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Breivik’s Own Words: He is a Pagan, Not Christian!


Feel free to read the manifesto yourself, but I will take this guy’s word for it.  We Christians never needed to take responsibility for this wacko, but even HE says he wasn’t Christian- he just thought Nordic Christians were superior than other religions.  He, himself, claimed to be Pagan.  Eat up the eggs, my liberal loony readers…


  1. Sounds like more fundamentalist attacks on Mormons by the so called mainstream Christian right to me. All this does, is rehash the modernization paradigm and obviously the creators of this video missed out on that and instead want to pick and choose what kinds of Christianity they will back and those that they are willing to call heretical. As usual, it’s conservatives hiding their modernism behind the State that are just as bigoted and hypocritical as those they attack.

    • Who attacked Mormonism? I certainly didn’t. I have no problem with Mormons and consider them Christians. One of my best friends is Mormon. I may not understand all the parts of it, but I leave it between each person & God. It is not my business.

  2. It is offensive yet not surprising that those who despise Christianity would lay the crimes of a mad man where it should not be placed.

    “By their fruit you will know them”


  3. Short Little Rebel,

    Thank you for the update and thank you for exonerating we Christians from this crime

    • Hi Whitey, we Christians were never responsible in the first place. We needed no exoneration. The fact is, we all knew he wasn’t Christian- whatever his claims. “By their fruit you will know them” That is how Christians live and identify each other. Unlike the Muslim community after a suicide bombing, we rejected the guy as not one of us. We rejected any and all claims to our faith. We condemned the actions and the man. We refused him and his actions as part of us or our faith. If the Muslim community all across the world rejected their terrorists as soundly as Christians did after the Oslo bombing, then terrorists could never find safe havens and remain hidden among the population as they are doing so now. They would be turned into authorities as fast as any Christian would have turned this wacko in if they had discovered the plot. Muslim Terrorism would cease to be as a force in the world. The Oslo bomber had to HIDE his activities from all his Christian neighbors, thus indicating the self knowledge that he was acting against their Christian beliefs. Muslim terrorists, on the other hand, operate openly to their neighbors. They are safe there.

      All that being said, I always said that the most telling aspect of this incident has been the left’s incredible celebration that a supposedly Christian man did it. Also, the rapidity of their calls to ‘watch’ Right-Wing conservative activity. The sly implication that although so called ‘right wingers’ don’t openly call for terrorism, we are just being ‘sophisticated’ and ‘professional’ in inciting it nevertheless.

      It is a relief that this guy wasn’t a Christian, though, because it would have just given ammunition to the progressives and atheists who hate Christianity more than they hate anything else in the world.

  4. To me the issue was never about his religion. It was the fact that he seemed to want to use European Christianity as a tool to fight “Marxist multiculturalism” much in the same way that Al Qaeda uses Islam as a tool to fight “Westernization”.

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