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Fiscal Conservatives! Contact Your Senator & Representative NOW! Here is all you need. It’s EASY & FAST!

Hi fellow patriots!  Let’s let our senators & representatives to knock off the spending & taxing!  No debt ceiling raise!  They have already raised it by spending more than they had in their budget two years ago.  Just paying for that counts as a debt ceiling raise!  Help us save our country for our children to inherit!  Here are the links for emails & phone numbers for your senators & representatives.  You will need to enter your full zip code for your representative, so I included a link that makes it easy as pie.  You need not be nervous if you have never done this before.  It is just a secretary that answers and she/he jots it down on a tally sheet they keep.  It’s very friendly and super easy!  Exercise your political muscle- seize the day, my friends!

Contact Your Senator

Contact Your Representative

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  1. What we need is financial responsibility. There is so much foreign aid going to countries such as Pakistan it is ridiculous. I haven’t been paying enough attention to politics lately as I have been on a humanitarian deployment with the Navy, halfway through which my paycheck was threatened to be cut in half. It still got cut in half, but luckily the resolution came through in time and I got both halves.

    Perhaps companies such as GE need to start paying taxes?

    Social aid programs may be a bit excessive at times, but the fact is that we pay for others’ mistakes whether we like it or not. If we did not have any social aid programs, I suspect crime-rates would increase drastically. Sure we can lock them up, but then we’re providing for them, jut as the social aid programs would have.

    Perhaps we should get medieval and raid the Vatican. All that gold sitting around for nothing is shameful.

    • NO WORRIES, my navy man! hey, why didn’t you say you were in the service! Your pay will NEVER be cut. I promise you. Obama would never DARE. Same with seniors’ checks. It is nothing more than a NASTY scare tactic. Ba-lieve me, if he tried that nonsense, the whole country would BOOT his ass out of the white house. I would love to see GE pay taxes! But you know that Immelt & Obama are in bed together- hell, he even made him a Czar! Don’t let scare tactics worry you.

      Our country can cut our spending and prioritize just like any family can. The trouble is that MONEY gets in the way. Also, people’s political aspirations. You need to believe in your fellow Americans. We would NEVER tolerate a cut to any military personell- because we LOVE you. (atheist or not! lol!) We appreciate everything you & your families do! We SUPPORT you more than you know. don’t believe the news- they are all owned by six powerful families and/or groups- did you know that? They are trying desperately to DIVIDE the American people and make us feel alone, isolated and divided. But we are not. Just remember the day after 9/11, ok? Remember those flags? We are still here.

      What we SHOULD do is implement the fair tax and just get rid of the IRS. Also, let states handle education like they have always done. Oops! there goes the Dept of Education. Also, get rid of retirements for all federal & state employees except those that risk their lives for their country (police, fireman, soldiers, etc). Forget scare tactics & crime rates. Why wouldn’t we simply phase out these departments in a responsible way? the WILL is not there to stop spending. Want to know why? just read my posts and you’ll see what I think!

      In any case, thanks for visiting my blog while out to sea! Wow! Hang tight and we’ll see you again. Also, you had better keep yourself safe- you don’t have a heaven to go to! This is all you got, buddy! So keep it safe! lol!

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