane budgeting that the rest of us have to do in our own life. Defending our shared borders is ABSOLUTELY part of the federal government’s job. Employees there are well spent.

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